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Recent developments, such as privatization and the private finance initiative, have raised the issue of which assets should be owned by the public sector and whether assets have different values in the public and private sectors. In order to answer these questions, it should be noted first that the allocative considerations that usually motivate government intervention need not require the direct provision of services by the government using government-owned assets. it should then be argued that the government should own the assets used to provide the services where the private sector fears expropriation by the government, or where ownership confers on the private sector such power as to preclude efficient allocations. Finally, it should be argued that the discount rate for governments' projects equals the expected return on comparable investments in the capital markets. The government should, however, discount pre tax cash flows at the pre-tax discount rate, for it receives all tax.
Economies have become knowledge-based, critically depending on good infrastructure to sustain the effectiveness of urban and rural areas as places both to do business and to live successful and rewarding lives. In this context projects that may appear to be ‘too expensive’ are in fact essential to continuing success of the people living in them.

Some of the Public investments such as those of health services, roads, education, care for the environment, security have wider public externalities or benefits beyond the immediately existence of a finished structure such that .failure to meet fully the costs say for immunisation against a contagious disease will, for example, have far reaching consequences for the immediate and distant community.

On the question of maintenance, operation and general sustainability of the undertaken investment projects, the overall improvement and sustainability of services from these projects, the communities who are beneficiaries of these projects cannot afford to meet all cost needs on their own (consider the case of operating and maintaining a health centre on a sustainable basis). Currently The National taxpayers and foreign donors through the GoU are already meeting a substantial cost of sustaining finished projects in LGs service through conditional transfers from the centre to these Local Governments. This implies that residents from other LGs within Uganda contribute to costs of running LGs where taxpaying individuals may not necessarily be residents. If all Nationals fail to exercise the correct attitude in paying then there will be a complete breakdown in the LG system. The LG and National taxpayer must therefore be able to meet the cost of services from locally generated funds given that the GoU already is financially constrained and that some part of the National Budget is funded by Donors. Alternatively it implies that local government should undertake proper feasibility study for all investments undertaken to ensure cost effectiveness and sustainability of these projects.
According to Igor Ansoff, capital investment appraisal is concerned with the last two steps of a more complex process of strategic decision making. (The process has four steps as below:
§ Perception of the need for investment or awareness of a potential opportunity
§ Formulation of an alternative course of action
§ Evaluation of alternatives and
§ The choice of one of these alternatives for implementation.
The Process of Project/ investment appraisal in Local governments in Uganda is guided by the Decentralisation policy which is the Constitutional administrative structure of Governance in the country. The Decentralisation Policy as indicated under Schedule 6 of the 1995 Constitution, transfers political, administrative, financial and planning authority from the Centre to Local Governments. And in relation to service delivery is intended to improve local council capacities to plan, finance and manage service delivery to their constituents and also empower Local councils to promote the welfare of citizens through planning, allocation and use of resources for service delivery.
Also Local Governments are required to allocate funds towards local investment and delivery of services out of their locally raised revenues. Article 189 of the Constitution indicates services that are devolved to LGs.
The local governments receive funding from central governments as part of budgetary support to carry out capital development are required to allocate at most of the conditional grants (at least 85% for LGDF and PMA) and at least not less than 15% of the local revenue on capital development projects and most of these on the mandatory government priority areas. (conditional grants is a category of transfers constituting funds which are expenditure specific and given to the Local Governments to finance programmes that are considered National Priorities in line PEAP goals, or programmes that are agreed upon by the CG and LGs. Distribution is based on formula as contained in the constitution. Since 1999 they have registered a growth of over 300% and now comprise over 85% of total transfers. Grants are meant for numerous specific priority programmes in health, education, environment, roads and capacity building; and each grant type has different operating conditions). According to the Local government finance commission, the process and allocation of has not had a lot of emphasis on poverty sensitive issues. There are numerous conditionalities attached, the other challenge has been late release and over vigorous emphasis on documentary accountability without adequate regard for lengthy procurement processes and value for money. This category of transfer has had a significant impact in the Health, Agriculture and education sectors. Also over 80% of this transfer is donor supported.

In the Districts of Uganda, the process of identifying investment projects is guided by the need to have strategic interventions to address the development challenges as identified in the District planning process. The planning guidelines and investment priorities are based on the national PEAP and the targets of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).An example of an MDG is Halving poverty 1990-2015; even with the more cautious macroeconomic projections in the revised PEAP, poverty should fall to 28% by 2013/4 and 26% by 2015 and further if inequality is reduced or fertility falls (both of which are objectives of the PEAP).

The planning process up to the formulation of development priorities ( investment priorities) from Village to the district is guided by the overall development goal and objectives in a development planning process popularly known as participatory bottom up planning. It’s a means through which local governments are guided through the development process, streamlining service delivery and allocating resources geared towards poverty reduction and improving the quality of life of the people (poor). This is reinforced by the 1995 constitution of the Republic of Uganda Article 176 and the local government Act chapter 243 section 35(3) which provides for local governments to produce comprehensive integrated three year rolling development plans through a bottom- up participatory planning process.
The above planning process is guided by the following principles:-
· Involvement of a wide range of stakeholders (men, women, PWDs, Youth, elderly, CSOs, political leaders, religious leaders, livelihood groups)
· Integration of results of participatory pre-planning process in parish planning and subsequently in sub county planning.
· Integration of cross cutting issues (HIV/AIDS, Poverty issues, Gender, Environmental issues)
· Building on vision, strength, opportunities to address obstacles and challenges
· Reviewing functionality of technical planning committee
· Carrying out a situational analysis, livelihood analysis and
· Carrying out SWOT analysis
· Dissemination of IPFs to parishes, villages
· Data collection.
The activities done throughout this process include the following:
· Planning meetings (pre-planning and parish planning) meeting are held to identify issues (projects) i.e. village priorities and parish priorities. Village priorities are forwarded to parishes for prioritisation and parish priorities to the sub county for prioritisation.
· The sub county technical committee reviews proposals for parishes and prioritised them to come up with sub county priorities and projects referred to the district for consideration.
· The technical staff are involved in pre-planning and parish planning process up to sub county prioritisation and formulation of a development plan,
· This is after the sub county SWOT has been developed. Projects were developed there after.
· Behind the Principles and Activities during Priority Setting is a SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis, visioning and goal setting. During SWOT analysis, a linkage is made between the internal strength and weaknesses and ways are designed to build on internal strength to overcome weaknesses and opportunities are exploited to minimize threats.

The steps above clearly show that every body is a player when it comes planning affairs and the identification of investment priorities in the District. The participatory nature of planning is enshrined in the steps and level of service delivery in the District

As part of their development planning, Local governments are required to carry out strategic analysis involving internal appraisal and SWOT analysis to aid in the identification of investment opportunities. The investment opportunities available are very many and each of them might appear attractive unless thorough investment appraisal is undertaken. The government’s project appraisal process also serve to create a bias against long-term investment in the larger, more complex infrastructure projects.

It is a requirement that LGs need to maintain operating assets in good useable state through operations and maintenance programmes so as to retain the concept of Value for Money in service delivery and efficient resource utilisation. This implies that the projects adopted during the strategic planning process must also be in such a way that the projects made by the local government themselves are sustainable in addition to a sustainable and increase levels of service delivery.
In some recurrent expenditure projects, it may be harder to define unit costs for activities in some sectors than in other parts of the local Government, but it is still important to find less expensive ways to achieve the efficient functioning of Government and this can only be through an effective investment appraisal.

Local Governments have to meet the costs of social and infrastructure services, which benefit all their constituents. Most of these services have a wider public impact and yet demands and costs have been rising because of exogenous factors such as inflation and demand arising from increasing populations especially in urban areas.

In order to ascertain the quality of service Delivery in the Public sector, The Local Government Auditing manual (2007) requires that there should be value for money Audit. Value-for-Money (VFM) auditing represents an extension of the traditional audit concerns with financial systems. Broadly, VFM auditing is concerned with the good allocation, and efficient use, of resources, and determining to what extent a Local Government is achieving its objectives, delivering its programmes and activities, and providing an acceptable standard of service delivery, given its budgetary constraints.

The main approach to VFM is the Local Government’s control over the use of resources rather than over financial transactions, in order to achieve its objectives.VFM auditing is concerned with "three E's": economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

Economy is concerned with minimizing the cost of resources acquired or used, having regard to quality (i.e. spending less for an equivalent product or service);

Efficiency is concerned with the relationship between the outputs of goods, services or other results and the resources used to produce them. How far is maximum output achieved for a given input, or minimum input used for a given output? (I.e. spending well and not wasting money on reaching a particular level of service);

Effectiveness is concerned with the relationship between the intended results and the actual results of projects, programmes or other activities. How successfully do outputs of goods, services or other results achieve policy objectives, operational goals and other intended effects? (i.e. spending wisely to achieve policy. It is possible to be economic and efficient but not achieve the aim of a policy - this in not effective).
In practice the boundaries between economy, efficiency and effectiveness are seldom clear-cut. VFM audits may, therefore, pursue these different aspects as a joint exercise, particularly when considering the closely linked aspects of economy and

There is therefore a challenge to carry out a cost benefit analysis to ensure that the government obtains value for money from the development and recurrent spending and to ensure that the projects undertaken address the poverty eradication requirements as contained in the government PEAP.

The main problem in the most public projects appraisal is their uneconomic nature and impossibility to measure such data, like as turnover and current costs, necessary for NPV or IRR calculation.
An appraisal of economic effi-ciency, as a measure of the net contribution of a project to overall social welfare, should be conducted to each single case. Standard appraisal methods based on projected profits and investment expenditures are not applicable because of intangible nature of pure public projects.

In such cases Cost – Benefit Analysis (CBA) has been applied. The purpose of CBA is to ensure that the public sector allocates scarce re-sources efficiently to competing public sector projects. A basic assumptions of CBA is an identification the crucial benefits effected from a project and their valuation to con-duct project appraisal in terms of its effectiveness. A mixture of benefits and costs will be differentiated, because of pro-ject purpose and designing. The cost of a project should be somehow related to the benefit expected from it.

The rule that has evolved over many years is that benefits must ex-ceed the costs from a project. CBA estimates and totals up the equivalent money value of the benefits and costs to the community of projects to establish whether they are worth-while. This means that all benefits and costs of a project should be measured in terms of their equivalent money value and in particular time. The most useful financial results in a CBA appear in a time-based cash flow summary. The basic rule of CBA is that project should be performed only then, when dis-counted benefits would be higher than discounted invest-ment expenditures. As the investment expenditures are treated exact cost of investment and operation costs after project putting into life. After some years of CBA exercising such analysis has still prompted some doubts connected mainly to choice of appropriate discount rate, externalities, risk and irre-versibility. Their override is a subject of research of many economists.

Despite of critical remarks and some simplifications CBA has still been treated as a simple tool with numerous applications in various spheres, especially in environmental and other pure public projects, used commonly by banks and investors, more rarely by state agendas and local governments – especially in less

Establishing Public Sector Investment Discount Rate

According to the Center for Economic Analyses (CEA) (Prepared by Vlatko Andonov and Vesna Garvanlieva, MBA (February 2009 ), Establishing Public Sector Investment Discount Rate For each capital investment the cost benefit analysis is an essential tool for evaluating the return of the investment, the related risks, and other variables that affect the costs of the investment on one hand and the benefits of the investment on the other hand. The investments can be either in the private sector or they can be investments of the public sector. There are different models and approaches developed by many researches who are discussing the topic of how to evaluate certain investment and how to assess the return of the investment. However, it is commonly understood that there are certain differences when it comes to investments in the public sector. The difference is mainly seen in the beneficiaries of the investment and the nature of the investors’ capital. When it comes to assessing the return of an investment in the private sector in Macedonia there are sufficient information and data that an investor can process in order to calculate the expected return of a given investment. On the other hand, this cannot be confirmed when we discuss the return on investments in the public sector. Having this in mind, this analysis will try to give an explanation of one possible method used to estimate the discount rate necessary for public sector investments since the discount rate is an essential part of each investment appraisal approach. The approach used in this paper is the tax-adjusted Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM).
To determine the present value of the forecasted cash flows, these are discounted with a discount rate to reflect the principle of time value of money. The present value of the future forecasted cash flows allows all cash flows to be restated in monetary terms in the current year when the investment is undertaken in order to have a meaningful comparison of the cash flows over time. Thus, the discount rate represents the adjustment factor used to restate the cash flows. One of the most common methods used to determine the opportunity cost of capital is the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) method. The discount rate which is used to evaluate the capital expenditures represents the cost of capital for the investor, or the interest rate that the investor must pay to secure the money. If the evaluated project has a return larger than the discount rate, then the project is acceptable and can provide adequate returns for the investor in the future period.

Tax-Adjusted CAPM1 – Discount Rate for Public Sector Investment in Macedonia The tax-adjusted CAPM uses the following formula to calculate the cost of capital in the public sector: WACC nominal = [RFR x (1 -Tc) + (Ep x βa) ] / (1 - Te) Where: RFR – risk free rate; Ep – equity premium Tc – corporate tax rate Te – effective tax rate βa – Asset beta The real Weighted Cost of Capital (WACCreal) on the other hand is computed using the following formula: WACC real = [(1 + WACCnominal) / (1 + i)] -1 Where: WACCreal – Tax-adjusted Weighted Average Cost of Capital; WACCnominal – Nominal Weighted Average Cost of Capital; i - Inflation Rate. Having these formulas the discount rate for the Macedonian public sector can be computed by using calculations based on information available on the Macedonian Stock Exchange (MSE) and from the audited annual financial reports of the listed companies. The basic formula that this analysis will use is the WACCreal to determine the inflation adjusted cost of capital. However, in order to determine this inflation adjusted discount rate, first of all we need to calculate the WACCnominal which incorporates several variables including the determination of the risk free rate for the Macedonian economy, the expected equity premium, the asset beta and the corporate tax rate.

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“Nahabwekyo, nk’oku mwayakiire Kristo Yesu Mukama, mube nikwo mwagyendera mutyo omuriwe”. Abakolosai 2:6

Ekitabo ky’abakolosai nikitamani ahabukuru bwa Kristo (ninga Yesu omujigaijo gwa byoona). Abakolosai 1&2 nitureeba enyegyesa y’obukururu bwa Kristo. Abakolosai 3&4, nitureeba obuvunanizibwa/omurimo gw’omwikiriza aha bukuru bwa Kristo.
Ekigambo “obukuru” nikimanyisa okukurira ebindi byoona, obutegyeki omuntebe eyahiguru, neinga kutegyeka ebintu byoona. Nikimanyisa ngu Ruhanga niwe ori omubushoborozi, kand nitutekwa kuta amatsiko geitu omuriwe, turikumanya ngu natufaho, kandi natwendeza ebirungi twaba nitugyendera omu magara g’obukristayo.

(Abakolosai 1:11-12)

Oweishemwe ashemereire kuba nagyendera omumani ga Ruhanga, gatari mani geitu. Oku nikwe tuhebwa amani. Amani gaitu gariga ahari Ruhanga ahabw’embabazi kutukoresa omurimo gwoona omurungi. Nituza kukora eki n’okugumisiriz\a, n’okugumira obusasi n’okushemererwa.

Tushemerire kushemererwa omubusasi, obusasi obwo tubutware nk’okushemererwa kushanga ngu naitwe tushangire tuhikire kubonabona ahabweiziina rye, kugira okushemererwa n’okugumisiriza omukubonabona (Yakobo 1:2-4) okushemererwa kwaitu kuriga omukumanya Mukama (Yoh.17:13)
Okuguma oshemerirwe kandi okaguma oyinire abandi embabazi nikyetenga amani ga Ruhanga (Abefeso 3:16-19, 6:10.

Ahabwenki Paul ariyo nasiima Eishe boona? Omu bakolosai 1:12 nitureeba enaama ya Ruhanga y’okucungura abantu omuri Yesu Kristo. Paul ashemerirwe enama egyo, hati ariyo nayoreka okusiima okwe. Aba boona abu embabazi zikukoreramu nibatekwa kwebaza Ruhanga ahabwo kutwohereza omwana we Kristo (Yoh.1:14) nitubasa ahabw’embabazi ze zonka. (Abefeso 2:8-10).

Atubasiise. Ruhanga kurabira omurimo oguhwire omuriKristo omujuni kandi Mukama gwonka atubasiise. Ahatari mbabazi za Ruhanga omuri Yesu Kristo, abantu boona bashemerire kufubirwa (Yoh.3:36) kwonka ahabw’embabazi ezo nitutunga obuhunguzi omumagara agatahwaho nari omushana (Abefeso 5:8-14). Omushana nikimanyisa obukama bwa Ruhanga. Obuhunguzi bwaitu buri omunsi ey’Omwoyo eyamazima n’oburikwera ahi Ruhanga atura. (I Timeseho 6:11-16, Yoh.8:12, 1:14)


Obukuru bwa Kristo nka omujuni waitu kuriga omukibi (Abakolosai 1:13-14).

1:13 Amani g’omwirima ningashi atucungwire yatwiha omumani ga sitane. Atujurire yatwiha omubutegyeki bw’ekibi nigwo omwirima. (Abefeso 6:12) akatutasya omubutegyeki bw’omwana we ou akunda. (Matayo 3:17, 12:18, 17:5) Turi ba memba b’ekanisa ya Kristo.

Naitwe turi omu naama ya Ruhanga y’okucungura ensi kandi nka abikiriza hati twine omukago na Ruhanga omuri Yesu Kristo omwana we. Nitutuura omu mbera z’omushana z’amaziima n’oburikwera. Omushororongo 12. Twiine enkwatanisa na Ruhanga, ori omushana kandi omuriwe tiharimu mwirima nakakye, ebibi baitu bitusasirwe 1Yoh.1:5-22, Ebyako.26:17-18.

1:14 Okucungura nikimanyisa: “Okujuna ekintu orikuhayo empongano”.
Yesu Kristo niwe mpongano. Matayo 20:28 Empongano niyo eyiha omuntu omubuhuku ninga omu busibe bw’ekibi. Ogwo muhendo nigutekwa kuhebwayo ahari Ruhanga ahabwokusasirwa ebibi. Yesu Kristo niwe yabire omuhendo ogwo(Isaya 53:10-11) Engi naama y’okucungura n’okusasira ebibi ekaraba omushagama yoonka ya Yesu Kristo. Abefeso 1:5-8. Yesu Kristo acungwire abikiriza omubuhuku bw’ekibi (Abaheburayo 9:11-28).


1:15 Ekishushani kya Ruhanga:
Ekishushani aha nikimanyisa ogwe Yesu nikyo kishushani kyonyine ninga okushurukirwa, ninga okujwekyera Ruhanga (Abaheburayo 1:1-3) abatarikwikiriza sitane ebahumize amaisho tibakareeba kishushani kya Ruhanga otareebwa. (2 Abakorinso 4:4) Ruhanga tareebwa, kwonka kworabe orebire Yesu Kristo, biri orebire Ruhanga (Yoh.14:9).

“Omujigaijo gw’ebihangirwe byoona”
Yesu Kristo akaba ariho ensi etakabireo. (Yoh.1:1-2) Eki nikyoreka obushoborozi obu ayine ahabintu byoona nka’omujigaijo, omuka niwe muhunguzi kandi Mukama wabyoona. Ekitinisa eki “omujigaijo” nikimanyisa okutebwa omukitinisa kihango tikirikumanyisa obwire obuyazarirwemu omunsi. (Zaburi 89:27). “Omujigaijo” nikihamya oku Kristo ari owomutano kandi akabaho ebintu byoona bitakabireho, nanokukirayokwe omubintu byoona.(Okushur.1:4-5).

1:16 Owarabirwemu okuhangwa kw’ebintu byoona:
Yesu Kristo we tikihangwa; n’omuhangi. Paul nakimanyisa gye ngu ba maraika tinshonga nibarurengo ki omubitinisa byabo, obe nabarikwera nainga nabagomiire Ruhanga, boona n’ebihangwa, kandi omuhangi wabo niwe mukuru, Mukama kandi omujuni Yesu Kristo (Abefeso 1:18-23, 3:10, 6:12).

Paul nashoborora Yesu nka omuteranizi waitu na Ruhanga, nk’omuhanda kandi nk’omuheru gwa buri kintu kyoona (Okushur.1:8, 17-18) tari muburikintu kyoona, kwonka buri kintu kyoona kiri omuriwe. (Abaroma 11:33-36), Abaheburayo 2:10).

Kristo niwe kihangiso, akaba ariho, ebintu byoona bitakabireho. Tikugira Yesu akaba ariho Maria omwishiki oshugaine atakamuzaire, kureka akaba ariho obwire bwona. Yesu Kristo niwe amagara agatahwaho (Yoh 17:3-5).

1:17 Obundi ayetwa “Okwatirira”
Ebihangirwe byoona bikwatine hamwe amani g’omwana wa Ruhanga (Abaheburayo 1:2-3) Ensi obuyabire erikuhangwaho Kristo we akaba ariho. Ekyo nimanyisa tarihwaho (Yoh.17:5) . Niwe akwatirire ensi kandi niwe agigumyaho. N’buyabire ari omunsi Yesu akaguma ayine obushoborozi ahari buri kintu kyoona omunsi.

1:18 Yesu Kristo omutwe gw’ekanisa:
Ekanisa n’omubiri gwa Kristo. Yesu Kristo nayihamu okweyoreka okuraba omukanisa, natwara omwanya omukuru omukanisa (1 Abakorinso 11:3, Abefeso 1:2-23) Niwe butandikiro bwa amagara amasya, enshoro y’amagara agOmwoyo. (Abefeso 2:8-10)

Yesu Kristo niwe yabandize kuzooka omu bafu obutarifa obundi, niwe yabandize kuzooka omubafu omumanige.
Atuherize akamanyiso k’okuzooka kwaitu kuriga omubafu okuribaho (Yoh.5:28-29) Niwe mukuru omubihangirwe byoona (Phil.2:8-11). Yesu ayine obukuru bw’emiringo ebiri. Obwokubanza buri omukuhanga, obwakabiri buri omukanisa. Itwe turi ebihangirwe bye ebisya (2 Abakorinso 5:17-21)

Obukuru bwa Kristo omukugarukanisa abantu na Ruhanga:

Okugarukanisa nikimanyisa okugaruraho emikago ehikire nainga idaara ninga okuretaho obusingye ahi obubi n’okubutakwatanisa na Ruhanga bibire biri. Baibuli tekagiraga eti Ruhanga kwenda kwega'rukanisa na Bantu, kureka negira ngu abantu kwenda kugarukana na Ruhanga. Entekateka y’omubiri nenzugu ahari Ruhanga. (Abaroma 8:7), kandi ahabwekyo, omuntu yatana na Ruhanga omuntu yahinduka omuzigu kandi omugomi ahari Ruhanga. Nahabyekyo omuntu nikyetengyesa kugarukana na Ruhanga.

1:19-20 Nikishemeza eishe boona itwe kugarukana nawe kuraba omumwana we Yesu Kristo. Obijwire nikimanyisa okumarira nan’okwijurana kwembabazi z’okujuna namani ga Ruhanga agari omuri Yesu, Mukama kandi omujuni waitu (2:9). okutura aha nikimanyisa okuberaho obutarigaho, kitari kutayayiraho nkomugyenyi (Yoh.1:14, 16).

Ruhanga kurabira omuri Kristo ayegarurize buri kintu kyoona. (2Abakorinso 5:18-21). Yesu niwe muterani wabari kugarukana abokuronda obusingye n’okusasirwa kwabasisi (Abaroma 5:1).

Yesu , naija kureta hamwe ebihangirwe byoona ebirikwera omumwanya oguhirwe omugisha aha muheru, n’ebintu eby’omunsi nainga omwiguru ahakuba Ruhanga aretsire obusingye okuraba omushagama y’omusharaba.

1:21-22 Natwegaruruza kuraba omukufa. Abanya mahanga bakaba betanise kandi bari abazigu ba Ruhanga, ahabwe mirimo yabo emibi (Abefeso 4:17-19) kandi nibabasa kugarukana na Ruhanga (Abefeso 2:1-2).

Okugarukana oku kukabaho aha musharaba ahari calvary. Ahi Yesu Kristo yasheshekire eshagama kugira ngu ebyo kituretera twagarukana na Ruhanga (Abaheburayo 9:19-22).

Aharimu omuhendo omushagama ya’Kristo Ruhanga akaba ayehireyo kukorangana n’abantu omumuringo omusya asasire kandi ayikirize boona nengyenderwaho y’okugarukana okwo Abaroma 5:9-11, 2Abakorinso 5:18-21

Omubwijwire okugarukanisa kwa Kristo nikwija kureebwa gye aha eizooba erituritwarwa ahari Ruhanga eishe boona tutine kibi, eibara nainga omushango oguturikubuzibwa. Itwe turi abarikuramya, nitwiza kuha Kristo ekitinisa nka okishemerire. (Okushur.5)

1:27 natura omuritwe nkamatsiko gaitu g’ekitinisa. Ego enaama neha?
(i) Ekanisa n’omubiri gwa Kristo. Abikiriza boona abari omumazima n’ebicweka by’omubiri ogwo, nibaza kubagana omukitinisa kya Kristo ebiro byoona.
(ii) Mukama Yesu niwe mutwe gw’omubiri, naha amagara, nourishment nana ahokutora (Yoh.14:6).
(iii) Abayudaya nabanyamahanga bahinduka ebicweka by’omubiri ahabwokwikiriza batyo baba omuntu omwe musya.

Yesu Kristo nakunda kutura omumutima gw’omunyamahanga, “Kristo kuba omuriwe”. Abaroma 8:9-10, Abefeso 1:7, 17, 18, 3:8-10, 16-19 Kristo niwe matsiko g’ekitinisa (1Petero 1:3-4) okugira ngu Yesu krito natura omuritwe orikuraba omumwoyo Orikwera kyonka, nitiretera eiguru ryatureeba nkabahikireyo (Abefeso 1:13-14)

Obukuru bwa Krsito omubwengye n’okumanya (Abakolosai 2:2-3, 8)

2:2-3 Enshoro y’obutungi bwoona. Niki eki entumwa Paulo yayendize abakolosai nanaitwe? Obutungi bw’emyoyo yeitu emitima “neyikaikana” nainga ahumurizibwa obu abeishemwe begiata hamwe omuri Rukundo. (1Petero 4:8)

Emitima ku etagatirwa omuri rukundo ahabwa Kristo, ayeyongyera kutweyoreka arikuhumuriza emitima yaitu, (2Abakorinso 1:3-4) Mukama yaija kushururira ebihama bye abo aba muhika hiihi. Emyoyo yeitu ekurakurana ku eijura okushemererwa n’obusingye (Abaroma 14:17)

Okwikiriza kwaitu ku kukura omu matsiko n’omukumanya egi naama, nituba nitukikiriza omu mitima kwonka, kureka twatura n’akanwa kaitu. Enaama egi erikugambwaho n’okujunwa (1Tim 3:16) eki nikyetwa “obutungi bwokwetegyereza, nokumanya enaama ya Ruhanga (2Petero 1:5-8) ahituri kukoma kuhama omwikiriza omuri Kristo, niho nokuhabisibwa kwaitu okuretwa enyegyesa y’obuhabe kuragume nikutuuba.

Obutungi oburi omubwengye tibutusherekirwe, nobwaitu, kandi nibushangwa omuri Yesu Kristo wenka (1Abakorinso 1:24-30). Nitutekwa kureeba ngu twataha omumaziba g’obutungi obu (Matayo 6:19-20). Obutungi bw’obwengye omuri Kristo busherekirwe abatarikwikiriza, ahari abo ababuzire. (1Abakorinso 1:18). Nan’omwikiriza okubutahamu natekwa kuba ayine omukago gwamani na Kristo (Abaroma 11:33-36)

Okumanya kwona kuri omuri Kristo. He is Incarnation of truth. “Okumanya” nokwetegyereza amaziima, kandi obwengye n’oku omuntu abasa kuta omunkora amaziima agayegire.

2:8 Entekateka y’ensi egi tekushushana neye. Enyegyesa yabegyesa bebishuba teshemire kandi tihinekirumu. (1Timeseo 6:20-21), (2Abakorinso 10:5). Egi enyegyesa y’okunda obwegye, nebigambo bitarimu maziima nibiruga omuntwaza y’ensi (1Abakorinso 3:19-20)

1Abakorinso 1&2 Paulo nayoreka omutano oguri omubwengye bw’ensi egi nana obwengye bwa Kristo. Obwengye bw’omuntu nobushanga omu 1:18, 20, 22, 2-14. obwengye bwa Ruhanga nobushanga omu 1:21, 24, 30; 2:6-8, 13. Waba ori omuriKristo, otaikiriza obwengye bwensi egi, kureka kuratira Yesu Kristo (Abakolosia 2:20-23).

Obukuru bwa Kristo nk’oku omuntu abureeba weenka.

Abakolosai 2:11-13, 16-23

2:11-13 Nitutuura omuriwe, titushemerire kutura omubiragiro, kureka tuture omuri Kristo. Ekinitana nenyegyesa yebishuba, okujunwa tikurikuretwa emigyenzo. Twaba turi omuri Kristo, nituba tutine kakwate nomugamba gw’ebiragiro.

V11 Aha bayudaya okushara gukaba guri omugyenzo guri kukorwa aha magara gabo, ahabakurasi ba Kristo, okushara nikimanyisa okwozya omutima nakamanyiso ngu ebibi byogibwemu ahabw’okwikiriza Ruhanga (Abaroma 4:11, Abafilipo 3:3)

Omuntu ka arikujunwa habaho okushara Omwoyo kimanyisa ngu ajura omuntu oweira nemirimo yayo (Abaroma 6:6-7). Oku nokuzarwa busya, oba ekihangirwe kisya ahabw’okuhinduka ekirikumanyisa aha n’eki “Buri mwikiriza ashazirwe, ahabw’okusharwa kwa Kristo”. Okusharwa kwa Kristo nikwo kufa kwa Kristo aha musharaba. Ekitekateko kiringu Mukama Yesu ku yafiire, omwikiriza yafa nawe, akafa omukibi (Abaroma 6:11) omukiragiro (Abafal.2:20) kandi ayiha amatsiko ge g’okujunwa omubintu ebindi byoona okufa kwa Yesu kuhinduka amagara gaitu.

V12 ekirikuhamya omurimo gw’okuhindurwa ogukozirwe omunda hati n’okubatizibwa omumaizi (Ebyakozirwe 2:38) Aha nikimanyisa ngu titufire naKristo kwonka, kureka tuzikirwe hamwe nawe omukubatizibwa (Abaroma 6:4). Okubatizibwa, nokuziika omuntu owira n’ebikorwa bye. Nitwiha omubiri omumaisho ga Ruganga ebiro byoona.

Tikugira ngu tubambirwe na Kristo kwonka nitugumizamu tuziikwa nawe, kandi tugarukire twazooka nawe kugyendera omumagara masya. Ebi byoona nibibaho ahizooba ry’okuhinduka. “omwikiriza omumani ga Ruhanga (Abefeso 1:19-20) owa muzoire omubafu (Ebyakozirwe 2:24).

V13 Tutakahindukire, tukaba “tuferire omubutahikirira bwaitu” Eki nimanyisa ngu ahabwebibi byaitu omuri Ruhanga tukabatufiire. Abatajunirwe basibirwe omumbera z’ekibi omunsi (Abefeso.2:12) omubiri (Abaroma 8:8) murisitane (1Yoh.5:19)

Tihaine ekitwakubatsa kukora okutunga obuganzi bwa Ruhanga twaba tukiferire omubibi byaitu n’omubutahikirira bwaitu. Twaheza kuhinduka n’emitima yayogibwa (okusharwa kw’omutima), nari kubatizibwa. Nituhindurwa abahurire omuriwe (Abefeso 2:1,5).

Okusasirwa obutahikirira bwawe nekyabusha omuri Ruhanga (Abaroma 3:24) kandi nikimara (Abefeso 1:7) okusasira abasisi obuta matsiko ahari Yesu Kristo nigo mazima makuru agari omubyahandikirwe (Ebyakozirwe 13:33-39, Tito 3:4-7, Matayo 26:28) okufa kwa Yesu kikaba nikimanyisa okufa kwaitu omukibi. Okuzooka kwe nikutugarura amagara.

2:16-23 Tutwakyetenga ebiragiro n’emigyenzo
V16 Abakolosia bakagyezaho kufa namani goona ngu bashemeze Ruhanga omubiri, tibarafire kwonka, kureba bakaziikwa kandi bazooka na Kristo omumagara amasya (1:22). Nahabwekyo bakabire batakiteganisibwa aba Yudah na Gnostics ababire nibenda kugarura abakolosai omu bintu ebi bafiremu (2:8)

Omudiini zoona omuntu atirwe ahansi yebiragiro emigyenzo, nentwaza zayo. Paulo akaba nabagamira ngu hati obu bari omuKristo, ebyo byoona tibyakiine omugasho (2:9-15)

Nitutekwa butantunda obugabe byaitu omuKristo nibiteine mugasho, n’ebiragiro byabantu ebiteine mani kujuna (Gal.5:1)
Yesu Kristo yashashwire omuhendo aha musharaba, nahabwekyo emigyenzo n’ebiragiro tibyakyetengyesa. Oweishemwe tabasa kucwerwa omushango bagyenzi be omu buryo yaba ari omu Kristo, “oteikiriza nomwe kukucwera omushango”.

V17 Ebyo byoona ebyagambawaho aharuguru (V16), ebyokurya, ebyokunywa, emikoro, okurekwa kw’okwezi, ninga sabato n’ebyeshusha bi ebyaire nibenda kwaija (Abaheburayo 8:3-5). Kwonka amaziima gari omu Kristo. (Abaheburayo 10:1).

V18 “Otaikiriza omuntu weena kukwibaho ebihembo byawe. Abakristayo (abeishemwe) timushemerire kwikiriza omuntu weena kubibaho ebihembo byanyu, amagara na kandi omuri Kristo, nanemitwarize etari kushagikwa byahandikirwe. Ekigambo nikishoborera gye ngu “hariho omuterani omwe wabantu na Ruhanga, omushaija Kristo” (1Timoseo 2:5).

Otashemererwa omubucurezi bw’oburyarya. Ekyo n’omwetunguro kandi Ruhanga ayanga omwetunguro (Efumu 6:16-17) okuramya ba mariaka entandikiriro yenyegyesa y’obuhabe, eyayisire abakolosai kumara emyaka mingi emitwarize eyi babire baine atakwikirizibwa. (Okushur.22:8-9). Oweishemwe orikugyenda na Mukama tayine bwire neinga embabazi z’okusherura emigisha nkegyo erikuhwaho.

Ebyo ekibirikukora n’okutungura ebitekateko by’omubiri emigyenzo y’ediini yabo bashaija bakaba bagirokora oku omuntu yabaire ayenda. Bikaba biba bitaine buhame bw’ebyahandikirwe. Bakakora eki babire nibenda batiane kakwate na Mukama kwonka emitwarize yabo ekaba erebuka nkeya bacurezi kandi nkabanyadiini ekyo n’ekiturikweta “obuhabe” nainga ediini y’ebishuba. (Abefeso 4:17-19).

V19 Ahabw’okugira entekateka y’omubiri Abakolosai tibaragumire kimwe aha mutwe (Kristo) (abefeso 4:15) tihakabaho okukura omumwoyo kwekanisa haba hatariho kukwatanisa n’omutwe - Yesu Kristo (Yoh.15:4-5). Nitukura omumwoyo, okweyongyera okwo kwaba nikuruga ahari Ruhanga kandi ahatari tihine kitukubasa kukora. (Abefeso 1:22-23). Nitutekwa amaisho kugahanga Mukama kutugabirira n’okutworeka ahokuza n’okuguma twine akakwate nawe. “Natekwa kuguma natunguka aitwe nitugaruka ahansi”

V20 Paulo narabura abakolosia obutagaruka omumigyenzo n’ebiragiro byabo, ahakuba tibikabasa kubatungura omumwoyo. Kutwafire na Kristo (Abaroma 6:1-11) tukafa omubintu by’ensi egi tuhindwire twaruga omumiturire y’ensi egi twaza omu magara masya omuri Kristo Yesu. Ahabwenki nitwenda kugaruka omuby’ensi (Ababagal.4:9).

Ahariho ebyaragirwe biri bikuru omundagano ensya, okibatizibwa nan’okwikiriza ebi nitubihikiriza ahabwokworobera Yesu Kristo.

21-23 Emishororongo egi negamba ahamitwarize y’ekinyadiini etaine mugasho. Okugyezaho kuhikiriza oburikwera orikutekamu amani kwerekyesa bingi (V23) n’okweyangisa bingi (V21) nainga okwehata. Ebi bintu nibikwata aha bintu ebikuhwaho “Ebirikuhwaho orikubyeyambisa “Tibyine mani kuzibira ekibi nainga kureta omuntu aha Ruhanga, emitwarize y’ekinyadiini erengyeserize eba abaarikushemeza omubiri.

Abanyadiini nkabo omumigyenzo bayo nibaba nibenda kworeka abantu oburikwera bwabo. (Matayo 6:16-18) Tiharimu okuramya kwamaziima ebintu ebi Engiri itwe netwegyesa ngu turamye Ruhanga omu mwoyo n’omumaziima (Yoh.4:23) kutari kuhikiriza emigyenzo, ebintu nkebyo nibishusha nkebirimu obwengye nkwonka nobushema bwonka, “obwengye obuhikire niburuga ahari Mukama Ruhanga (Yakobo 3:13-18)

Endeba y’oweishemwe eringu tufiire omubiri (Agagal.2:20 ) omukwega no bwenzi bwoona, kandi kuruga hati turiho kuha Ruhanga ekitinisa (Okushur.4:8, 11; 5:9-14) titurikora eki, ahabwokutina ekifubiro, kureka nitukikora omuri rukundo ahary’ogwo oyehireyo ahabwaitu. (Yoh.3:16)

Obukuru bwa Kristo Omumituurire yaitu: Abakolosia 3:3-17)

Omu bakolosia ekicweka kyokubanza n’ekyakabiri nitureeba enyegyesa y’obukuru bwa Kristo, nitureeba eki Yesu akozire nkomutwe gwomubiri niyo kanisa. Yesu ayehamise nkomukuru (Abafilipo 1:6)
Hati naitwe nitureeba ekicweka kyaitu omuri byoona ebi abakolosia barikugamba omukicweka kyakashatu nekyakana (Abafilipo 2:12-13)

Abakolosai 3:3-11
Nitureeba engyenderwaho y’oburikwera omuri Kristo

3:3 Niwe magara gaitu. Ahabukurebeka hamwe naKristo omukufa kwe. Ruhanga nayenda ngu twetware nk’abafiire nawe, amagara gaitu nigaguma nigahinduka kuba nk’aga Yesu Kristo (Abaroma 12:2) tikugira ngu tufiire kwonka, kureka amagara gaitu gasherekirwe na Kristo omuri Ruhanga. Nitubaho ahabw’okwikiriza ebi Ruhanga yaraganise (2Abakorinso 5:7, Abaheburayo 11:1,6).

V4 Ahakugaruka kwa Kristo, twine amatsiko ngu okushemererwa kwaitu nikuhikirizibwa (Okushur.19:11-16. Kristo namagara g’omwikiriza, niwe kipumo ky’obukristayo kandi niwe ahendera amagara g’obukristayo, Kristo naija kugaruka, kandi ku aije nituza kureba ekitinisa kye, abacungwirwe kuba nawe (1Abatesolonika 4:13-18) ahabwekyo, nitutekwa kukora kyoona ekirikubasika kureeba ngu amagara gaba nk’oku Paul arikukigamba omumishororongo egi 5-14 nikwo kuhereza kwanyu okwo mwoyo oku mushemerire kumuha (Abarooma 12:1).

3:5-14 Nitubasa kwerinda emitwarize mibi tuhise abandi omugisha. Paulo natugambira okutwakubasa kutwaza gye nemicwe mirungi tukahisa abandi omugisha. Nomurimo gwaitu obutashishanizibwa nabensi (1Yoh.2:15-17) kureka nomurimo gwaitu kuhayo emibiri yaitu nk’ekitambo ekihurire ahari Mukama (Abaheburayo 12:1) nitutekwa kuteka ebitekateko byaitu ahaby’omwiguru, turekure emicwe etahikire turikuta omunkora emicwe erimu omugasho (Abaheburayo 12:1-3, 2Petero 1:3-9).

V5 Ekyokubanza nitutekwa kujura nainga kwita kyoona ekyensi nainga ekya sitane, tushemerire kwita ebisigairemu ebyekibi omu magara gaitu. (Abaroma 8:13, 6:13) Paulo nagumizamu atugambira ebibi byensi nomubiri okubiri. Nitutekwa kwebuza ekibuzo eki, nyowe nikigambaki eky’okweyihamu emitwarize yensi? Ninyija kworobera ebiragiro bya Ruhanga ntyo mushemeze (Abefeso 5:18) nainga ninza kworobera obwenzi n’okwetenga okuri omubiri gwangye? (Abefeso 4:19).

V6 “Ekiniga kya Ruhanga” Ruhanga agirira ekibi ekiniga (Yoh 3:36) abatarikwikiriza omubuhangwa bwabo n’abagomi entahurira kandi abazigu ahari Ruhanga, nibakunda amagara gabo g’ekibi (Abaroma 1:18)

V7 Tutakahindukire, twena tukaba tugyendera omumihanda yensi kandi tugyetobamu (Abefeso 2:1-5) twaba tutisire kibi, ekibi nikija kutwita.

V8 Hati obuturi abeishemwe, nitutekwa kujura kyoona ekitari ky’obwaRuhanga, ekirikutuzibira kuhika haihi na Yesu Kristo (Abefeso 4:22-23) “Okujura” orugreek nikimanyisa okujura ebijwaro nkomuntu orikujura ebijwaro by’enziro eizooba ryaheza kurenga, abaikiriza nibatekwa kujura ebijwaro ebirofa ebyeira amagara gabo g’ekibi (Abaroma 13:12-14).

V9,10 “OKUJURA………..OKUJWARA” Ebi bigambo nibyo buhame bw’ekiragiro kya omushororongo gwa 8. (Abefeso 4:24-25) Ahabwokuba omuntu oweira akafa na Kristo, hati omuntu omusya natura omuri Kristo, abaikiriza nibatekwa kujura ebisigaire omukushisha kwabo kandi bagume nibahindurwa nibahinduka nka Kristo kuba ekibayetirwe..

“Omuntu oweira” nimitwarize ey’obuhangwa eyakare eyitwahungwire kuriga ahari Adam (Abaroma 5:12-14) “Omuntu omusya” ayine Omwoyo wa Kristo, n'ekihangirwe kisya (2Abakorinso 5:17) nikitumanyisa omwanya gwaitu omusya nk’abaana ba Ruhanga. Tuhindwire omukumanya (Abaroma 12:2) hatariho kumanya oku, tihakubire hariho okukura omumwoyo n’okuhindurwa basya. (2Timeseo 3:16-17) “Ekyeshisha kye” kiri omuntekateka ya Ruhanga ngu omwikiriza weena agume nayeyongyera kuba nka Yesu Kristo, we owabahangire (Abaroma 8:29, Abafilipo 3:12-14, 20, 21)

V11: Ebikwatirine n’ahorikuruga, ediini, oruganda nainga ekitinisa omunsi egi tibikuru ekikwatirine n’okwemerera omumaisho ga Ruhanga, abaikiriza boona bari aharurengo rumwe kandi omukanisa egi entwaza eshemerire kutebwa omunkora (Abagal.3:26-29). Omubiri gwa Kristo gushemerire kushenya ebisika ebitaha bitanisemu abantu.

Omugrika n’omunyamahanga nainga n’omuyudaya. Omuyudaya nimwijukuru wa Abraham. Barbarians tibeine micwe, nabantu bategyesibwe ababire batari bayudaya, Sythians bakaba bari abarisa bakare ababire nibakunda engamba; bakaba nibamanyirwa ahabushema bwabo, bakaba bari abantu b’okwangwa munonga kandi b’okutinwa omu barbarians boona.

“Kristo nibyoona omuri byoona” Kristo niwebyoona, amatsiko n’okushemererwa kw’oweishemwe. Kristo niwe musingye kandi kikuru omubeishemwe ahabwokuba Kristo niwe mujuni wa abaikiriza boona, niwe Mukama arikumara omuribyoona (obukuru) kandi omuri boona. (Abefeso 1:22-23)

Abakolosai 3:12-17 Nitureeba emitwarize y’omuntu omusya, na n’okwarikugyenda:

V12: Nk’abaana ba Ruhanga, nituhindurwa abarikwera kandi abakundwa ahabw’okuhikirira kwa Yesu Kristo. Nahabwekyo nitutekwa kungyendera omumitwarize eshemerire obukuru bwa Kristo (2Petero 1:1-2) okureebera omubi Ruhanga akorire omwikiriza kuraba omu Kristo, Paulo nashoborora emicwe n’emitwarize eyi Mukama ayine amatisko kureeba omubantu be. Tujwire omuntu musya (V10) hati Paulo natugambira oku omuntu ogu omusya oku ashemerire kugyenda.

Nitujwara embabazi ensya, ekirikumanyisa twine omutima gw’embabazi (Luke 6:36). Embabazi n’oburungi obw’okugirira abandi (Matayo 11:29-30). Obucureezi nigwo mubazi gw’okukiza okwekunda obucureezi munonga nikimanyisa okwetwara nan’okwemera embera nikimanyisa okugumisiriza ahatari kugira ekiniga okugira omutima mubi nainga okuhora enzigu kunikwo Yesu Kristo ari. (2Petero 3:15).

V13: “Okugumisirizana" nikimanyisa okutagyenda ahabweremwa n’emicwe arikutana eyine binenyoko omuriKristo (Mako 11:25) tusasirane nk’oku Yesu Kristo yatusasire (Abefeso 4:32) Yesu Kristo n’ekyokureberaho ky’okusasira. Atusasire ebyokushisha byaitu byoona (Abakolosia 1:14, 2:13-14), kandi nk’abikiriza nitutekwa kwetekateka kusasira abandi omumuringo nigwo gumwe.

V14: Ekyokubanza kyabyoona, tushemerire kujwara rukundo (1Petero 4:8, 1Abakorinso 13) Rukundo niyo ahikiriza byoona. Rukundo y’omutano eshukwa omu mitima y’abaikiriza niyo ekwatanisa ebintu byoona hamwe omubeishemwe. Niyo ereta obumwe omukanisa. (Abafilipi 2:1-2).

V15: “Obusingye bwa Ruhanga” nibutekwa kutegyeka emitima yaitu (Yoh.14:27) obu busingye niyoshoonga eyitwayetirwe nitutekwa kubuturamu (1Abakorinso 7:15b) turi omubiri gumwe (Abefeso 4:4) kandi twesirwe kusiima (1Abatesolonika 5:18)

V16: Nitutekwa okureka “Ekigambo kya Kristo kiture n’obutungi bwakyo omumitima yaitu. Okutura nikimanyisa okutaha omukintu nainga “okuba omuka”. Obutungi nikimanyisa “omubwingi” (Yohn10:10) Ekigambo kya Ruhanga kishemerire kishagane omumutima gwa buri mwikiriza weena kutegyeka buri kitekateko, ekigambo nekikorwa kyoona. (Zabulir 119:11) (2Timeseo2:15) eki kigambo nikishushana n’ekyomu befeso 5:18.

V17: Ekigambo eki kishemerire kibe ekigyezo kikuru ahari buri weishemwe. Ekigyezo n’eki nimbasa kukora eki omwiziina rya Yesu Kristo? Nikiza kuba nikimuhisa ekitinisa? Nkayesiga ngu ninyija kutunga omugisha kuriga ahariwe? Nkakikunda kukigumizamu kuyakugaruka? Ebi bibuzo byebuze omukugamba kwawe, nomubikorwa byawe. Nekihama kyomuhendo oweishemwe yatandika kukora byoona ahabwa Mukama n’ekitinisa kye. Nitutekwa kutwaza nku oku Ruhanga ari, kandi nko oku arikugyenda.

Ebigambo ebi byoona nibishoborora obukuru bwa Yesu Kristo kandi nan’omurimo gwaitu aha bukuru obwo. Yesu Kristo ari ahiguru ya byoona, niwe mutegyeki omubintu byoona.

“Orikugira ngu atuura omuriwe, ashemerire kutwaza nka we oku yabire atawaza”. (1Yoh 2:6) oku Yesu yabire ayoroba nikwo n’oweishemwe ashemerire ayorobe.

Egi tintwaza eyiwakubasa omu mani gawe nk’omuntu kureka nikibasika omumani gOmwoyo Orikwera. (Ebyakoz 1:8)

Omurimo gwaitu n’okuhinduka tukamuha amagara gaitu hatariho kubuza tukamwikiriza we kutuura amagara ge omuritwe. Boona abokweyeta abeishemwe bashemerire batwaze nkoku yatwarize (Yoh 6:38) obubine Omwoyo we n'amani ge.

Ahakuba tugyenda ahabwokwikiriza tihabwokureeba” 2 Abakorinso 5:7
Yesigye Mukama nomutima gwawe gwoona orekye kwegamira okwetegyereza kwawe ahabwawe..Omwemere omumitwarize yawe yoona nawe aryaguma nateebekanisa emihanda yaawe yoona.
Tutaketegyereize nari kuta omunkora amakuru g’okugyendera omukwikiriza, nitutekwa kubanza twamanya ku okutari kwikiriza kuba kuri okubangaanisa.

Kashoborozi yebigambo eya Webster neshoborora aha muntu oine okubanganisa nk’ogwo ataine buhame narishi atarikubatsikirwa kugira okwikiriza ahakintu nari omuntu. Ebitekateeko bye, nokwikiriza kwe nibitwarwa oku noku. Atuura ashobeirwe omumagara ge kandi nobwesigyebwe tibugira hi buhamiize.
Omunyetegyerza eya Baibuli okusharamu kw’omuntu oine okubanganisa nikugyenda oku nakuriya. Okubanganisa nikureebwa butunu koku okwikiriza kurebwa butunu. Omuntu obanganisa nikwo atyo ayanga nokwikiriza Yesu Kristo. Baibuli negira ngu omuntu obangaanisa ngu Ruhanga tabaho aba omushema.
Okubangaanisa nikukugambira ngu Ruhanga tabaho (Zabuuri 14:1, 53:1). Okubanganisa kugamba ngu Ruhanga takwendeza nainga shi tafayo ahabyetengo byawe. Okubanganisa nikuruga ahari sitane. Itwe nitumanya ngu Ruhanga atukunda (Yohana 3:16) kandi afayo ahabaana be (1Petero 5:7).

Okubanganisa nikwimutsya okutiina, okurikurugamu okuntuntuzibwa, butari busingye. Okutiina harimu okutuntuzibwa kandi kukuremesa kwakiira n’okutunga ebirungi ebyo ebi Ruhanga okwoherereize (1Yohana 4:18) okutiina nokutuntuzibwa nabyo eba nka Gehena (Luka 16:19-28).
Ekigambo ekyamazima: Banganisa reero oburaburirwe. Ba n’okwikiriza, oikirize kandi oyakiire. “Yeteekateeke ekyokutangaza” kutukwetekateka ahabw’ekintu kyoona nituba twiguraho amagara gaitu ahari Ruhanga nawe atuta ahuturikubaasa kutungira okujunwa, okushemererwa, amagara marungi, obugabirizi bwempiiha hamwe nobusingye omumutima. Ebyo, nebindi nkabyo nibyo birungi ebi emitima yaitu eyetenga.
Okubangaanisa omumutima:
Mako 11:23 – “Kandi atarikubanganisa mumutima gwe” Ekishumuruzo kyokutunga amagara okwikiriza nokutabangaanisa kiri omumutima. Omutima harimu ekicweka ekyebitekateeko (intellect), ekyobwengye n’omuntu ow’omunda, ekikomwokamu ebyetengo, byenaama ezisherekirwe hamwe n’omuntu wenyine. Omutima gw’omuntu nigwo guba ebyetengo bye nari shi okwetenga kwaitu (Psalms 37:4).

Kuturikubanganisa omumutima gwaitu, titurikubaasa kwikiriza ngu Ruhanga nabaasa kutukorera itwe ebitutarikubaasa kwekorera ahabwaitu. “Orushozi omu mushororongo ogu (Mako 11:23) nirujwekyera enkongi, narishi ekirikuzibira kyona narishi ekizibu ekitarikusingurwa omumagara g’omukristayo aga burijo. Omushororongo ogu n’omuranga gwokushaba. Kuturkushaba tutabanganiise, Ruhanga atukomorora obutungi bweiguru omu mbeera zaitu (Mako 11:24) “Buri muringo gwo” (Matayo 7:7-8), Yohana 14:13-14, 15:7, Yakobo 5:13-16)

Ekyokureberaho kirungi kandi ekiri omu kuhikira kirikworeka ebyetengo byomutima kiri omu kitabo Eky’ebiragiro 6:5-9. “Kandi ogume okunde Mukama Ruhanga waawe nomutima gwawe gwona”. Omuringo gwonka ogutwakworekyeramu Ruhanga ngu nitumukunda nomutima gwaitu gwona nokworebera ebiragiro bye buriijo. (Zaburi 119:2, Eky’ebiragiro 10:12-13)
Kuturikukunda nomutima gwaitu gwona tikirikurebukira mu bigambo byonka, kureka omumitwarize nebikorwa (Okushururwa 2:23, Luka 10:27:37).
Omumutima tihabamu omuntu wenyine wenka nebitekateko byaitu nebyetengo byokukunda byonka kureka habamu nekicweka kyobwengye. Yesu akahangutsya. ahamushororongo ogu (Ekyebiragiro 6:5) omuri Mako (12:29-30). Nitutekwa kukunda Mukama n’omutima gwaitu gwoona, kwonka hoona nabwo nitutekwa kukunda Mukama n’obwengye bwaitu bwoona”(1 Obusingye 28:9 Yeremia 11:20)
Omutima kandi nabwo nigubaasa kuba ogurikukizayo kuba omibiihi omunsi yoona (Yeremia :17:9). Okuba omubeihi nikimanyisa okugira omutima gwobubi. (Mat. 23:25) Ekigambo ekyo ‘’omunda ‘’omumushorongo ogu nikijwekyera omutima’’ Nooha owakubaasa kugumanya ‘’Ruhanga wenka niwe arikumanya kurungi omutima gwaitu.
Mukama wenka nabwo niwe wenka orikubaasa kutoranamu nokucencura ebituura omutima, nowengye bwabantu boona.
(Yeremia 17:10) Ruhanga nacaaka emitima yeitu n’obwengye bwaitu (Zab 17:9,139:23-24 Abarooma 8:27)
Hati nikitubasiikira kureeba oku omutima gutegyeka kandi gukaragiira ebyetengo ebituura omungingo zeitu hare omunda, kandi oba nitubaangaanisa (tutarikwikiriza) narishi oba twine okwikiriza. Omwoyo Orikwera ku arikugaruza butsya obwengye bwaitu kurabira omukwogibwa’’ Emiteekatekyere yobwengye bweitu yoona nehinduka eruga omu kuba egyo erimu okutiina nokwehwa amatsiko eba egyo erimu amatsiko nobwesigwa.
Okwikiriza niki?
Okwikiriza nengyenderwaho yo bwa Ruhanga ebyairwe omuriitwe, eretaaho obwesigye omumutima, Okuhamizibwa, okwesiga hamwe nokwegamira Ruhanga hamwe nabyona ebyagamba ‘’Mwesigye Ruhanga’’ (Mako 11:22)
Okwesiga Ruhanga nikimanyisa okuba niwe wenka owu twineho obwesigye bwaitu.
Nitutekwa kusherura okwikiriza oku Ruhanga aha. Ruhanga niwe Bukomooko bwokwikiriza nokubaho kwaitu. (Ebyakozirwe 7:28)
Okwikiriza nikusheneneka kuza ahariwe ahabwobwesiga oburikusheneneka niburuga ahariwe.
Okwikiriza nekyo ekireebwa kirikworeka ekyo eki emitima yaitu eikiriza.
Okwikiriza okuri omumitima yaitu kwine kuba omubikorwa. Okwikiriza nikuba okuhuriire kandi okuhikire kwaba kuriho ebikozirwe (yakobo 2:17)
Ebyakubaasa kuremesa okwikiriza ni (a) ngu okwikiriza kwaitu kube ‘’omuri Ruhanga’’Tataitwe ohuriire kandi ngu okukunda kwaitu kwikirizane nokukunda kwe hamwe nekigambo kye, kandi

(B) Ngu twikirize kandi tutagiramu obubanganisa omumitima yaitu (Mako 11:23)
Abaheburayo 11:1 –‘’ Okwikiriza nikwo kuhamiza kimwe ebi twineho amasiko, kandi nikwo kutumanyisiza kimwe ebitarikurebwa. Ebigambo bikuru bibiri hanu ni Okuhamiza kimwe kandi nokumanyisizibwa kimwe.
Okwikiriza nokuhamiza kimwe ahakintu.
Okuhamiza kimwe nokumanyisizibwa kimwe ahariki? (2 Abakorinso 5:7)
Amatsiko niki? Amatsiko tikurebuka hamaisho nkoine eki ayetegire narishi kuba oine ebyorikwetenga kutunga kwonka bitaine musingi gwoona.
Amatsiko n’obwesigye obugirwa obwo hariho okwetekateteka kugira eki watunga omubuhame obwijwire.(Abaheb 11:1).Amatsiko ago’muBaiburi gegamiire ebi Ruhanga yaraganiise, nokukira munonga ebyo ebikwatiraine nokugaruka kwa Kristo.(1 Abatesalonika 1: 2-10)
Nyencakare yabacungwirwe yo eine buhame obwaamani, nikyo endagaano ensya erikugambira ahabintu ebiribaho nkebyabaireho kandi nkebyaherize kukorwa. Amatsiko tigarikukirwa kwikiriza kureka nigongyera ahakwikiriza.
Okwikiriza neitungo ryembabazi eryahati, amatsiko nobuhame bwembabazi ahabwebituribaasa kukora nyentsya (Yohana 14:3).
4:14 Nkoku Yesu yazookire omubafu ahakiro kyakashatu nitwe riryaba rimwe tuzookye omubafu tutuure hamwe na Kristo, tushangyeyo abo abatubandiize kufa. Nitutekwa kwikiriza kandi tuhamye ku Yesu buzima yafiire kandi akazooka kuruga omubafu (1 Abakorinso 15:12-23).
4:15 Abo abahuriire tibaribandiza abo abagwejegire , nari abaafiire.
4:16 Omumushororongo ogu nitureebamu emiringo eshatu erikuranga okugaruka kwa Mukama waitu. Aryaija n’akaari. (Matayo 24:30 – 31).Aryeija neiraka rya Maraika omukuru, hamwe nenzamba ya Ruhanga (1 Abakorinso 15:52).Reero abafereire omuri Kristo baryabandiza abandi kuzooka (1 Abakorinso 15:23).
4:17 Bwanyima yabafeerire omuri Kristo kubandiza abaandi kuzooka, naitwe abahurire turyahindurwa tutwarwe nabo hamwe omumwanya tuze kutuura na Mukama ebiro nebiro.Okuhindurwa tukatwarwa nikyo itwe abaishemwe turikweeta okutwaarwa kwekanisa ekitarairinwe kandi nikimanyisa, okutebura, okushahura, okukwata okakiriza narishi okunyagisa amaani. Ekigambo eki nikishoborora ekikorwa ky’omwoyo Orikwera obuyatwara Filipo kumwiha omumwanya gumwe akamutwara omugundi (Ebyakozirwe 8:39). Paulo nawe akahindurwa yatwaarwa omwiguru (2 Abakorinso 12:2,4).Nikyoreka okukozesaho amaani omukaanya kahoonaaho.
Kuturihindurwa twatwaarwa obwo turyatuura na Mukama ebiro nebiro (Yohana 17:24).
4:18 Amatsiko gokugarukakwe n’enshuro erikureeta okuhuumura aharyabo abategyerize okurebuuka kwe. (1 Abatesolonika 5: 1-11)
Okwikiriza omunfumu 3:5-6, oijuke ngu okwikiriza nikimanyisa okwesiga Ruhanga. Okwetegyereza ahanki efumu erikumanyisa, nitutekwa kushoma emisharongo eyetorire aho.
Enfumu 3:1-2: Ebyahandikirwe ebi nibigamba okutwakutunga obwengye ahabwokorobera ekigambo kya Ruhanga.Ruhanga nayenda kutwijuza obwengye bwe.Yakobo 1:5-6.
Ruhanga nakimanya ngu okurabira omukworobera ekigambo kye kyonka nimwo turiihe obwengye zitari naku n’oruyombo.(Isaya 55:6-12a). Nayenda kutwegyesa emihanda ye) 2 Timiseo 3:14 – 17)
Nitutekwa kwaijuka omubitekateko byaitu kandi twikirize n’emitima yaitu.
3:3-4 Embabazi namazima bishemereire bibe nibyo byaza omu magara gaitu. Tushemerire tukuratire embabazi namaziima ebiro by’amagara gaitu goona Ekyebiragiro 6:1-9. Ku tura yorobere ekigambo kya Ruhanga nituza kugirirwa obuganzi n’ekitinisa ahari Ruhanga n’abantu (Abaroma 14:17-18)
Okugira eizina rirungi nikimanyisa okugira okwetegyereza okurungi omubugufu.Amagara agamazirwe nainga agahikirize omurimo, naago agorekyerize okukunda kwa Ruhanga. Nkamaanya nta okukunda kwa Ruhanga aha magara gangye? Ruhanga omubyahandikirwe ebi natworeka oku twakumanya okukunda kwe.
3:5 Nihatekwa omuritwe kuba harimu obweziriki, omumutima omumwoyo nan’omubiri ahari Mukama.
(1 Abatesolonika 5:23-24) Nitutekwa kwesiga Ruhantga tihabwokujunwa kwemyoyo yaitu kwonka kureka n’okuha amagara okuturatwaze. Isaya 26:3-4
Nihatekwa kubaho obuteyisiga kandi nokwikiriza ngu torikumanya ekirungi ekyoshemire kukora.Tutwine kubasa kweyoreka ekyokukora.
Nitutekwa kureeba ngu twayesiga Ruhanga wenka (Yer.10:23)
3:6 Nihatekwa habeho okwikiriza ngu Kristo ni Mukama. Buri Kicweeka kyoona kya magara gaitu nikitekwa kwoorobera Mukama.Nitutekwa butakora kukunda kwaitu abwaitu kureka okwa Ruhanga wenka, tukumanye tibe nikwo twakora.
Ebigmbo ebikuru aha nibibiri; emihanda na okuhamya. Ekigmbo “Emihanda” nikimnyisa oruguuto, nainga oku ekintu kirikuza kukorwa “ Nitutekwa kuguma nitugyendera omu mihanda ye buri eizooba omumagara gaitu kandi tukamumanya nka Mukama omujuni waitu.
Omu muringo ogwo’mwoyo “Okuhamya “ nikyoreka omukago na Ruhanga omu kushaba ogugira enda gukazara emigisha n’obusinguzi. Ekicweka eki nikitumanyisa ngu omu biro byaitu byoona tushemerire twemere Ruhanga (Yer 9: 23-24)
Ebi byoona kubirahikirizibwe, Ruhanga akaraganisa ngu nayija kutebekanisa emihanda yaitu yoona. Okutebekanisa nikimanyisa okugororora, Kutereeza, kushemeza. Ruhanga nayija kugorora (Zabuli 119:1-16)
Nabasa kukora ekyo arikuraba omu Baibuli,nainga kuraba omubahabuzi ba’beishemwe, nainga kurabira omu mbera, nainga kuraba omu busingye bw’omunda obwomwoyo Orikwera nainga kurabira omuryebyo byoona by’egaitsire hamwe.
Ruhanga naza kuyamba abaana kuraba omumbera zoona.
3:7-8 Twaba nituhamya ngu obwengye bwa Ruhanga nibwo burungi munonga kandi turikweega kugyendera omu mihanda, nitweega obutaba no’bobwengye omu maisho gaitu nainga okwetekateka okukira okuturi (Rom 12:16)
Otakabeihwa nitutekwa kutiina Mukama tutaane nekibi (Ebirag.10:12-13) Naitwe nitwiza kubaasa kugira tuti. “Nitugyenda ahabwokwikiriza tihabwokureeba namaisho.
2 Abakorinso 5:1-6 kandi nkoku kiri omu byahandikirwe (2 Timeso 3:16 -17).Nituutura kandi tugyendera omu kwikiriza obwire bwoona tutegyerize okuza omuka omwiguru kuba na Mukama ebiro n’ebiro.
5:8 Okuba na Mukama nikikira byoona ebi omuntu yakwetenga. Emibiri yaitu ku erikuheza kuhwaho, twaafa, ahonaaho nituza omwiguru kuba na Mukama, eki nikyo entumwa Paulo yategyerize.(Philipo 1:19-26)
5:9 Twaba turi omumubiri ogu nituba nitugyezaho kushemeza Mukama.Paulo nagamba eki kurigirira omu matsiko g’okureeba Yesu Kristo (V8) na namatsiko gaitu g’okuzooka (v5 – 6) Paulo nayetenga kuba nashemeza gye Mukama. Eki nakyo kihikire aha magara gaitu. Obe turiho nainga tutari mubiri, nitutekwa kureeba ngu twaguma twiine ekyetengo kyokushemeza Ruhanga (Heburayo 11:6).
5:10 Nitutekwa kushemeza Ruhanga hati ahabwokuba amagara aga nigwo twiine goonka, nitugyezaho kushemeza Ruhanga hati ahabwokuba nituza kucwerwa omushango ahabwebitwakozire ommuubiri ogu (Abaefeso 6: 7-8). Nitwiza kubuzibwa ahabwebikorwa byaitu byomubiri (Abaroma 14:12)
5:11 Nitutekwa kuhereza Mukama ekitiniisa. Okutiina okurikwera okwomuhangi kandi oku tutiina Ruhanga nikutuhereza ekyetengo kushemeza Kristo(V9-10) na nebigyendererwa kuhuguura abandi kuta amatsiko kandi bakaikiririza omuri Kristo.
Okugyendera omukwikiriza nikiimanyisa okugira amagara gaine amasiko n’obuhame.
Hariho okuhumurizibwa (Yoh 14:1-3) omu kumanya Kristo ngu ariyo nagaruka kwakiira abaana be kubatwara omuka kuba nabo ebiro byoona.
Okuhumurizibwa oku nikurigirira omu matsiko n’obuhame ngu Kristo naza kugaruka atware abaana be kuba nabo ebiro n’ebiro.
1 Abatesolonika 4:13-18. Omu mishororongo egi, Paulo noshoborora Abatesolonika oku Kristo arikuza kwiija omukitiinisa kutwara bury’omwe omuka kuba nabo, otiremu nabagwejegire nainga abafire.Ebyahandikirwe ebi nibishobororora amatsiko agutwiine omu kugaruka kwa Kristo.
4:13 Okwikiriza na matsiko gaitu gari omukugaruka kwa Kristo .Ago nigo matsiko agariho omugisha agutwiine (1 Abakorinso 15:51-52)
4:15 Amani g’okuzooka naga Ruhanga; nigaretera eiziina rye ekitinisa.(Yoh 17).
Nahabwe mbabazi za Ruhanga eitwe kubasa “Kugyendera omukwikiriza”. (Abefeso 2:8-10)
Nitutekwa kwega kusiima nka abaana ba Ruhanga, kwikiriza omukuraganisibwa okurikukirayo “Okuzooka”
4:16 Amazima gari ngu omuntu owaheru ariyo nahwaho, kwonka omuntu owomunda, Omwoyo waitu nagarurwamu amaani buri eizooba (Abefeso 3:16-17a)
4:17 Titushemerire kuta omutima ahabintu by’amagara ebirikuhwaho (Matayo 6:19-21).
4:18 Kureka Tushemerire tute omutima ahabintu ebitakuhwaho. (Abaheburayo 11:1,13)
2 Abakorinso 5:1 Ogu mubiri kugurikuhwaho, twine omubiri ogututekatekirwe omweiguru.Omubiri gweitu niguza okuzimu, kwonka Omwoyo waitu naza omuka kuba na Mukama.(Yoh 14:1-3).
Ebyahandikirwe ebi bishatu, nibitugambira: Obusingye , omwanya n’okuraganisibwa.
Yesu nabanza n’okutuhumuruza “Mutakashoberwa mugire obusingye”. Obusingye bwaitu omuri Ruhanga na Kristo.
Nitwikiriza kandi twine amatsiko omu musingye gw’obusingye bwaitu; Yesu Kristo. (1 Abakorinso 3:11).
Ekyakabiri, Yesu akagamba ahamwanya. Aturaganiise kututebekanisiza omwanya ahituriza kuguma nawe.Kandi omwanya ogwo guri omweiguru, ahituragume na Yesu ebiro nebiro.(Yoh.13:36)
Ekyakashatu, Twine oku yaturaganise ngu naza kutugarukira (Ebyakozirwe 1:9-11).

2 Abakorinso 5:2 Twine ekyetengo kutunga emibiri yaitu eyomweiguru, Titukabasa kutura omweiguru emibiri yaitu etahindukire.
Emibiri yaitu, yomunsi eyine obugarukiro, nahabwekyo twine ekyetengo kihango ngu tujware emibiri yaitu y’Omwoyo (Abaroma 8:22-23)
5:3-4 Emibiri yaitu etahwaho, omwiguru erajwekwa okuhikirira kwa Yesu Kristo.Titwine kyetengo ngu tufe omumibiri yaitu kureka nitwenda ngu guhindurwe.Reka tushome ahamibiri eyituriba nayo (1 Abakorinso 15:35-55)
5:5 Tukaakihamya tuta ngu turatunga emibiri egi? Okugira ngu buri weishemwe arimu Omwoyo wa Ruhanga, nakamanyiso ngu eki Ruhanga yaraganise aha weishemwe kiryahikirira (1 Abakorinso 1:21-22, Abefeso 1:13-14).
5:6 Yesu Kristo ari naitwe omu mwoyo. Okugira ngu takurebwa, nikimanyisa ngu titukamwetegyereza gye, nk’oku kirabe omubwire obwomumaisho.(Abakolosai 3:1-4, 1Yoh .3:2)
5:7 Okuraba omukwikiriza kwonka nimwe turirebera Ruhanga. Nitutekwa kwikiriza byoona ebihandikire omu Baheburayo 11 Ekicweka eki nikyetwa “ Ekicweka kyokwikiriza omuBaibuli”. Omuhandiki natugambira ekitwakubasa kugiraho amatsiko n’obuhame.Abashaija na bakazi abarikugambwaho aha, bakaba baine amatsiko n’obuhame, ahabwokuba buryo’mwe akab atungire okuraganisibwa ahari Ruhanga. Eki nikyo kimanyisa Okwikiriza:,
Bakaba baine amatsiko ngu eki Ruhanga yaraganise natekwa kukikora.Ekigambo “Okuraganisa” nikirebeka emirundi 7 omu Baheburayo 11:9a, 9b,11,13,17,33,39)
Omugasho gw’ebi Ruhanga yaraganise neki?
Okwikiriza n’okuraganisa nibigyenda kumwe.
Aho kuraganisa kutari, tihario kwikiriza nitutekwa kugira okwikiriza omubi Ruhanga yaraganise.Ruhanga natugambira okuraganisa nenki kandi agaruka atuhamiza ngu ebyaraganisiibwe nibizakukorwa.(2 Abakorinso 1:20)
Buri muntu omukicweka eki akaheebwa okuraganisa omuri muringo gwe.Okwikiriza kukaba kwine emizi yakwo, omubi Ruhanga yaraganise.Okwikiriza okwo kukaba kukuratiire okuraganisibwa, okwikiriza nokwesiga okuraganisa kwa Ruhanga.
Nitutekwa kwesiga Ruhanga ngu naza kuhikiriza ebiyaraganise.
Okuta okwikiriza omubikorwa.Nitutekwa kubaho twine amasiko ngu Ruhanga natekwa kuhikiiriza ebi yaraganise.Okuberaho omu kwikiriza nikimanyisa okutwara Ruhanga ahakigambo kye.Omumitwarize yangye nshemerire nkimanye kandi nyikirize ngu Ruhanga eki ari arikugamba ngu ari kandi n’okwikiriza ngu Baibuli nekigambo kya Ruhanga (2 Timeseo 3:16-17).
Okwikiriza kwaitu tukurikwema aha birikubaho hati kureba nikurigirira aha byabireho emyaka 2000 ehingwireho ahari Calivary na aha Kituuro.Akazorwa omubafu kandi nayija kugaruka kututwaara omuka tube nawe ebiro n’ebiro (Matayo 28 :6).Oku n’okuraganisibwa okurikukirayo.
Reka turebe aha “ Kishushane ekihango” ky’amagara tureebe okwikiriza buzima nimanyisa ki.” Ahabwokuba nitugyenda ahabw’okukwikiriza tihabw’okureeba”.

2 Abakorinso 4:13, 5:10 Reka tureebe ahabyahandikirwe ebi, kimwe ahakindi, tureebe ahi okwikiriza kwaitu kurikututa. Nitutekwa kugyendera omukwikiriza oku.
Eki nikishushani kihango .Amatsiko gokuzooka omubafu- ekirikuhikiiriza okwikiriza kwaitu.
2 abakorinso 4:13 okwikiriza kwonyini kuha obujurizi aha bi Ruhanga akora omumagara gaitu.Nikyo Paulo yagirire ti “Nitwikiriza”. Paulo akaba nayikirizaki?
Ebi Ruhanga yaraganise naitwe nibyo tukwikiriza.Kandi nibigambwaho omubyahandikirwe ebi.
4:14 Okwikiriza kwonyini kandi okwa maziima, nikwikiririza omumaani g’okuzooka aga Ruhanga agatuhaisa amagara agatahwaho.(Abaroma 8:11). Oku n’okuraganisa okwokukirayo.



“Mwerinde mumanye oku murikugyenda, Mutagyenda nk’abataine bwengye, kureka nk’abanyabwengye, mutafiisa busha omwanya ahakuba ebiro ebi nibibi” (Abefeso 5:15-16)

Nikimanyisa ki kuba omunyabwengye?
Kashoborozi yo negira ngu “obwengye” n’okugira encwamu nuungi okushoborokyerwa kandi orikumanya ekinikyeta obwengye bw’omuntu.

Baibuli yo n’ekishoborora omumiringo eshatu. Ekigambo ky’orugrika “Sophia” nikimanyisa okureeba hare namagyezi, omumazima g’obuhangwa bw’ebintu. Ekigambo ky’orugrika Prognosis nikimanyisa okubasa kushoborokyerwa enkora nainga ekyokuza kukorwa, kuba nobasa kureeba ebyokurugamu. Ekigambo kyorugrika sunesis nikimanyisa okugira okwetegyereza n’amagyezi.

Ebigambo ebyo bishatu by’orugrika wabigaita hamwe birugamu obwengye obu baibuli egamba. Ebyo nibyoreka oku okumanya, okushoborekyerwa na amani bikora burijo omumagara g’abantu ba Ruhanga. Ebihinduka engyenderwaho y’amagara g’oweishemwe. Nibyija aharitwe okuraba omukigambo kya Ruhanga- Baibuli erikwera.

“Obwengye obu Baibuli egamba nibugaita Ruhanga eshoro y’okwetegyereza kwoona omuntura yaburijo ehi entwaza ehikire okutebwa omunkora. (Baibuli eibarikweta “spirit filled life” aharupapura 978)

Ruhanga nayeyambisa obwengye ahabwokuba obwengye bwoona buriga ahari Ruhanga (Abaroma 16:25-27)
Abegyesa b’ekigambo nibeyambisa obwengye (Matayo 13:53-54) Abaikiriza abaine ekiconco ky’obwengye nibabweyambisa (Abaroma 16:19, 1Abakorinso 3:10) obwengye nibukora omuntu omunyabwengye omumaisho ga Ruhanga. (1Tim3:14-17) obwengye bwa Ruhanga tibukukora nk’ekitekateko ekirungi kureka namani ga Ruhanga.

Entaniso nkuru eri ahagati y’obwengye bw’omuntu nainga obwengye bw’ensi egi, obu Baibuli eyeta obushema na n’obwengye bw’omuntu bwegamira ahakw’omuntu areeba aha magara n’okwatekateka omu mutwe gwe, n’emigyendere ye. Kandi we oweishemwe ayegamire omuribyoona, obwengye n’amani ebiruga ahari Ruhanga Yesu Kristo n'Omwoyo Orikwera.

Reka tureebe omutano omubyahandikirwe. Omu (1Abakorinso 1:18, 2:16) nitureeba ebyahandikirwe ebikugyeragyeranisa obwengye bw’omuntu n’obwengye bwa Ruhanga. Reka tubireebe haza tubyetegyereze.

Kristo niwe obwengye kandi amani ga Ruhanga:

Omushororongo 1:18 Otaine bwengye obu Baibuli egamba, ekigambo nakigaya’ n’ekyobushema aha muntu otajunirwe. Omuntu omushema nikwari tihabwokugira ngu taine magyezi, kureka nikiretwa obutaikiriza kigambo kya Ruhanga nan’ebyasharuramu (Zabuli 14:1) Taine kakwate na Ruhanga kandi takuhikiriza biragiro bye. (Efumu 1:7) omushema ariyo nahwerekyerera ahabwokutagira bwengye (Yobu 9:9). Oku arikureeba amazima kukahabisibwa takwetegyereza mani ga Ruhanga nainga amani g’ekigambo (Yobu 12:13, Abaroma 1:16)

V1:19 Ruhanga nahindura busha obwengye bw’ensi egi (Isaya 29:14).

V1:20 Obwengye bw’omuntu nemitekatekyere ye aha bintu byoona, Ruhanga abihindura obushema. (Isaya 19:11-12).

Omushororongo 1:21 Ahakuba omubwengye bwa Ruhanga ku atarasiimire obwengye bw’ensi kuba nibwo bwareetera abantu kumumanya, yasiima kujuna abarikwikiriza, najunisa obushema bw’okuburira kwaitu. (Daniel 2:20-23)

V1:22 Abayudaya bakashaba obumanyiso nainga ekyokutangaza kuruga ahari Ruhanga nabagriika basherura obwengye (Mako 8:11-12). Ekyahandikirwe eky’ahabumanyiso n’ebyokutangaza nikinyuzisya ekitebyo ky’omugaiga na Lazaro (Luka 16:19-31) Tibarize kwikiriza n’obu Ruhanga yakuzora omwe kuruga omubafiire (Luka 16:30-31) emitekatekyere n’emitima yabo ehumisibwe, obutareba mazima (2Abakorinso 4:4).

V1:23 Paulo akaba naburira Kristo Yesu owatubambirwe aha musharaba akatufeera. Okuburira Kristo nikyo kigambo ekishemerire kugambwa buri mukristayo weena. Okuburira nikimanyisa okugambira weena nogambira omubantu ekigambo ky’okujunwa omuri Yesu Kristo. Eki kikaba kiri enkongi kandi ekyokujuma aha bayudaya, kandi obushema aha banyamahanga (1Petero 2:6-8).

V1:24 Okwetwa kw’abeishemwe nikukwata ahari buryomwe kwonka nikuretwa amani ga Ruhanga. Kristo nokufa kwe nikworeka amani n’obwengye bwa Ruhanga (Abaroma 1:1-4, Abakolosai 2:1-3). Aga mani ga Ruhanga nigo mani agatuyamba kusingura ekibi narufu (1Abakorinso 15:55-57).

V1:25 Ruhanga omubweremwa n’omubushema bwe nakira omuntu omumani n’obwengye bwe. (2Abakorinso 13:4).

V1:26 Omu bwengye bwaitu boona tibukatubasisa kutaha omubukama bwa Ruhanga. Nitutekwa kworobera obwengye bwa Ruhanga okwetwa kwaitu nk’abeishemwe tikwaine kakwate n’obwengye bwensi egi. Titwesirwe omubantu kureka turi abantu aba torinwe omuri Ruhanga (Abefeso 1:8-21, 1Petero 2:9-12)

V1:27-28 Ruhanga akatutorana abashema b’ensi ngu akwatse abanyabwengye enshoni omubweremwa bwaitu – twetsiga amani ga Ruhanga nk’amani gaitu, kandi gaine amani okukira obwengye bw’omuntu okuburabire ahabwokuba otajunirwe eki takakyetegyereza turaguma turi abokugaywa. (1Abakorinso 4:13) kwonka guma omutima, Ruhanga ashurire obwengye bwe omu baana be (Matayo 11:25) Tutorinwe kubaho ahabwamani ge (1Abakorinso 12:10)

V1:29 Titwine omumubiri ekitwakwehimbisizamu turi aberemwa (Matayo 26:41) Ekyahandikirwe eki nikigamba ahabucurezi (Yakobo 4:10, 1Petero 5:5) Nitutekwa tubeho ahabwamani , obucurezi no bwengye bwa Ruhanga. Turi busha twaba tutamwine.

V1:30 Ebi okuhikirira, okwera n’obucunguzi byoona nibishangwa omukwijururana kwa Kristo.

V1:31 Abokwehimbisa abehimbise ahabwokuba abakristayo, barikuturira omubwengye n’amani kuriga omumani ga Ruhanga. (2Abakorinso 10:17-18) Oweishemwe omunyabwengye ayehimbisiza omuri Ruhanga wenka.

Ekyaresire Paulo n’ekintu kimwe kyonka okuburira obwengye obu namani ga Ruhanga:

V2:1 Paulo tarizire mu bwengye bwe, Ruhanga niwe y’amwoherize (V1:1)

V2:2) Paulo akaija kuburira Kristo, omujuni kandi wenka owatuferire (Abagalatia 6:14)

V2:3 Paulo akatorana kwija omubucurezi.

V2:4 Amakuru marungi n’ekigambo kya Ruhanga. Paulo akaija naburira ekyo kigambo atarikwema mu bwengye bw’omuntu, kureka omubwengye oburi kuriga omumani g'Omwoyo (Abefeso 3:16, 19)

V2:5 Okwikiriza tikuri mu muntu kureka omu mani ga Ruhanga (1Abatesolonika 1:5)

Obwengye bwa Ruhanga buri omu mwoyo, nibutwijaho ahabw’Omwoyo Orikwera:

V.2.6-7 obwengye bwa Ruhanga tibusherekirwe nibwetegyerezibwa oine entekateka yOmwoyo. Turi omuntekateka ya Ruhanga eyi yatireho ira. [Abefeso 1;5-9 Enama egyo ni Kristo ori omuritwe.

V2: 8 Obwengye bwomuntu nanga obwensi egi tiburimanya ensi ey'Omwoyo.
Tibakabasa kugyetegyereza, kuri bakyetegyeriza bakaba batari kwaita Kristo.

U2:9 Omushema taine gamanya ebihama bya Ruhanga. N’omutima gw’oweishemwe tigukamwetegyereza gukamuhezayo aha bintu ebi Ruhanga acumire ababamukunda.

U2:10-11 Itwe abeishemwe twine emigisha n’emigisha y’Omwoyo kushurukirwa ebya Ruhanga. (Abefeso 1:3-4) Omwoyo Orikwera niwe aturetera okushurikirwa oku. Omwoyo Orikwera niwe mushomesa waitu. Omwoyo wa Ruhanga ori omuraitwe niwe arikubasa kwetegyereza ebya Ruhanga (Abaroma 11:33-36)

U2:12 Entekateka ya Ruhanga emanywa Omwoyo wa Ruhanga, kuturi kuheza kujunwa, Ruhanga ateka Omwoyo we omu mitima yaitu (Abaroma 8:15-17) Omwoyo wa Ruhanga wenka ori omuritwe niwe arikubasa kutuhindura abanyabwengye.

V2:13 Ruhanga nagamba naitwe omubwengye bwe, arikweyambisa ebitekateko by’Omwoyo n’ebigambo by’Omwoyo. Omwoyo Orikwera niwe atwegyeseza omu mwoyo. Nitwenda obwengye bwa Ruhanga (Isaya 55:8-9).

V2:14 Omuntu w’obuzarwa bw’omuntu taine mwoyo wa Ruhanga omuriwe. Eki nitwijusya omuntu omushema omubyahandikirwe 1:18 na 23. omumwoyo nempumi kandi omushema aha bya Ruhanga (2Abakorinso 4:14) Omuntu oyine Omwoyo wa Ruhanga niwe ayetegyereza ebya Ruhanga (Yoh 14:17)

V2:15 Ow’Omwoyo aytegyereza byoona nainga acwa omuri byoona, kwonka omuntu nyabuntu takamwetegyereza, Ruhanga wenka niwe arikumumanya.

V2:16 Ruhanga tayetegyerezibwa (Isaya 40:12-14) Omunyabwengye amanya entekateka ya Kristo, atweshurira omu mwoyo Orikwera. (Yoh 15:15)

Obwengye , Okumanya , Okwetegyereza n’amani biruga ahaiguru:

(Yakobo 3:13-18) Ebyahandikirwe ebi nibigamba aha bwengye bw’eiguru nainga obwengye bwa Ruhanga oburikutana n’obwengye bw’ensi nainga obwabantu buntu nainga obwa badaimoni.

V3:13 Twaba nitugyendera omu bwengye bwa Ruhanga, nitugira amagara agarikukora emirimo emirungi, emitwarize y’obwa Ruhanga n’omumutima gw’obuntu (1Petero 3:4) oku nikwo tushemerire kuba nitutura kandi nitugyenda omu magara gaitu.

V3:14 Kwonka kutura twine eihari ry’obusharizi nokweyendeza omumitima yaitu n’okurwanisa amazima, ekyo tikindi kureka nokwebeiha omu maisho ga Ruhanga. Waba nokora ekyo noba ori omushema kandi otaine bwengye.

V3:15 Obwengye obwekika eki omu V:14 tiburikura ahari Ruhanga, n’obwensi n’obwabantu buntu, nobwa daimoni. Omubigufu niburiga ahari sitane n’emirimo ye. Omushema niwe arikugyenda atyo. (Abafilipi 3:18-21)

V3:16 Eki nikigaruka omu V.14 ebi ahabikuba biri nihaba hariho akavuyo, obutatebekana kandi omubi naba aryaho (Abaroma 2:6-11) nitusharura ebitubibire.

V3:17 Orunyerere oru nirutugambira obwengye n'enki kandi nibukora ki. Obwengye oburi kuruga omweiguru tibugwera rubaju tiharimu kugambira habiri, n’obubwakuba obugobya. Eki nikyoreka oku obwengye obuhikire okubukora nokuburi kushusha.

V3:18 Orunyerere nirukwatagana n’orunyerere rwebiri omumaisho ebiturikuzaho. (Efumu 11:18)


Katugaruke ahakicweka ekitwaba turiho. Omu befeso 5:15-21 Ruhanga natugambira okutushemerire kugyendera omu bwengye kandi tukabuturamu. Nitutekwa butahindura emigyendere yaitu obutareeba aharubaju rwabumosho nainga rwa buryo. Nitutekwa kuguma omumuhanda gw’obwengye bwa Ruhanga. Omunyerere ezi Paulo natuhereza engyenderaho n’ebiragiro ebiturikutekwa kukuratira twaza kugyendera omu bwengye.

Tutakatandikire kugyenda nkabanyabwengye, nitutekwa kubanza tumanye otaine bwengye nashushaki, okwenda ngu tutagyendera mundibatiro ye. Otaine bwengye tagyendera mubwengye bwa Ruhanga. Baibuli neyeta omuntu ogu “omushema”. Tuta kagambire eki omunyabwengye akora. Reka tureebe ebitwakumanyiraho otaine bwengye. Baibuli neyeta omuntu ogu omushema.

Obumanyiso butano bwo kworeka omushema:

Omushema tayikiriza omuri Ruhanga. (Zaburi 53:1)

Omushema agambuka aha eiziina rya Ruhanga (Efumu 10:8)

Omushema aryarya ekibi (efumu 14:9)

Abashema bakunda okutongana (Efumu 20:3)

Abashema besiga emitima yabo yoonka (Efumu 28:26)

V5:15 Nitutekwa kugyendera omu bwengye bwa Ruhanga wenka. Nitutekwa kugyendera omubwengye bwa Ruhanga, Yesu Kristo, n’an’Omwoyo arikwera. Ahakuba okwo niyo obwengye n’amani gaitu biruga. Eki nikyo omunyabwengye akora. Hariho kintu kyoona nainga omuntu oshemerire kuturagira okutushemerire kugyenda.

V5:16 Nitutekwa kukozesagye obwire bwaitu, nitutekwa butafiisa busha akagisha koona (Abakolosai 4:5-6) Enshonga negi ebiro ebi nibibi (2Timeseo 3:1-5)

V5:17 Tutakaba abashema nainga abataine bwengye. Ogu muntu nagyendera omubushema bwebitekateko bye, abuzire omukweyendeza kw’amagara ge. Nitutekwa kumanya kandi twetegyereze ebi Mukama ari kwenda ngu tukore.

(1Abatesolinika 4:1-8) omunyabwengye agyendera omuri ebi (Abaroma 12:1-2

V5:18 Omusinzi tagira obwengye. Emitwarize y'abasinzi yoona nebaretera bayeshanga omukuhwerekyerera (Efumu 20:1) kureka mwijure Omwoyo Orikwera (Abakolosia 1:9) okwijura tikintu kyeizooba rimwe; nikimanyisa okugumizamu noyeyijuza Omwoyo Orikwera.

V5:19 Engyenda egi n’oyOmwoyo. Eki nikibasika n’okushemererwa kwa Mukama omu mitima yaitu. Nitubasa kworeka okushemererwa kwaitu omu miringo mingi (Abakolosia 3:15-17)

V5:20 Omuntu ori kugyendera omu bwengye n’omuntu oshemerirwe kandi oyijwire okushemererwa (Zabuli 34:1) N’omucurezi orukugyendera omumihanda ya Mukama (Yakobo 4:17)

V5:21 Tikugira ngu tworobere Mukama wenka, tugumizemu tworobere nabagyenzi baitu. (Abaheburayo 13:17) nittworoberana ahabw’okutina Kristo, hati turiho ahabwa Kristo ahabwokuba akorobera eishe Ruhanga. Akaija omunsi nk’omuntu, yafera aha musharaba ahabw’ebibi byaitu kandi aha kiro kyakashatu yazooka. Yesu akagira eishe: "Kutaba okukunda kwangye, kureka okukunda kwawe kube nikwo kwakorwa". (Abafilipi 2:1-11) Yesu akorobera okukunda kwa Ruhanga omunyabwengye ayorobera Ruhanga.

Waba noyenda kugyendera omubwengye, shoma Efumu n’ekitabo ky’omuburizi. Ekigambo obwengye kirumu emirundi erengire 140 omubitabo byombi.

Baibuli netugira ngu kurabe otaine bwengye, ekyorakore shaba Ruhanga akuhe obwengye omutima gwawe kandi naija kukikora (Yakobo 1:5-8).

Ekitebyo Ky’omwombeki w’obwengye:

Matayo 7:24-27 Omukitebyo eki nitureeba oku omuntu w’obwengye arikwombeka enju ye aha rukiri. Otaine bwengye nainga omushema ayombeka enju ye (amagara ge) aha mushenyi. Nekitebyo ky’omuntu orikugyendera omu bwengye bwa Kristo (Orukiri) na n’omuntu orikugyendera omubwengye bw’entekateka ye. Emishororongo egi ne tuhisyaho nk’ebi Yesu yayegise ahakibungo (Matayo 5). Kuturikwesiga Mukama eki nikyo omunyabwengye akora – turaguma turi aha rukiri oruhamire.

V7: 24 Ebigambo bikuru omumushororongo ogu ni okugira eki wakora, nainga kubyorobera okabita omunkora (Yakobo 1:22). Omunyabwengye akora okukunda kwa Ruhanga otaine bwengye tamanya kukunda kwa Ruhanga. Okukunda kwa Ruhanga ariwe n’obushema. Orukiri rwaitu nigwo musingye ogw’Omwoyo gwa Kristo Yesu (1Abakorinso 3:10-11) Omunyabwengye ayega kworobera Kristo, nokugyendera omu bwengye bwe. Enju omumushororongo ogu nemanyisa amagara gaitu.

V7:25 Okurwana, okugyezibwa, okwohibwa, okubonabona n’ebizibu byoona nibihika ahari buri muntu. Ebizibu ebi nibihika aha munyabwengye na n’omushema. Amagara gaitu nigagyezibwa. Okuturatwaze omumbera ezo nikyo kirakuretere waba omunyabwengye nainga omushema. Nitutekwa kugyendera omubukumi bw’omusingye gwa Kristo, orukiri. Ogu mushororongo nikyo orikureberaho omunyabwengye.

V7:26 Omushema tayorobera kigambo kya Ruhanga Yesu Kristo omusingye kandi rukiri rweitu. Ayomekire enju ye, nainga amagara ge aha mushenyi gw’okweyendeza, nebigyendererwa bye atetire ahakya Yesu Kristo eki arikwendeza amagara ge. N’omuntu ataine bwengye nainga n’omushema.

V7:27 Ahabwokuba omushema ayeyesigire omu mwanya gw’okwesiga Yesu Kristo, Orukiri, kyona ekyayine nikimwihaho nk’oku amaizi gatwara omushenyi ahanyanja omunyabwengye atura omubwengye obu Yesu yayegise ahakibungo, omushema tayine kakwate nebyo.



“Nahabwekyo nyowe, embohe ahabwa Mukama, nimbeshengyereza omugyendere omu buryo obushemerire okwetwa okumwayetsirwe” (Abefeso 4:1).

Paulo akaba ari “Embohe ya Kristo”
Paulo akaba yahisya emyaka nk’ebiri omuri Caeserea nendijo ebiri omuri Roma. Tarayetwire nk’embohe y’eihanga eri naingariri nari w’omuntu weena. Kureka, Paulo akaba ari embohe ya Yesu Kristo, akaba ari ahansi y’obushoborozi bwa Mukama kukora eki okukunda kwe na n’okugyenda okushemire okw’okwetwa kwe kuburura engiri omu banyamahanga. (2Abakorinso 4:8-15) Akaba ari omukihome ahakuba akakora okukunda kwa Mukama. Ndiyo ningyenda omuburyo obushemerire okwetwa kwangye?
Okweshengyereza nikimanyisa okushaba, kukwata omuntu amaguru oyine ekyorikwenda. (2Abakorinso 5:20)

Ebigambo ebikuru aha nebi: “Okugyenda omuburyo obushemire” na okwetwa” (Okushr.3:4).
"Okugyenda omuburyo obushemire" nikimanyisa okugira amagara n’engyenda erikworeka ngu ori member w’omubiri gwa Kristo. Nitutekwa kugyendera omukwetwa kwaitu omumuringo oguri kuhamya omwanya gwaitu omuri Kristo. Nikimanyisa omuntura yawe nokora kyoona eki Mukama ari kutwendeza ngu tukore. Ogu mushororongo (Abefeso 4:1) n’okweta kwa Ruhanga owobushorozi bwoona ngu tujunwe.

Okujunwa na n’okwetwa kwaitu:

Okwetwa kwo’okujunwa okutujuna nikugambwaho omu befeso 1:18. Nitutekwa kumanya kandi twetegyereze amatsiko gw’okwetwa kwamagara gaitu omuri Kristo Yesu. Emitima n’ebitekateko byaitu nibitekwa omumwoyo kushoborokyerwa kandi byeikirize okwetwa kwaitu omuri Kristo.

Twakiire obuhunguzi oburikutwetagisa ngu tworobere Kristo. Kandi nitutekwa tugaruke twetegyereze obushoborozi bw’amani ge omumagara gaitu n’omurugyendo rw’okwetwa.
Kwaitu omukujunwa. Okujunwa n’okwetwa kubyabire bitakaizire, tukaba tutaine Kristo. (Abefeso 2:12).

Mumanye ngu Ruhanga kwaba yahire ekiconco ky’okujunwa n’okwetwa kwe tayehindura (Abaroma 11:29). Ruhanga tahinduka, tabasa kwegaruruza ekiconco ky’okujunwa ekiyatuhire (Abaheburayo 13:8). Ruhanga yaba yaraganise abaana, takubasa kukigarurayo. Twine amatsiko Ruhanga kutuha ebintu birungi. (Yakobo 1:17).

(Abafilipi 3:14) Okwetwa kwa Ruhanga okw'okuza omweiguru omuri Yesu Kristo. Nikimanyisa emigisha mingi eyi twine omuri Yesu Kristo harimu n’ekiconco ky’okujunwa (Abefeso 1:3-8) Nekigyendererwa kyeitu ngu tutunge ekirabo ky’okuba nka Yesu omweiguru n’obuturi omunsi. Nitutekwa kwiruka okwiruka okw’obweishemwe kureba ngu twahikiriza okwetwa kwaitu. (2Timeseo 4:7).

Twesirwe kujunwa kuba ekitinsa kya Kristo (2Abatesolonika 1:10-12). Okwetwa oku okw’obweishemwe nikworeka oburungi bwa Ruhanga kandi bwikara nibuhreza Kristo ekitinisa. Twetsirwe kuba ekitinisa kya Kristo. Ekitinisa kya Ruhanga nikitekwa kuguma nikireberwa omu barikwera nainga “abetsirwe”.

(2Timeseo 1:8-12) Okujunwa kwaitu nikutwegyesa ngu tutakwatwa enshoni ahabw’okwetwa kwaitu nainga kukwatwa enshoni ahabw’engiri (Abaroma 1:16). Twine okwetwa orkurikwera kwiha ensi erikutandika (Abefeso 1:3-4) oku kwetwa kuri omu nama za Ruhanga eziyarabize omu mwana we Yesu Kristo. (Tito 1:1-2 nekigyenderwa kya Ruhanga nan’embabazi kutujuna (Abaroma 8:28). Ebikwatirine n’okwetwa oku byoona nibiruga omuri Kristo, tibine kakwate n’emirimo y’omuntu (abefeso 2:8-10).
Turi abaikiriza, nainga abarikwera abaine okwetwa kw’eiguru kujunwa (Abaheburayo 3:1) turi abarikwera ahakugira ngu twahwirwe omuri Ruhanga kuraba omumwana we Yesu Kristo. Hati obu Ruhanga atujunire, turi abatuzi b’eiguru kukira ab’omunsi. Twine okwetwa okuri kuruga omweiguru okuri kujuna omuri Kristo Yesu.

Emigyendere y’oburyo eshemerire okwetwa kwaitu:
Okugyenda omu buryo obushemerire okwetwa kwaitu, nitutekwa kwemanyiza enono ezi Paulo yahandikire omu befeso ekicweka kya 4,5 na 6.

Ekyokubanza nitutekwa kugira obumwe (Abafilipi 1:27) nitutekwa kugyendera omubucurezi omu bantu, turikugumisirizana omuri Rukundo (1Petero 4:8). Nitutekwa kugira obusingye n’omubiri gwa Kristo, turikwebemberwa Omwoyo Orikwera, ahabwokuba twaine Mukama omwe, okwikiriza kumwe kandi okubatizibwa kumwe. (Ebyakozirwe 4:12) Kristo ni Mukama kandi Ruhanga niwe tataitwe ow’omweiguru. Hariho Ruhanga omwe wa boona niwe ashemerire ekinisa obwaire bwoona ahabw’okuba Omwoyo atura omuraitwe obwire bwoona (Abefeso 4:2-6).

Twetsirwe kuherezana turikukozesa ebiconco bwaitu by’Omwoyo. Nitutu
Nga ebiconco ngu tubyeyambise okuhamya n’okugarura amani omubiri gwa Kristo , ekanisa (Abefeso 4:11-12, Abaroma 12:6-8, 1Abakorinso 12:4-11)

Okuba oweishemwe okuzire, orihamwe omuri Kristo, nitutekwa kukura omumwoyo. Aha weishemwe, okukura nikimanyisa kukura omumwoyo okahinduka okaba nka Kristo (abefeso 4:13). Twaba tutakuzire, nitushanga twarwara endwara ezirugire omubutakura. Nitweshanga tutatsimbire mizi, tutakubasa kusharamugye, tutahamire kandi tubeihirwe (Abefeso 4:14).Obukuru omuri Kristo nibwo bwonka bukutubasisa kugamba amaziima omuri Rukundo. Nitutekwa kworeka ngu omumyoyo turiyo nitukura twegaitsire hamwe omumwoyo wa rukundo kandi omuri Kristo (abefeso 4:15-16).

Titushemerire kugyenda nk’oku abanyamahanga bagyenda. Itwe okwetwa kwaitu kuri ahaiguru. Abanyamahanga nainga abatajunirwe nibagyendera omukibi nibatekatekyera omumubiri nainga nk’oku ensi etwaza. Nibaruhira busha kandi tibine kakwate na Ruhanga. Nabashema omumwoyo kandi empumi. Amagara tigaine makuru (abaroma 1:21-28) aine omutima gw’ekibi gutashemire, oku tikwo tushemerire kuba nitugyenda (abefeso 4:17-20).

Okugyendera omu buryo obushemerire okwetwa kwaitu, nitutekwa kuta ahrubaju eby’amagara gaitu ageira, tureke ekibi okurya enguzi ahabwokuba ekibi nikibeihabeiha (Abakolosai 3:3-9) kureka nitutekwa kuhinduka omuntu omusya ori omumwoyo, Orikwera kandi ohikirire orikutura omumazima ga Yesu Kristo (2Abakorinso 5:17). Nitutekwa kwega kusasisira abandi rero twangire sitane na n’ebikyemo bye (Abefeso 4:22-27).

Okwiba tikihikire, n’ebiganiro ebibi nekibi kandi titushemire kushisha aha mwoyo Orikwera kureka twege kuba ab’embabazi n’okusasisra ahabw’okuba Ruhanga atusasire ebibi byaitu yatutaho nakamanyiso k’Omwoyo Orikwera okutuhisya aheizooba ry’okujunwa (Abefeso 1:13-14, 4:28-32).

Okugyendera omu buryo obushemerire okwetwa kwaitu, nitutekwa kuba abarikwera turikurebera ahari Ruhanga. Emigyendere y'oweishemwe n’okugyendera omuri Rukundo y’Omwoyo, n’oburikwera omu mutima.

Nitutekwa kutaana n’obushambani, okwetenga, obubi, emigambire ataine kirumu n’emyeshungo. Nitutekwa butabihwa abantu abarikugyenda batyo tibarireeba bukama bwa Ruhanga (Abefeso 5:1-7. Nitutekwa kuruga omumwirima, gw’Omwoyo tutandike kwana ebyana by’Omwoyo tuture omukuhikirira, omumazima turikushemeza Ruhanga (Abefeso 5:8-10).

Kugyendera omu buryo obushemerire okwetwa kwaitu, nitutekwa kugyendera omu bwengye. Okugyendera omu bwengye nikutwariramu okweyambisa gye obwire bwaitu n’okwetegyereza okukunda kwa Ruhanga aharitwe nenki.
Nitutekwa butanywa vinyo kusinda, kureka omumwoyo tuganire nabagyenzi baitu obwire bwoona twine okusiima Ruhanga turi omubucurezi n’okworobera Yesu Kristo. (Abefeso 5:15-21).

Obushwere bwaitu aha bakyara baitu nibushushananisibwa n’obushwere bwa Kristo n’ekanisa omubushwere tushemerire kuba nitworoberana omu mubiri gwa Kristo. Eitwe abeishemwe turi abagore ba Kristo. Kristo n’omugore omushaija (Yoh 3:29, Okush 21:2). Obu bushwere nobw’omuhendo, obw’okwehayo oburikwera obutaine kamogo (Isaya 62:5, Okus 19:7). Nobushwere bwahirwe bwijwire enaama nyingi (2Abakorinso 11:2, 1Timoseo 3:16) nkoku omushaija n’omukazi bashemerire kworekana rukundo, ekitinisa, tushemerire kukora ekyo ahari Kristo (Abefeso 5:22-33).

Omutwe gw’kicweka kya 6, Abefeso ni “okujwara ebyokurwanisa bya Ruhanga 1Abalorinso 6:3-10). Turi abamani omuri Mukama ahabwokuba amani gaitu namani g’Omwoyo wa Ruhanga (V10).

V11-12 Orugamba rwaitu tiruri ahabantu kureka niturwanisa sitane, n’etekateka yayo embi n’obukodyo bwe (1 Timeseo 4:1). Niturumba omwirima gw’Omwoyo wa sitane. Titwine amani kusingura orutaro rw’amahe ga sitane. Turi omurutaro rw’Omwoyo kandi omuringo okutwakubasa kusingura orutaro oru “nokujwara byoona ebyokurwanisa ebya Ruhanga (2Abakorinso 6:3-10).

Kwata eby’okurwanisa eby’Omwoyo, kandi yangira okukyemwa (2Petero 3:10-18) tugume twemerire tuhamire ahabwokuba tuhamire tituri kunyiganyigibwa (V13). Paulo nashushanisa orugamba oru n’omusirikare ojwire ayetekatekire orugamba.

V14 “Orukoba rw’amazima n’ekyokwekingiriza ky’okuhikirira”. Orukoba rw’amazima nirukoma emyenda erikwenda tuteganisa omusirikare. Orukoba rukukoma hamwe byoona eby’Omwoyo ebitahamire “namazima” nainga ekirungi munonga “nokuba owamazima” (Yoh 14:6)

“Ekyokwekingisa ky’okuhikirira” n’oburikwera bya Ruhanga we wenka kandi nibutekwa kurindwa obwire bwoona. Itwe nk’abeishemwe oburikwera nibwobukumi bwaitu okukirayo ahari sitane n’emirimo ye (V11) (Isaya 11:5, Abafilipi 1:9-11, 1Timeseo 5:8)

V15 Engiri y’obusingye:
Abasirkare ba Baroma bakaba bajwara enkaito zine ebisumari ahansi ngu baba nibarwana zikwate ahansi. Nitutekwa kwetekatekyera orugamba rw’Omwoyo. Engiri y’obusingye nikimanyisa amakuru marungi ngu omuri Kristo twine obusingye na Ruhanga kandi ari aha rubaju rwaitu (Abaroma 5:6-10) Kristo akatufera, hatariho n’omwe orikukibasa.

V16 Nitutekwa kukwata engabo y’okwikiriza:
Engabo y’okutukuma n’okuguma twine amatsiko gaitu omukigambo kya Ruhanga n’ebiyaturaganise. Nikyetagisibwa munonga oweishemwe kukumwa obutohibwa kukora ekibi kyoona (1Yoh 5:4, 1Abatesolonika 5:8).

V17 Enkofira y’okujunwa narurara y’Omwoyo:
Enkofira y’okujunwa nagamba aharyabo abajunirwe. Sitane nagyezaho kukwita n’ebyokurwanisa bye okubanganisa n’okumaramu amani (1Abatesolonika 5:8) nitutekwa kuhurira twine obukumi omu mwanya gwaitu omuri Kristo kandi tugume nitumanya ngu tihine kyakunyiganyizya obwesigye bwaitu omuriwe (Abaroma 8:31-39)

“Rurara y’Omwoyo” nigo mani g’ekigambo kya Ruhanga. Nikyo kyokurwanisa ekiri kututwara omu maisho omurugamba nikikiza amani ebirwaniso bya sitani n’enkora ye (Abaheburayo 4:12).

V18 Nitutekwa kuba abantu abashabi obwire bwoona turindane. N’omurimo gwa buri weishemwe kwemerera ahamire omukushaba kwe obutaruha ahabw’ekanisa (Abafilipi 4:4-9).

V19 Shaba ngu enaama ya Kristo na n’engiri birangirirwe omu mazima n’obumanzi (Abakolosai 4:2-4, Abafilipi 1:27-30).

V20 Turi entumwa (nainga Entumwa za Ruhanga) z’engiri (2abakorinso 5:20).

Omu befeso 6:14, 16-17 nitureeba nihajurira 1Abatesolonika 5:8 omushororongo nigumanyisa ngu tujware eky’okurwanisa ky’okwikiriza, rukundo na n’amatsiko. Ebyo bintu nibikuru omumitwarize y’oweishemwe.

Nitutekwa kwikara tujwire ebintu ebirukuhamya amagara gw’obwa Ruhanga. Ekikyokurwanisa kitukuma obutagira obwenzi bwensi egi (1Yoh 2:15-17). Twine okwikiriza, nitwetsiga Ruhanga twine rukundo ya Mukama kandi nitukundana kandi twine amatsiko ngu Kristo naija kugaruka (1Abakorinso 15:51-52) aga namatsiko agarumu omugisha (1Abakorinso 13:13).

Okugyendera omu buryo:

Tushemerire tugyendere omuburyo n’omukitinisa kya Yesu Kristo (1Abatesolonika 2:12, 2Abatesolonika 2:14, 1Petero 5:10). Tushemerire tugyendere omumuringo ogurikworeka emitwarize n’entekateka ya Ruhanga; eki nikimushemeza (Abalolosai 1:10). Ruhanga wenk niwe ayine amani kuhikiriza okwetwa kwaitu okutwayesirwe tushemerire tugyendere omuburyo bw’engiri ya Kristo. (Abafilipi 1:27-29). Okwenda ngu tugyendere omuburyo obushemerire okweta kwaitu, nitutekwa kwemanyiza engyesho za Ruhanga (2Petero 1:1-15).

Tushemerire kugyendera omuburyo n’ekitinisa kya Kristo:

(1Abatesolonika 2:10-12, kugyendera omuburyo nitutekwa kukuratira ekyokureberaho kya Paulo. Nitutekwa kuba abarikwera aboburinganiza, (nainga abahikirira) kandi nitutekwa kugyenda omu maisho ga Ruhanga tutaine kamogo. Nitugyendera omuburikwera ahabwokuba tukayambwa Ruhanga kuriga omukibi. Nitugyendera omukuhikirira omu micwe nemitwarize. Tube abataine kamogo omu maisho ga Ruhanga nabantu.

Nitutekewa kugaruramu amani bagyenzi beitu kandi tuhumuruzane (2Abakorinso 1:4) nitugyendera omuburyo aha bw’okuba Ruhanga atwetsire ngu tumwegaiteho na Yesu kumara ebiro byoona omubukama bwa Ruhanga (1Abakorinso 1:9).

2Abatesolonika 2:13-14 Turi abantu ba Ruhanga abatorinwe abarikukunda Mukama kandi abu Ruhanga yatekatekire kare okujunwa (Abefeso 1:4) Tucungwirwe twayahurwa kuba abarikwera ahabw’Omwoyo Orikwera (1Abatesolonika 4:7) twine okwikiriza okurikureta okujunwa omumazima ga Ruhanga kuraba omuri Kristo Yesu. (Abatesolonika 1:4-10).

Ekiri kuriga omukujunwa n’okuba na Kristo kuriga aho okuhisya ebiro byoona. Turi ekitinisa kya Yesu Kristo kuraba omungiri y’amakuru marugi. Petero natugambira oku ekitinisa eki kirikushusha.

(1Petero 5:10) Petero nashushanisa ebigyezo n’ebicemo ahamagara gaitu na n’ebitukuza kutunga Yesu Kristo ku arizire omukitinisa kye, kututwara omuka kuba nawe. Ahabw’embabazi ze zonka kuraba omumwana we Yesu Kristo, twetirwe ekitinisa ekitarikuhwaho (Yoh1:14).

Ahabwokugira ngu twetirwe ekitinisa ekitakuhwaho, nitwetegyereza ngu nitubasa kurenzya amaisho obusasi n’okubonabona kw’amagara aga tugate ahabwire obuturikwaija kumara na Kristo ebiro nebiro. Turyaha ahabwa kaire kakye (Yakobo 4:14). Okugyezibwa kwaitu n’okwakaire kakye waijuka ngu twineyo amagara agatarihwaho (Abaroma 8:18). Ruhanga ariyo natutendeka ngu tutwaze nka Yesu Kristo.

Petero nagumizamu atwihirayo obumanyiso bwentwaza egyo: (i) Nituza kushemera ebigyezo nibituretera twakura omuri Kristo (2) Ruhanga naija kutuhamya okubonabona nikuhamya engingo z’oweishemwe ayemerera ahamire ahagati y’emiyaga yoona (3) Ruhanga naija kutuha amani. Okuhiganisibwa nikuretwa sitane ngu Orikwera wa Mukama ahawe amani nainga abirugemu kwonka Ruhanga nakozesa embera ezo akuha amani; nituhamibwa twega n’okugumisiriza. (4) Ruhanga naija kututebekanisa omuri Kristo. Ruhanga nayenda ngu buri mwikiriza abe asimbire emizi omumwanya gwe omuri Kristo na n’omukigambo kye.

Tushemerire tugyendere omu buryo turikushemeza Ruhanga:

(Abakolosia 1:10) kugyendera omu buryo obushemerire okwetwa kwaitu nikimanyisa okwega kushemeza Ruhanga (1Abatesolonika 4:1-2) okwenda ngu tushemeze Ruhanga nashurura amagara gaitu, okukundakwe ngu tukabasa kumushemeza omuri byoona ebiturikukora. Okukora emirimo emirungi tikikatujuna, kureka nitujunwa ngu tukore emirimo emirungi (Abefeso 2:10, Titus 3:8).

Kandi nitutekwa kukura n’omukumanya Ruhanga (2Petero 3:17,18) Tukakura tuta omukumanya Ruhanga?
1) Turi kwegyendesereza tukashoma ekigambo kya Ruhanga (2Timiseo 2:15).
2) Nitukura omukumanya Ruhanga turi kworobera enyegyesa ye (1Yoh 2:3-6) kandi turi kumuhereza n’obwesigwa (Abaheburayo 11:6). Twaba nitukora ebi nituba nitukura omu kumanya Mukama.

Tushemerire tugyendere omu buryo obushemerire engiri ya Kristo:

Abafilipi 1:27-29 Nitutekwa kwemerera tuhamire omungiri turikukura omu mwoyo, turi Omwoyo omwe n’ebitekateko bimwe (Abefeso 4:3-6). Tushemerire tukore kyoona ahabw’engiri - obweishemwe (Jude 3) titushemerire kurwanagana kureka turwanise omuzigu waitu sitane.

Titushemerire kutina abazigu baitu yaijuka (abefeso 6:10-20) kureka turwane ahakujunwa kwaitu okurikuruga ahari Ruhanga (Abafilipi 2:12). Tushemerire tugire okwikiriza kwaitu omuri Kristo kandi tubonabone ahabwe (2Timeseo 3:12) turi abahirwa ahabwokwikiriza omuri Kristo n’okubonabona ahabwe.

Tushemerire tugyendere kandi twemanyize emitwarize y’obwa Ruhanga:

(2Petero 1:1-15) Emishororongo egyo nekwata ahakukura nokutungura omutindo gw’emitwarize y’obweishemwe.

V1 Nituhika aha kumanya Ruhanga kuraba omukuhikirira kwa Yesu Kristo.

V2 Embabazi za Ruhanga nizitwikiriza kweyongyera kumanya omuri Kristo.

V3 Nitutunga ebiconco by’Omwoyo ahabwa amani ga Ruhanga bitubasisa kugyera omu buryo obushemerire okwetwa kwaitu.

V4 Nitukura omukuba nka Kristo kuraba omu kuraganisa kwa Ruhanga okwo kugarura busya.

V5-7 omukwikiriza Ruhanga natworeka ebintu mushanju ebirikukora oburikwera. Ebi tushemerire kukora abantu babituremu n’ebi: Oburungi, okumanya, okwerinda, okugumisiriza, embabazi ahari beine nyoko omuri Kristo, rukundo.

V8 Okugira obwobubonero nikitwikiriza kumanya bingi eby’Omwoyo. Eki nikirwanisa ebijuma omu magara gaitu, n’okwana ebijuma by’obukama bwa Ruhanga.

V9 Obutagira obw’obubonero nikiretera omuntu yaba empumi omumwoyo nikibasa kiretere bamwe bagaruka enyima, bayebwa eki Mukama atukorire.

V10 Nitutekwa kwegyendesereza omukwetwa kwaitu nk’abeishemwe, tugume omubukumi bw’okujunwa kwaitu.

V11 Okujunwa okututasya omu bukama bwa Ruhanga, nibugabirirwa munonga kwonka okugabirirwa okwo nikurigira oku omuntu yayehayo omukwikiriza kukwata ebyo.

V12 Paulo natwijusya kuhugurana n’okugumyana omumazima.

V13 Paulo ariyo natugaruramu amani okwikiriza kwaitu.

V14 Amagara aga nimagufu (gari haihi) kandi rufu n’ekwataho buri omwe.

V15 Paulo natwijusya ogundi murundi okuba abegyendesereza omuntekateka y’Omwoyo okuhisya Yesu obu arigaruka, ebyahandikirwe nibyo birugumaho. Okugaruka ahansi nikimanyisa okuruga nainga rufu. Rufu tigwo muheru gw’omuntu, kwonka nokuruga omumwanya okaza omugundi. Ebyahandikirwe ebi baine omuhendo muhango ahabwokuba nibitworeka oku omuntu wa Ruhanga ari owekitinisa omukibunda ky’okufa (Zaburi 23). Emitwarize mirungi egi nigomazima g’enyikiriza y’oweishemwe, kandi neyija kugumaho okuhisya obuturitaha kuba na Mukama.



“Ahakuba mukaba muri omumwirima, kwonka hati muri omushana omuri Mukama. Mugyende nkabaana b’omushana”. (Abafeso 5:8)

“Kuturaabe nitugira ngu nitukwatanisa nawe, haza nitugyendera omu mwirima, tuba nitubeiha kandi titurukukora by’amazima kwonka kutugyendera omu mushana, nkawe oku ari omushana, tukwatanisa hamwe kandi eshagama ya Yesu Kristo omwaana we eguma netwozyaho ebibi byoona” (1John 1:6-7).

Ebigambo bikuru omunyerere zebyahandiikirwe ebi ni omwirima na omushana. Tutakagyendeire mu mushana gwa Yesu Kristo nituteekwa kubanza twaruga omu mwirima ogwa obubi bemitima yeitu n’ebitekateko (Jeremaih 17:9-10).


Okugyendera omu mwiirima g’womu mitima yeitu nomu bitekekateko tuba nitugyendera omu “micwe yeitu nokumanya kwomu mwiriima (Matayo 6:22-24)

Omwirima gutandikira omu kukora enshobi, obutamanya,omuntu kwetwara ngu nareeba kunu ari empumi, nobugomi, hamwe nobutahurira. Endagaano ensya nekozesa ekigambo “Omwirima” erikumanyisa obutamanya amazima g’obwa Ruhanga, nobuhangwa bw’omuntu owa sisiire bitureetera okuba babi, twetoranira omwirima omu mwanya gw’omushana. (Yoh 3:19-20).

Omu mwirima tihabayo mushana, nobutamanya ku guri omwirima aba ashazireho kugugyenderamu. Sitane natubeiha tutekateka ngu hakiri tugyendere omu kibi (omwirima) omumwanya gwokugyenda na Ruhanga (omushana). Ameisho geitu g’Omwoyo gakahuma. (2Abakorinso 4:4). Twetuure ekibi kyona (omwirima) (Abaheburayo 12:1). Tutaahe omu mushana gwa Yesu Kristo. (Abarooma 13:11-14).

“Ebyokurwanisa eby’omushana”. (Abefeso 6:10-20) Ogyendera omu mwirima tamanya Yesu Kristo, ningashi ekigambo kye. (Matayo 7:23).

Omwirima gukozesibwa omu muringo mubi (1Yoh 1:5). Omwirima gw’omu mwoyo gukoragana nebyensi neby’emyoyo emibi kandi tigwenda Ruhanga. (Abakolosai 3:2).

Sitane obutosha afuba kureeta omwirima omu bitekateko byeitu. Aijuza ebitekateko byeitu nenaku, okuhwa amatsiko. Burijo afuba kutumaramu amatsiko. Ebitekateko byeitu abyeijuza n’ebintu beynsi bitari birungi (Abalolosai 3:5-11).

Ebitekateko byeitu nitutekwe kubita aha bya Ruhanga. (Abakolosai 3:12-17) Yesu akaija nkomushana gw’okwihiriho kimwe omwirima gwomu bitekateko byeitu, kuri nitusharaho kumukuratira (Abakolosai 1:13, Yoh 12:44-46).


Omushana nekitinisa kyahi Ruhanga atuura. (1Timeseo 6:16)

“Obutafa” nikimanyisa ngu Ruhanga wenka nuwe atafa. Rimwe neitwe turyagabana aha butafa obwo. (Yoh 8:51, 11:26) (1Bakorinso 15:51-53). Amatsiko agatakaahwa “omushana ogutahikwa” Eki nekitinisa ekyaaka, ekyetoreire Ruhanga, nuwe Yesu Kristo. (Daniel 2:22).

“Tihariho muntu orakireebire”. (Yoh 1:18)

Ruhanga akoreka Isaaya ekitinisa kye (Isaaya 6:1-5)

“Amaani” Amaani aga nigamanyisa obushoborozi bw’obukama bwa Ruhanga, obutegyeki, n’ekitinisa. (Okushur 5:9-13).

Omushana guba okutahindahinduka kwa Ruhanga (Yakobo 1:17)

“Ekiconco kirungi kandi kihikire ekiruga omwiguru” (Yoh 3:27)

Buri kirungi kyona kiruga ahari Ruhanga oteireho nebirungi ebyOmwoyo (Abefesi 1:3-14) n’ebirabo ebyOmwoyo. (Abarooma 12:6-8, 1Abakorinso 12:7-11, Abefeso 4:11)

“Okomokwaho emishana” kimanyisa izooba, okwezi n’enyonyozi, beitu nabwo kimanyisa omushana gw'Omwoyo oteireho ebiconco by’Omwoyo nkoku twaaba twagambire. “Otahindahinduka” Ruhanga tahinduka (Mal 3:6, Abaheburayo 13:8). Ekiconco ekirikukirayo oburungi ni Kiiha? (Abefeso 2:8-10)

Nkomushana, Ruhanga nuwe ayakira abantu be (Isaaya 60:19,20 ) Vs 19
Ruhanga n’omushana ogutaraara. Ekitinisa kya Ruhanga kyakira omuri Kristo Yesu kutureetera omushana (Okushur 21:23, 22:15).

Amaisho geitu nigeija kwiguka tujweerwe omushana nka Paulo (Byak 26:16-18). Nkokutwareeba Ruhanga n’omushana (1Yoh 1:5) na Yesu n’omushana (Yoh 8:12)

Nkomushana Yesu nuwe eayakira abantu (Yoh 1:4)

Yesu akaija kutuha amagara (1Yoh 5:11-13, Yoh 10:10. ogwo otuha amagara nuwe omwe otuha omushana. Okutwebembera. Ekibi kireeta omwirima omu bitekateko byeitu kwonka Yesu akaija nkomuhana ogwakira omu mwirima.

Yohana 1:5 – Nkabantu titwakukibasize, nari shi titwakusingwire omwirima ngu nkeitwe. (Yoh 3:19-21). Nahabwekyo Yesu akaija nkomushana kwakira omu mwirima oguri omuri itwe (Yoh 8:12)

Yesu nayakira omu mitima yabarikwikiriza buri hoona. (1Yoh 2:8-11). Tikirikwija kuzibira omushana kwakira omu mutima gworikwikiriza ngu ahakuba oriya yayanga ebya Yesu (Yoh 12:35, 36, 46).

Omushana namaani agaakira omu byahandikirwe (Zaburi 119:105)

Nitwetenga ekigambo kutuhabura omu bitukora byoona. Ekigambo kya Ruhanga kyaaka omu muhanda kiha ebigyere ahokuraba. Ekindi ekigambo kya Ruhanga kireeta obwengye omu kutekatekyera ebya nyensya “Omuhanda gwangye”.

Ekigambo kya Ruhanga kireeta okuba gye nobugeiga (Yoh 1:7-9). Ekigambo kya Ruhanga kireeta obwengye (Zaburi 119:130).
Turekye ekigambo kya Ruhanga kitwebembere, kituhane, kituhabure, kandi kitwegyese (2Timeseo 3:16,17).

Omushana nigujwekyera okujunwa kweitu (1Petero 2:9)

Ruhanga nuwe atorana abeishemwe kujunwa (1Petero 1:2). Turi abantu abatorainwe (Ekyeb 7:6). Turi abanyamurwa bobukama, hamwe na Yesu Kristo, omunyamurwa wobukama. Ekanisa (abakristayo) neihanga rya Ruhanga eririkwera.

Turi abantu ba Ruhanga abomutaano (Okuruga 19:5-6) turi aba Ruhanga, turi ab’omuhendo ahu ari. Twine obuvunanyizibwa ahari Ruhanga nibwo buuha?

Okurangirira okuhimbisa (amaani, omuhendo, nomugasho) ebya Ruhanga obutwiire bwoona. Ahabwenki?
Ahakuba akatwiha omu mwirima gw’ekibi nokuhemuka hati nitugyendera omu mushana gwa Yesu Kristo (Abefeso 5:8).


Okugyendera omu mushana nikimanyisa ki?

Twaaba nitugyendera omu mushana gwa Ruhanga, nikituhwera obutashiisha (1Yoh 1:5-7) kubaasa kugyenda na Yesu, nitutekwa kuba nitugyendera omu mushana gwa Ruhanga.

Okugira obumwe na Ruhanga hamwe na bagyenzi beitu, nitutekwa kwega kugyendera omu mushana gwa Ruhanga. (1Yoh 1:5) “Ruhanga nomushana. Oku nikwo Ruhanga atuura.

Nk’omushana , Ruhanga ayeshururira omu kweera kwe n’ekitinisa. Ruhanga n’Orikwera buzima, n’ohikirire buzima, kandi omuri we tagira ibara. Tashemererwa kibi kyoona (Abaheburayo 4:13).

“Omuri we tiharimu mwirima buziima”. Ahu omushana guba tihabaho mwirima. Nahu Ruhanga Orikwera aba, tihabaho kibi. Omu mwirima ekibi nekirungi bishushana, omu mushana buri kimwe kyeshuruura (Yoh 1:1-14).
Nk’omushana Ruhanga wenka niwe arikutwiiha omu mwirima gw’ekibi. Kutugyendera omu mushana gwa Yesu Kristo turuga omu mwirima, tutaaha omu mushana (Yoh 8:12, 12:35, 36)

1Yohana 1:6 - Okuba omu bumwe na Ruhanga tihabamu kushereka kibi omushana (Yesu) nomwirima (ekibi) tibibaasa kutuura hamwe omu muntu. Omuntu kwarikuba nagyendera omu mwirima, omuriwe nihaba hatarumu obumwe na Ruhanga. Naaba nabeiha kandi omuri we nihaba “hatarumu mazima” (1Yoh 2:9-11)

Ogwo orikugira ngu ari kumwe na Ruhanga kwonka buriijo arikugyendera omu mwirima takabaasa kujunwa:

1Yohana 1:7 - “Kwonka kutugyendera omu mushana” omurunyiriri oru, omuntu naaba ari omu mushana ninga shi omu mwirima. Kwakuba ari omu mushana, nomwe aha baana ba Ruhanga. Kwarikuba ari omu mwirima naaba ateine kakwate na Ruhanga ahakuba omuri Ruhanga tihabamu mwirima (Vs 5)

Oweishemwe owa maziima agyendera omu mushana (omu mazima n’oburikwera) hatari mu mwirima (ebishuba nekibi) (1Yoh 1:9). Oweishemwe ohikire agyendera omu mushana gwonka. (2Bakorinso 6:14) Eki nikyo kyoreka obe turi hamwe na Ruhanga. Kutugyendera omu bumwe nabeishemwe abandi, ekyo kyoreka ku turi bamwe na Ruhanga.


Vs 8 “Ira tukaba turi omu mwirima” tukaba tutategyekwa amaani go mwirima (Abakolosai 1:13) tukaba turi omu mwirima, kwonka hati turi bamwe na Mukama, tuhindukire omushana nahabwekyo tugyender nk’abaana b’omushana. Turi omushana kumurikira abandi (Abafipi 2:15) Yesu n’omushana, turi omuri we, nahabwekyo hati turi omushana omuri Mukama (1Batesolonika 5:5).

Vs 9 “Ebyaana by’Omwoyo” okukihayo gye nikimanyisa ebyaana by’omushana. Ebiruga omu byaana by’Omwoyo birugamu omutima gutebekaine, emicwe eshemeire n’ekitinisa, n’amazima ekirikumanyisa obwesigwa, oburungi bwa Ruhanga nibushangwa omu byaana by’Omwoyo (Abagalatiya 5:22-23).

Ebi byoona wabigeita hamwe notunga amagara ageijwiire Yesu Kristo oyakira omu mwirima.

Vs 10 “Okwikirizibwa” Sherura ekirikushemeza Mukama (1Abatesolonika 2:4). Eki nikyoreka obe buzima nituha Ruhanga ekitinisa obwo okumanya eki arikwenda nikitushoborokyera (Abaroma 12:1-2).

Vs 11 Ruhanga natuzibira kugumizamu turi omu mwirima. Omu bwesigwa tugume omu kuhikirira n’okwer. Tutagira akakwate nemicwe mibi ya sitane, emirimo ye neyensi egi (2 Bakorinso 6:14-18) mubite aha mushana (Yoh 3:19-20).

Eki nitukikora omu muringo ebiri:

1) Ekyokubanza tugyende tuteine kibi.
2) Ekindi tuhabure abandi obwo twebembeirwe Omwoyo Orikwera (2Timeso 3:16, 4:2).

Vs 12 Okugyendera omu mushana nikimanyisa obutashereka ekibi kyona ninga ekibi ekitarikurebwa/ekyekihama. Nebyo ebirikukorwa abandi barikubikorera omu kihama tituhikire kubigambaho (Abarooma 1:24 -32).

Vs 13 Orunyiriri oru okurwetegyereza “ahakuba omushana nigwo gureetera buri kimwe okureebeka” omushana ogwakira omu kigambo kya Ruhanga gworeka buri kibi ekisherekirwe. Burijo ekibi nikirugayo omumushana gwa Yesu Kristo gwamara kwakira omu mitima yeitu (Yoh 3:0-21). Kwonka ti buri omwe orikujwerwa omushana ogu ngu nahinduka oweishemwe. Kwonka omunsi y’Omwoyo kiri ngu omushana nigwebazamu (1Petero 3:1-4).

Vs 14 Nkabarikwikiriza tushemereire kuba nituburira okukira nitweta abatakajunirwe kweija kujunwa (Isaaya 60:1-2) simura Omwoyo waawe (Abaroma 13:11, 1Batesolonika 5:6) Yimuka orugye omu kufeera omu kibi (Abakolosai 2:1-3). Obwo nibwo Kristo arayakire omu mitima yeitu. (Yakobo 4:6-10, 1Yoh 2:8)

Omuntu omu buntu bwe tarikubaasa kwetungira omushana ogu ahakuba taine maani geby’Omwoyo (1Bakorinso 2:14). Nahabwekyo kubaasa kugyendera omu mushana, okujunwa kwaitu nikuteekwa kuruga omwiguru. Oku nukwo “okuzaarwa obusya” (Yoh 3:1-5).

Okuzaarwa obusya nikutworeka ebintu bishatu:
1) Ahatari okuzaarwa obusya tihariho magara nobukakuba akakwate na Ruhanga (Yoh 14:6)
2) Omu kuzaarwa oku obusya, ekigambo kya Ruhanga nikitushoborokyera. Kitureetera okwikiriza nokugyendera omu byokutangaza by’emirimo y’Omwoyo Orikwera. Obukama bwa Ruhanga buba amagara omuri itwe (Vs 3).
3) Okuzaarwa busya oku nikututasya omu mwanya musya (Vs5) ahu obukama bwa Ruhanga nemikorere yabwo birikushurirwa (2Bakorinso 5:17) okuzaarwa obusya nikihingura aha kujunwa kyonka. Namaani g’Omwoyo Orikwera agari kutura kandi gakakorera omuri itwe. Omu mwoyo Orikwera, nitureeba kandi tumanya okukora kwa Ruhanga okurengire okwabantu arikukorera omuri itwe (Abaheburayo 4:12). Okwikiriza kweitu kuhuriire.

Okugyendera omu mushana:
Nikimanyisa ngu turi omushana ogurikwaaka ogu abandi barareebe nabo bakeija omu mukago na Ruhanga. Kwonka shi twaaba nitugyendera omu mwirima, abandi nebaija kureeba bata omushana gwa Kristo omuri itwe?. Neitwe mushana gwa Yesu Kristo (Matayo 5:14-16). Nahabwekyo, nituteekwa kugyenda “nk’abaana b’omushana”.



“Kandi mugyendere omukukunda nk’oku Kristo yatukunzire, akehayo ahabwaitu okuba empongano ahari Ruhanga, omugaju oguri kutamirana”(Abefeso 5:2)

okuba omwegi wa Yesu Kristo orikwikiriza omuri Baibuli, nitutekwa kwega kugyendera omuri Rukundo ya Yesu Kristo. Itwe ahabwaitu titukabasa kugyendera omuri Rukundo. Nahabwekyo nitutekwa kwega kugyendera omuri rukundo ya “Kristo” akahayo amagara ge ahabwaitu (1Yoh 3:16).

Nitutekwa kukunda nk’oku Kristo yatukunzire kandi we Kristo akatukunda ata? Akahayo amagara ge ahabwaitu (1Yon 3:16). Naitwe nitutekwa kuhayo amagara gaitu ahabw’abandi (Abaroma 12:1).

Rukundo y’omukurasi wa Kristo ari omubigambo biri byorugriika Agepe nainga agapo. Eki kigambo ni Phiteo nebigambo byobukristayo, reka tubirebe:

Agape nainga Agapao

Omukanisa nainga omudiini kurigirira omu baibuli, ebigambo ebyo nibimanyisa hatarimu kweyendeza oyihire ahamutima kukunda omuntu otaine matsiko gokushashurwa. Nikyoreka entakateka nungi erikuriga ahakukunda kw’omuntu, n’omutima gwe okuguri. Rukundo y’ekika eki nirukundo erikuriga aha mutima.

Agapao nirukundo yamani kandi etarikuhwaho engi niyo rukundo eyi Ruhanga agirira abagishemerire (nyowe neiwe). Eki nikizara rukundo erimu okuha ekitinisa, eitwine ahari Yesu Kristo. Agapao nirukundo egi erikuretera abandi bakundagana barikuyambwa Yesu.

Agape nirukundo erikworeka entekateka eyi Ruhanga ayine ahari Yesu Kristo (Yoh 3:35, 5:20) Rukundo egi niyo emwe eyi Ruhanga ayine ahari boona abakwikiriza ku Kristo ari omwana wa Ruhanga (Yoh 14:21). Okweyoreka nikimanyisa ekintu kukihayo kikarebwa Yesu Kristo we wenka nayeyoreka abaana be.

Agape nirukundo erikwoyereka abandi kurabira omubijuma by’owoyo Orikwera (Abagalatia 5:22) Ekijuma kyokubanza ni Rukundo. Rukundo arikugambwaho nereebwa omu (bakolosai 3:12-13)


Nikimanyisa entekateka yebitekateko by’omuntu oku arikubasa kugira ebitekateko ebirungi. Eki noshanga abantu baine ebigyendererwa birikwikirizana. Okutwarira hamwe nikimanyisa omukago nokukunda omuntu ahabw’okugira entwaza yerikwenda kushushana na Yesu Kristo.

Nokwehayo omuntu kumarira kukora oteireyo amatsiko genshagi. Rukundo egi nirukundo y’omukago ahabokugira ngu mwine ebyetengo bimwe omuri Yesu Kristo. Eki nikyoreka emitwarize mirungi ekyokureberaho ekindi kiri omu (Yoh 21:15-17) emirundi eshatu Phileo nainga “kugira okukunda” nikyeyambisibwa.

Hariho rukundo z’emiringo mingi:
- Twine rukundo ya beishemwe
- Rukundo ya Kristo ayayine aha Bantu be – Rukundo ya Kristo
- Omugisha ogutuhaire kukunda Kristo- rukundo ayitwine ahari Kristo
- Rukundo ya Ruhanga aharitwe – rukundo ya Ruhanga

Nitutekwa kwega kukunda Ruhanga ahabwokuba egi rukundo tugihirwe kuriga ahari Ruhanga. Omubigufu, nitutekwa kworeka rukundo ayi twine ahari Ruhanga.

Ekyahamuheru, hariyo obukuru bwa rukundo, niyo rukundo y’Omwoyo.

Reka turebe ebika 3 (bishatu) bya rukundo:

1) Rukundo ya beishemwe:
!Theso. 4:9 nihagira “kwonka ebirikukwata aha kukundana kwa beishemwe, timuri bokubihandikirwa; ahabwokuba nimwe ahabwanyu mwenka Ruhanga akabegyesa okukundana.” Rukundo ya beishemwe neyoreka rukundo eyi oweishemwe ayinire mugyenzi we. Rukundo ya beishemwe neruga ahari Ruhanga (Yer 31:33-34) Ruhanga natwegyesa kukundana (Matayo 22:39) Egi nirukundo etaine kweyendeza ahari batahi baitu.

Rukundo niyo erikworeka ngu kwebuzima ori omwegi wa Kristo (Yoh 13:34-35). Rukundo tikuburira omu mubiri nanga kw’omuntu kureka areberwa omuby’omuntu akora, nokwatwaza nabandi. Nokusharamu kandi okumaririra kw’omutima.

Nayo n’emwe omuntwaza, omwegi wamazima nakunda kandi okuratira ebiragiro bya Ruhanga nitumumanya (1Yoh 2:3-11). Ekigambo “kuba kuhikiriziibwe” omu 1Yoh 2:5 nikimanyisa “okukizuza”. Omumwoyo nikimanyisa okukuhisya obukuru. Rukundo yamazima ni rukundo y’okworobera omujuni waitu (1Yoh 4:12).

Rukundo ya Kristo eri omuraitwe niyo rurengo rwa rukundo yabeishemwe (Yoh 15:12-13). Ekikuru aharitwe n’okukundana. Ekyaitu n’okukunda nk’oku Yesu yatukunzire, “akahayo amagara ge” (Yoh 3:16). Nitutekwa kukundana turikuherezana (Yoh 12:26). Kuturakuratire kandi tukahereza omugabe waitu turikukunda n’okuhereza abandi – kuhereza ensi omweiziina rye; nitwija kutungurwa tutebwe omukitebe ky’ekitinisa (Luka 6:31-36).

Okukunda kwaitu nikutekwa kuba okutwaza nk’abeishemwe obwire bwoona turikukunda bariranwa ahabwokuba rukundo ehikiriza ebiragiro (Abaroma 13:8-10). Rukundo y’abeishemwe etaha omu mitima yabo.( 1Thes 3:11-13, Abaheburayo 13:1) Rukundo ey’ekika eki timuzano kureka namazima (1Pet 1:22-25).

Reka tureebe ahabumanyiso bwa Rukundo yabeishemwe (1Abakorinso 13:4-8a)

1Abakorinso 13:4 “okukunda kugumisiriza” nikimanyisa okugumisiriza nan’emicwe mibi y’omuntu. Otaine kumugarukamu nainga kumurwanisa. Nitutekwa kugumisiriza abantu abatahikire (Efumu 10:12)

“Okukunda kwaine embabazi” nikimanyisa okuronda oburyo oku wakubasa kuba owomugasho aha magara gamugyenzi wawe, twezirikire kukora ebirungi (Abefeso 4:32, Abagabe 6:9-10).

“Okukunda tikugira eihari” nikimanyisa ngu nitushemererwa omukitinisa ekihairwe ondijo. Nikimanyisa ngu nitwenda abandi bagyende omumaisho (Abagalatia 5:26).

“Okukunda tikwehimbisa” nikimanyisa ngu rukundo teyeterera nzamba (teyerangirira) .

“Okukunda tikwetungura” nikimanyisa omumaisho ga Ruhanga tweena nitwingana . rukundo yabeishemwe timwemanyo. Tihariho n’omwe orikukira mugyenzi we omumaisho g’omusharaba.

13:5 “Okukunda tikutwaza kubi” nikimanyisa nitutekwa butata muntu weena omukikorwa kitari ky’obwa Ruhanga, kureka tworeke emitwarize emirungi n’emicwe y’ekitinisa.

“Okukunda tikwesherura byakwo” nikimanyisa nitufa ahabandi, nitutekateka ahabandi reeru tukurataho (1Abakorinso 10:23-24)

“Okukunda tikurahuka kuguubwa kubi” nikimanyisa otagira ekiniga nk'omubazi gw’ebigumire ahagati yangye nabagyenzi bangye tenyizibwa, tengangara, tegira bukambwe.
“Okukunda tikutekateka kibi aha muntu” nikimanyisa okukunda tikugira rukarara rw’ebibi, tikubika nama mbi kureka okukunda kusangura obubi bwoona.

13:6 “ Okukunda tikushemererwa kutahikirira” nikimanyisa butashemererwa omumicwe ya mugyenzi wawe y’obutahikirira ninga kumwegaitaho omubikorwa nk’ebyo, okukunda tikushanga okumarwa omunshobi z’abandi, tikushemererwa omubibi ebi bakugamba ahandijo (Abaroma 1:32

“Okukunda kushemererwa omumaziima “
Nikimanyisa kushanga okushemererwa kwingi okureeba amaziima omumagara ga mugyenzi wawe, okukunda nikugambira oburungi oburi omumagara g'abantu,[2 Yoh.4].

13:7 ”Okunda kwemera byoona". Nikimanyisa okuhunama omumaisho gabantu ahanshobe z’omuntu weena. Tushemerire turwanirire kandi twemerere nabantu abandi omubibakurabamu ( Bagalatiya.6:2)

“Okukunda nikwikiriza byoona” nikimanyisa okwereka obwesigye obutakutengYesubwa omu bandi, okwikiriza omuburungi oburi omubandi kandi okabasiima n’omutima murungi.

“Okukunda kugira amatsiko ahari byoona “ nikimanyisa okugira amatsiko omubusinguzi omu magara gondijo muntu, otarikurebera omubweremwa bw’omuntu ogwo, rukundo tehwa matsiko omu Bantu.

“Okukunda kugumisiriza byoona” nikimanyisa okwangira n’okugumisiriza okurwana kwa sitane orikwenda kwaita emikago, nainga enkwatanisa. Nitwangisiriza tuguma turi abesigwa okuhisya aha muheru.

13:8a “Okukunda tukuhwaho” obunabi burahwaho , okugamba endimi kuryahwaho n’obwengye buryahwaho n’ebyobwire bukye kwonka rukundo terihwaho. Ebiconco ebi birahwaho Yesu ku arihezati kugaruka; kwonka rukundo terihwaho kandi eryagumaho nk’ekyomuhendo. Okukunda kushweka okuremwa kwoona (1Petero 4:7-11, 1Yoh 4:16)

Rukundo ya Kristo:

Twaba nitushoborora rukundo ya Kristo, nitureeba ngu rukundo ya Kristo n’okwehayo; akahayo amagara ge aha bwa burimuntu weena (Yoh 15:13). Akafa omumwanya gwaitu, ahabw’ebibi byaitu. Rukundo ya Kristo tihariho ekiyabire neza kukora ahabitwakozire. Tihine eki twakozire okugirirwa rukundo egi (Abaroma 5:6-8)

Rukundo ya Kristo aharitwe tehinduka (Yoh 13:1) rukundo ya Kristo omubutonde n’eya Ruhanga. nobu arabe yabire ari omuntu, Yesu Kristo n’omwana wa Ruhanga, nibamwe (Yoh 14:7-13). Yesu obwire bwoona naretera Ruhanga ekitinisa (Yoh 17).

Tihaine owakubasa kututanisa narukundo ya Kristo. Rukundo ye etahwaho (Abaroma 8:28-29) omumishororongo egi nitureba ngu abeishemwe baine obukumi (oburinzi) omuri rukundo ya Kristo.

Abaroma 8:28 Tihariho kutiina omuri rukundo ya Kristo. Ekyahandikirwe eki nitubasa tukishoborere tuti; “Nitumanya ngu Ruhanga niwe aturetera, nainga niwe ayikiriza byoona”.

Ruhanga naiwe arikumanya byoona ahamagara g’omuntu kandi niwe yabitireho okushasha, okugyezibwa na n’ekibi okuhikiriza ebaiturikwetenga omu magara age nagarija (agatahwaho) (Ekyb 8:15-16). Byoona ebi nibibaho ahabwoburungi bwaitu ahabwokuba “tuketwa nk’oku enaama ye oku eri.

8:29-30 Tikugira ngu Ruhanga akamanya ira bwoona – ngu ira akaba namanya abarikiriza Kristo, Ruhanga aka nagamba ahancwamu ye, kutuha rukundo ye kandi akataho omukago ahagati ye nabaana be (2Timeseo 2:19). Ruhanga akasharamu ira, nainga akaba yarebire noha oraija kweteisa akaikiriza omwana we(Abefeso 1:4, 5, 11).

Ekigyendererwa kya Ruhanga, nayenda ngu tube nka Yesu Kristo (2Abakorinso 1:15-18). Okujunwa tikuruga omuntekateka n’okusharamu kw’omuntu. N’okwikiriza n’ekiconco ky’okuriga ahari Ruhanga (Abaroma 1:16, Abefeso 2:8-10)

Abo abu Ruhanga yamanyire ira, nibo abuyayesire omubwire (1Petero 2:9) kandi atuhikirize (Abagalatia 2:16), kandi yahisa abaana be ekitinisa (Yoh 17:22). Ebyhandikirwe ebi byombi nibitumanyisa ngu tihariho kutuuntura nainga okwehwa amatsiko omu amagara aga.

8:31-39 Twine oburinzi omuri Kristo, kandi tihariho n’omwe orikubasa kukitwihaho. Embabazi za Ruhanga ziriyo niziretera okujunwa okwijura aharyabo abatoreinwe kandi bakaikiririza omu mwana we Yesu Kristo.

8: 31 Ekyahandikirwe nikigira kiti “Obu Ruhanga arihamwe naitwe “ nikimanyisa ngu tihariho muzigu orahutaze abaana ba Ruhanga (Okubara 14:9).

8:32 Paulo we eki arikugamba n’eki: Ruhanga nabasa kuyamba abazigu be aremwe kufa ahabaana be? Abeishemwe tibaine eki bakyenire (Abafilipi 1:16)

8:33 -34 Ebyahandikirwe ebi byombi nitaho court ya Ruhanga kandi omu court ya Ruhanga tihariho n’omwe owakubasa kuta omushango aha baana ba Ruhanga (Yoh 3:18, Abaroma 8:1)

ahariho enshonga ina (4) ezirikworeka ngu omwikiriza takashangwa ayine orubanja:
1) Okufa kwa Yesu
2) Okuzooka kwe
3) Omwanya gw’ekitinisa ogwatairwemu
4) Okugumizamu natutonganirira (Abaheburayo 7:25).

8:35-39 Tihariho kutanisibwa na Ruhanga, aharyabo abarikumanya abarikuhereza, kandi bakaikiriza ngu Yesu ni Kristo (omujuni) omwana wa Ruhanga ohurire. Tihariho ahikirahurirwe ngu hariho omuntu owakubasa kutanisa omuntu narukundo ya Ruhanga omuri Kristo. Rukundo ya Kristo tikitebyo, nobujurizi obu buri omwe omuraitwe ayine. Tahaine ekyakubasa kutanisa na rukundo ya Kristo.

8:35 Rukundo ya Kristo nirukundo eyi Kristo atwineho (Yoh 13:1). Kristo akoreka rukundo ye omukiconco kyokujunwa ekiyatuhaire (1Yoh 4:9-10).

8:36 Ebi obusasi, okwitwa kubi, okuhigwa, enjara, okujwara busha, akabi nari shi rurara? Kubyabire nibibasa kutwiha aha rukundo ya Yesu Kristo, bikaba nibibaho kare. Tukeshanga turi na Kristo omukufa n’okuzooka kwe (Zaburi 44:22).

Okwetwa kw’owishemwe n’okwikiriza kufa kandi okaguma ori ohurire (Abarom 12:1-2)

8:37 “Tusingwire nangwa n’okukiraho” n’omusinguzi owamani okusingura okutari kwaburijo, nitusingura nitutunga obusinguzi omubwingi. Egi tingambo y’omwetunguro kureka namatsiko agutwine omuri Kristo. Rukundo ya Kristo esingwire rufu.

Kristo asingwire orutaro:

1Abakorinso 15:57 Twine obusinguzi bw’Omwoyo omuri Yesu Kristo.

2Abakorinso 2:14 Twine obusinguzi omuri Kristo ahabwokumanya okw’Omwoyo okutwine.

Abakolosai 2:13-15 Twine okusimuka omumwoyo ahabwokuba Yesu akasingura sitane aha musharaba.

Kristo n’omusinguzi nahabwekyo turi abasinguzi omuriwe. Kristo akoreka oku ari kutukunda arikufeera ahamusharaba.

1Yoh 2:13 Ahabwokuba Kristo ni Ruhanga twine obusinguzi aha kibi.

1Yoh 3:8 Ekyaresire Kristo n’okusingura sitane n’okucwekyereza emirimo ye yoona.

1Yoh 4:4 Nitusingura ahabwokuba Omwoyo wa Kristo otaha omuraitwe nakiza amani ekintu kyoona akiri omunsi.

1Yoh 5:4 Twine obusinguzi ahabwokuba okwikiriza kwaitu kuri omuri Kristo. Osingwire ensi.

1Yoh 5:18 Sitane tabasA kukwata aha baana ba Ruhanga.

Abaroma 8:38 Paulo nagumizamu n’okusherura ekintu kyoona ekyakubasa kututanisa na rukundo ya Kristo, okufa n’obu gaakuba amagara nari ba maraika, nari abarikutegyeka nari ebiriho, nari ebitariho tahine ekirikubasa kututanisa na rukundo ya Kristo. Tihariho nakimwe rukundo ya Kristo netuhereza amatsiko goona aguturikwenda, turi omuburinzi bwa rukundo ye.

8:39 Tihariho na kimwe omunsi kuriga omukutandika kuhika ahamuheru ekyakubasa kutanisa na rukundo ya Kristo. Okugyezaho kworeka ngu Paulo tiyagira ekiyasigayo nagira “ngu nobukyakuba kyoona ekihangire.

Omukucondoza kwa Paulo nagira ngu tihariho kintu kyoona ekyakubasa kututanisa narukundo ya Kristo, Yesu omujuni waitu.

Rukundo eyinirwe Kristo:

Yesu Kristo akatworeka rukundo arikufera aha musharaba ahabw’ebibi byaitu. Nitumworeka rukundo yaitu turi kworobera ebiragiro bye (Yoh 14:15-31). Nitutekwa kuta okwikiriza kwaitu omu mwana wa Ruhanga omwe wenka Yesu Kristo (1Yoh 5:1-12, Yohn 16:27, 1Petero 1:3-9). Omubyahandikirwe nitureeba ebyokureberaho bingi ebya rukundo eyinirwe Kristo:

 Omukazi omusiisi (Luka 7:37-38, 44-47)
 Maria owa Besania (Yoh 12:1-3)
 Petero (Yoh 21:15-17)
 Paulo (Ebyakozirwe 21:13)

Ekyokureberaho kyawe kya Rukundo eyoyinirwe Kristo nikiha?
Ekyokureberaho kyangye kya Rukundo eyinirwe Kristo nikiha? Twena nitubasa kworeka rukundo eyitwinire Kristo twasharamu butanywana ensi egi (1Yoh 2:15-17)

Rukundo ya Ruhanga

Ruhanga akatworeka rukundo ye arikutuhereza omwana Yesu Kristo (Yoh 3:16) nahabw’embabazi eitwe okujunwa (Abefeso 2:4-10, Tito 2:11-15)

Reka turebe ahari rukundo ya Ruhanga:
Nirukundo ya Ruhanga yonka eturetera twankundana (1Yoh 4:7-21) Ebyahandikirwe ebi nibishobororagye rukundo yonyini eki eri.

Hariho enshonga (5) eitano ahabwenki oweishemwe nabasa kukunda:

Ahabwokuba Ruhanga niwe kikuru omuri rukundo.

(1Yoh 4:7-8) Okukunda n’omurimo (1Yoh 3:10-11, 23) ahabwokuba turi aba Ruhanga, nitushanga nitugira emitwarize ya Ruhanga (1Yoh 3:14). Bonka abo abarikworeka rukundo nka Ruhanga wabo owomweiguru nibo baine obwa Ruhanga omungingo zabo kandi nibo bajunirwe buziima (bazairwe obwakabiri)

1. Okukunda kwa beishemwe:

Kukuratira ekyokureberaho ekikuru ekya rukundo y’okwehayo eya Ruhanga. akashuka ekiniga aha mwana owu akunda munonga omumwanya gw’abasiisi (Yoh 3:16-16, 2 Abakorinso 5:21, Abaroma 5:8).

2. Omwana we omwe nyamunegyere:
Yohana nakira kweyambisa ebigambo ebyo kworeka omukago ogu Kristo aine nieshe. Ebigambo ebyo nibyoreka Yesu Kristo ori ari owomutano ahabintu byoona “N’ekiconco kyomuhendo ekirahirweyo”.
( Yoh 17:3, 2 Abakorinso 8:9) ahabwokuba nitwikiriza ekiconco ekyo, twine amagara agatihwaho, tutungire embabazi za Ruhanga (Tito 3:3-8).

Okuhazya ekiniga kya Ruhanga -nikimanyisa okumarwa, okwehayo kwa Kristo aha musharaba kukahikiriza ekyetengo kya Ruhanga kya buri muntu kuba Orikwera ahakuba hariho ekifubiro ky’obutezibwa (Abaroma 1:18, Abefeso 2:3).

Yesu akahazya Ruhanga, Kristo akashashura omuhendo ahabwabo ababaire nibaza kweteisa kandi bakaikiriza. Nitumanya ngu Kristo akafera ensi (Yoh 1:29) kwonka nabwe nitukimanya ngu bingi omunsi naija kusingwa orubanja ahabw’ebibi byabo (Matayo 7:13-14). Nk’oku Ruhanga yatukunzire atyo nitutekwa kukunda abandi. Rukundo y’obweishemwe netekwa kuba eyokwehayo nka rukundo ya Ruhanga.

3. Ahabwokuba rukundo nigwo mutima gwa kareebi wa Yesu (1Yoh 4:12)

Nk’oku Yesu atakiri munsi engi, tihine nomwe orikubasa kureeba Ruhanga nakunda nahabwekyo rukundo ye terikureeba (Yoh 1:18) Ekanisa niyo yonka erikubasa kworeka rukundo ya Ruhanga omu mumurembe ogu. Obujurizi bwaitu nobwomutano (Yoh 13:35, 2 Abakorinso 5:18-21) Yohana eki arikugamba omu (1Yoh 4:7-12) nikyegaitira hamwe ori eki “Rukundo n’ekomoka omuri Ruhanga” ekorekwa omu mwana we, yareberwa omu bantu be.

4. Ahabwokuba Rukundo nigo matsiko g’oweishemwe(1Yoh 4:13-16)

Rukundo teyikiriza kwecwera omushango (Abaroma 8:1). Oweishemwe yatandika kureba omu magara ge ebikorwa bya rukundo egyo, natandika kugira amatsiko omu mukago ogu ayine na Ruhanga (Yoh 3:21) kandi twine amatsiko aga ahabwokuba twine Omwoyo Orikwera omuri eitwe (Yoh 14:15-31).

Rukundo ya Ruhanga ekamwikiriza kwohereza omwana we kuba omujuni w’ensi (Yoh 3:17, 4:42, 1:14) Engi ni rukundo ya Ruhanga omubikorwa. Ruhanga akozire kyoona ekyarikubasa. Hati kiri ahabwaitu kwikiriza tukaikiririza omu mwana we Yesu Kristo (Abaroma 10:8-13)

Ruhanga nirukundo:
Kandi rukundo egyo netekwa kubonwa ebeho. Ekirikikuru omuri rukundo ya Ruhanga n’okubaho kwentore zo ezi zirwe omuka ya Ruhanga okuba omukuterana na Ruhanga nimanyisa kuba oyine abo aba akunda (1Yoh 3:24)

5. Ahabwokuba Rukundo nigo matsiko g’oweishemwe ahaizooba ry’omushango: (1Yon 4:17-20)

Rukundo ekuzire nereberwa omubumanzi omu maisho g'omushango. Okugira obumanzi nakamanyiso ngu rukundo yawe ekuzire (1Yoh 2:28). Rukundo ehikire (Ruhanga) emazireho ekibi (1Yoh 2:2, 4:10).
Yesu akaija omunsi yabonabona ahabwekifubiro ky’ebibi byaitu (2 Abakorinso 5:21). Yesu atucungwire kandi tarigaruka kubonabona ahabw’ekibi kyaitu.

Nirukundo ehikire eya Ruhanga esingura okutina:

Nyine amatsiko omuri rukundo ya Mukama ahabwokuba:
1) Akohoreza omwana we kunfera.
2) Ninkimanya ngu nankunda ahabwokuba Omwoyo we nataha omurinye hati.
3) Nimbasa kureeba omumaisho omu magara gangye nyine amatsiko ntine bwoba.

(Abaheburayo 10:19-3) Weena oyine okutina nikimanyisa ngu rukundo ya Ruhanga tekahirwe mugisha kukorera omu magara g’abantu abo abari kumutina. Tibakamwijahoga omukweteisa bakasasirwa ebibi byabo.

Hariho enshonga emwe ahabwenki nitubasa kukunda. Enshonga egyo ni ahabwokuba niwe yabandize kutukunda (1Yoh 4:10). Ebiragiro ikumi nibishaba ngu omuntu ashemererire kukunda Ruhanga na mururanwa. Kwonka ekiragiro kikaremwa okureta rukundo egi. Ruhanga akaba nabasata kutunga rukundo egi, okuhikirira kwe kuri kugyetaga? Ahohoreza omwana Yesu Kristo kutufera.

Rukundo ya Ruhanga netwara emitima yaitu ahariwe.

Tikine mugasho kugira ngu nokunda Ruhanga orikwanga mwinenyoko. Ahiturikukoma nitiwiririra hihi Mukama, niho turikukoma nituhika haihi beine waitu. Titukabasa kukunda Ruhanga munonga kukira abo abari omu kanisa ya Ruhanga. kigumire kukunda Ruhanga orkwanga omuntu mugyenzi wawe.

1Yoh 4:21 Eki ekyahandikirwe nikishoborera ekicweka kya 4. omuntu tabasa kukunda Ruhanga atakabandize yakunda mwine ishe. Twgira ngu nitukunda Ruhanga kandi tutine rukundo ahri bagyenzi biatu nitwebiha (Matatyo 4:43-44)

Rukundo Etuterirweho:

Ekyeb. 10:12-13 Ebyahandikirwe ebi nitureeba ebintu bitano (5) ebirikwetagisa kumanya Ruhanga. reka turebe Ruhanga eki arikwenda aha baana be, nitutekwa kutina Mukama Ruhanga waitu.

Okutina Ruhanga nikimanyisa okuhereza Ruhanga ekitinisa, kandi tumutine (Zauli 33:8-9). Nitutekwa kumuramya (tumukunde) kandi tugume tumuhe ekitinisa (Zabuli 29:1-2).
(Zabuli 29:1-2) Nitutekwa kwehayo nokuba abesigwa ahari Ruhanga. ekindi ekyakabiri n’okugyendera omumihanda ye yoona nikimanisa okugyendera omukukunda kwe. Kuturi kugyendera omumihanda ye yoona, nitwega kugira amagara g’obusinguzi. Mutekwa kugira entwaza nkeya Ruhanga. (2Petero 1:2-11).

Ekyakashatu n’okumukunda, kandi tumukunde tuta? (Ekyeb 6:5)
Ekyakana n’okuhereza Ruhanga wawe n’omutima gwawe gwoona namagara gawe goona (Yoshua 24:14-28) Omukuhereza harimu okugyezibwa, kandi kiri omu (1Sam 15:22). Twaba nituhereza Mukama nitutekwa kumuhereza n’emitima yanyu yoona, n’amagara yanyu goona (Yer 29:13, Zabuli 119:2).

Ekyahamuheru, kuma ebiragiro bye.
Nitworeka kuturi kukunda Ruhanga twaba nitworobera ebiragiro bye (Ekyebiragiro 26:18) oku nikwo kukunda , itwe okugyendera omu biragiro bye (2Yoh 6).

Rukundo ey’Omwoyo:

Rukundo y’Omwoyo eruga ahari Yesu Kristo (Abefeso 3:14-21) Egi n’eshara ya Paul ahabwa Abefeso. Egi shara nekyokureberaho kya Rukundo y’Omwoyo. Abebembezi b’Omwoyo bashaba kandi bagaruka bashomesa. Okushaba nigwo musingye gw’engiri niyo micwe y’oweishemwe eyo munda. Paulo akashaba ngu Kristo abase kuraba omu miryango eyigwire eyokwikiriza ature omu mitima yabo ate n’obuhangwa bwe omubitekateko byabo, omukukunda we Kristo ku arikuheza kutaha omumagara g’omuntu, nareta amagara ge atura omumwikiriza omumuringo ogw’Omwoyo.

Abefeso 3:14 “Ahabwenshonga egi, nakyo nikitugaruza aha kicweka kya 2 ekirikushoborora oku omunyamahanga yabire ari, nahati ekiyabire ahabwokubugana na Kristo. Omuringo oku barugire omu bworo na rufu bakaimuka n’obutungi n’ekitinisa kikaretera Paulo kushaba ati “nibaza kuguma omukushemererwa ahabwo gwo mwanya ogu batirwemu. Eitwe omumwoyo tuhurire (2:5) turihamwe omunju ya Ruhanga (2:19) kandi n’ekanisa gwombekire omu bigambo omumirimo gwe entumwa na banabi 2:20-22.

Ahabweshonga nakyo kitugarura enyima (3:1-13) ekiri kushoborora enama ya Kristo 3:3-4.
“Ninsimba amaju” nk’akamanyiso k’okwehayo, n’okutina na rukundo ahari tataitwe nainga Mukama waitu Yesu Kristo (Zabuli 95:1-6)

3:15 “Eka” nekigambo ekine emizi omuri Ruhanga. Ruhanga neishe, wa Mukama waitu Yesu Kristo, omuri Ruhanga we wenka n’eka. Eka neyeyoreka omumuringo ogu Ruhanga arikutwaza nabantu. Paulo we aha namanyisa buri mwikiriza weena omuri buri murembe gwoona abo abafiire (bari omweiguru) nanabahurire (omunsi) (Abaheburayo 2:10-13).
3:16 Eshara za Paulo obwire bwoona ari omurutaro rw’Omwoyo ahabw'abandi, nekyetengo kye kureeba buri mwikiriza aine amaani g’Omwoyo Orikwera.
(Abakolosai 1:9-11) Nitutura omubutungi bw’embabazi za Ruhanga (Abefeso 1:7, Philipi 4:19) nitwenda amani g’Omwoyo.

AbaFilipi 4:13 Aga mani nigaruga aha mwoyo Orikwera. Nitwenda amani g’Omwoyo Orikwera twaza kukura omumwoyo tukaba abeishemwe abahamire kandi abaine obwengye.

Amaani aga nigagirwa omuntu ow’omunda (Abaroma 7:22). Amani g’Omwoyo nakamanyiso kaburi weishemwe orikworobera ekigambo kya Ruhanga n’Omwoyo we.
Nobu omuntu waitu wa haruguru ahwaho kwonka omuntu owomunda ahindurwa musya obutosha okuraba omumwoyo Orikwera (2Bakorinso 4:16). Omwoyo Orikwera nayongyera amani oweishemwe oyihireyo kandi oyorobi (Ebyak 1:8, Abaroma 8:5-9, Abagalatia 5:16).

3:17 Buri weishemwe Yesu namutahamu ku arikuheza kujunwa (Abaroma 8:9, Yoh 14:23). Tusimbire emizi kandi tuhamire omuri rukundo – rukundo egi eri aha musingye gw’okwehayo. Rukundo y’okuhereza Ruhanga nabantu be (Matayo 22:37-39. Omwoyo Orikwera ashemerire kuturagye omu mitima yaitu buri muntu weena orikujunwa, Omwoyo Orikwera atuura omuriwe. Haza n’ekyetengo kye, ngu omuntu omwikiriza aze buri kishengye ky’omutima gwe.

Paulo nashaba ngu atakanyizibwa ebigambo bibi. Entekateka mbi, ebitekateko bibi, ebigyendererwa bibi n’ebikorwa bibi. Kristo nayenda ngu agire omukago ogutakurigaho ahagati ye nabeishemwe.

3:18 Ow'eishemwe takabasa kwetegyereza oku Ruhanga ari kutukunda omubwijwire kureka Ruhanga yaba ateire rukundo ye omumagara gaitu. Omubigufu, waba otarikwekunda nk’omuntu nobasa ota kukunda bandi?. Ebigambo ebi bina obugazi, obukizi, oburingwa nibishoborora oku rukundo y’Omwoyo eyemaririra.

Obugazi nikishobororwa omu (befeso 2:11-8) nikyoreka nikimanyisa obwingi bw’embabazi za Ruhanga kujuna aba yudaya nabanyamahanga.

Oburingwa tibwine bugarikiro nk’oku okuriga ira abaikiriza abakatoranwa omuri Kristo, ensi etakabireho (Abefeso 1:4) kandi n’omubwire obwo mumaisho obutungi bw’embabazi ze oburengyeserize, nibuza kworekwa abo abarije kwakira Yesu nk’omujuni wabo (Abefeso 2:7).

Oburingwa ahansi (Depth) eki nikirebwa omu Abefeso 2:1-3 Tukatebwa omukina kye kibi nokuhwerekyerera. Kristo akaija omububi bwaitu ngu age (Zaburi 40:1-3).

Oburingwa ahaiguru (The Height) nikirebwa omu befeso 2:6 tituzokire omuri Kristo kyonka kureka nokujwara nawe ekirunga kekitinisa ekituribaganaho omweiguru (Abaroma 8:39).

3:19 Rukundo egi, tirukundo eyi abeishemwe bagira ahari Kristo. Hariho rukundo arikuruga ahari Kristo eyatuhaire ira, niyo rukundo eyi Ruhanga ateka omumitima yaitu tutakahikire kumukunda nokukunda abantu abandi (Abaroma 5:5).

Okumanya rukundo yaKristo arengyire okwetegyereza kw’omuntu nemanywa abaana ba Ruhanga bonka (Phili 4:7).

Okwijururana: Okuba owa amani omu mwoyo, okashanga nogyemwa rukundo ya Ruhanga, nikimanyisa Mukama yayetwarire byoona, tahine kisigaire ekyomubiri. Omubuhangwa bw’omuntu tabasa kwetegyereza Ruhanga ekyari weena. Na noweishemwe w’Omwoyo wa mani kandi ayine obwengye tabasa kwetegyereza byoona ebikwatirine noburungi bwe, obwengye, amani, ekitinisa kye, okugumiziriza kwe, embabazi ze na byoona ebyari nebyakora.

Kwonka abeishemwe nibabasa kumanya obushoborozi bwa Ruhanga omumagara ahabwokwemaririra ahari Mukama (Abefeso 1:22-23) Ekyo nikita ekyetengo omumutima gwangye kumanya Kristo n’okumumanyira kimwe. (Abafilipi 3:7-11).

3:20 Ebirikwetengyesa omubyahandikirwe ebi byahikirizibwa (16-19). Amani ga Ruhanga agakorera omubaikiriza nigaija kukora kirenge okwetegyereza kwa buri omwe barengyesereze.
Nabasa kukora
Nabasa kukora eki turikushaba
Nabasa kukora ekiturashabe nainga eki turikutekateka
Nabasa kukora byoona ebiturikushaba n’okutekateka
Nabasa kukora ebirihaiguru ya byoona ebitushaba nibitukutekateka
Nabasa kukora obwingi byoona ebiri ahaiguru ya byoona ebitushaba n’ebitutekateka
Nabasa arengyesereze obu bwingi kukora ebiri ahaiguru ya byoona ebitushaba nebitutekateka.

3:21 Abaana be baheza kuhika aha rurengo oru rwokuba abesigwa buzima Kristo naija kuhebwa ekitinisa ekimushemerire omu kanisa ye (Abaroma 11:33-36)

Rukundo ya Kristo nereta obumwe omu kanisa (Abakolosai 3:14-17)

(Abakolosai 3:14) Rukundo y’Omwoyo niyo ekomerana byona bikakwatanisiza kimwe (Abafilip 2:1-2). Rukundo eyomutano neshukwa omumitima yabeishemwe nka gamu ekikureta ekanisa hamwe. Nekomerana hamwe buri kicweka ky’obuntu bwa Kristo (Abaramo 5:1-5)

Nikibasika omuntu kurebeka nk'oyine rukundo ego (12-13) kwonka omumazima atine rukundo egyo omutima gwe. Ebiturikukora, nitutekwa kubikora n’omutima ogurimu rukundo ya Yesu buzima ahabwabeishemwe bangyenzi baitu omuKristo. Ebikorwa byaitu bishemerire birugirire omu mutima gwa rukundo. Nimwezirika kurinda obumwe bw’Omwoyo, muteeraine omurunga gw’obusingye (Abefeso 4:3).

3:15 Obusingye obu niburuga omu kiconco ky’okujunwa n’obusingye obwomunda oburuga omukumanya n’okukunda Ruhanga. n’obusingye obu otakabasa kushoborora omuntu weena, tihariho nomwe orikubasa kubwetegyereza (Abafilip 4:7) obusingye nibutekwa butegyekye kandi bwebembere emitimwa yaitu (Yoh 14:27). Ahabwenki? Ahabwokuba twesirwe omumubiri gumwe (Abefeso 4:4-6) kandi tushemerire tusime ahabwobusingye obu (1 Thes 5:16-24).
3:16 “Ekigambo kya Kristo” Paulo aha nagamba aha kigambo ekyahandikire aha bw’Omwoyo Orikwera, ekigambo ky’okushururwa kwa Ruhanga omusi (2 Timeseo 3:14, 4:2) ahabwenki? (4:3-4) okubera omuka nainga okutunga ebintu omubwingi (Zaburi 119:11).

Ogu mushororongo nigushangwa omu (befeso 5:18), nitutekwa kwijura Omwoyo Orikwera. Omwoyo Orikwera nayijura amagara agari kutegyekwa ekigambo kye. Ogu timukyamuko, kureka namagara agari kutegyekwa amazima g'ekigambo kya Mukama (Abaroma 8:5-11).

Buri weishemwe ayine obuvunanizibwa ahari baine nyina omuKristo. Twine eibanja ahari beine waitu omuKristo, okushomesana ekigambo kya Mukama (Abefeso 5:19-21).

3:17 Kyona ekiturikukora nitutekwa kubikora omu eiziina rya Mukama waitu Yesu Kristo. Nitutekwa kutwaza nk’oku ari kandi nk’oku arikukwenda (1Aakorinso 10:31) n’omurimo gwaitu buri eizooba kuba nitusiima Ruhanga tataitwe omuri Kristo Yesu ahabwembabazi ze ezatujunire.

Ebi rukundo ereta tikarebeka omumagara gaitu okuhisya obuturagire rukundo ya Kristo omungingo zaitu. Nitubasa okukunda abandi nk’oku Ruhanga arikukyenda. Rukundo ya Kristo yaba ari omuraitwe nitukunda ahabwokuba nitukundwa (1Yoh 4:19) kandi tihariho n’omwe orikutukunda nka Kristo. Niyo nshonga ahabwenki nitutekwa kugyendera omuri rukundo ya Kristo (Abefeso 5:2).


MUGYENDERE OMU MWOYO (Walk in the Spirit)

“Nikyo ndikubagambira nti: ,mugyendere omu mwoyo, mubaase obutahikiriza ebyetengo by’omubiri” (Abagalatiya 5:16). Ebigambo bikuru omu kyahandikirwe eki ni:
1) Omwoyo
2) Omubiri

Abeikiriza boona ahari bo beine Omwoyo Orikwera orikutuura omuri bo nkamani ga buri omwe okubabasisa kutuura barikushemeza Ruhanga (1Bakorinso 6:19-20).

Kutureka Omwoyo kututegyeka tuba nitworobera ebyahandikirwe haza amagara geitu g’Omwoyo gakura. Tuguma turi hamwe na Ruhanga haza tumureeka kukora nkokwarikwenda omuri itwe (Abarooma 8:5-11).

Kubaasa kutunga amagara g’Omwoyo, nikyetagisa kufuba kushoma Baibuli n’okushaba; haza bikwatirirwa okworoba. Nitutekwa kukura omu mwoyo, tubaase kukura omu mbabazi n’okumanya Mukama weitu kandi omujuni weitu Yesu Kristo. (2Petero 1:3-9, 3:18).

Okugyendera omu mwoyo n’okugyendera omu burikwera bwe; nikimanyisa okwijura Yesu.
Omurimo gw’Omwoyo Orikwera n’okukwatanisa orikwikiriza na Yesu Kristo. Ku tugyendera omu mwoyo, omubiri gutwarwa nk’ogufiire (Abagalatia 2:20).

Omwoyo ogu noha owu tushemereire kugyenderamu? N’Omwoyo Orikwera. Baibuli negira: Mwijure Omwoyo” (Abefeso 5:18).

“Okwijura “ obwahati kirikumanyisa tumanye oburungi bw’Omwoyo Orikwera nekiragiro. Omwoyo Orikwera n’omuntu wa kashatu omu Tiriniiti.
1) Nuwe burugo bwendagano eya ira (2Samwiri 23:2, Isaaya 59:21, 2Tim 3:15-17). Abakristayo n’ekanisa nebeija kutunga okweshuka kw’Omwoyo Orikwera (Yoweri 2:28-320.
2) Nuwe burugo bwendagano Ensya (Yohana 14:25-26, 1Bakorinso 2:13).


1) Aine ebitekateko, namanya ebitekateko by’omuntu (Abarooma 8:27) okukunda kwe (1Bakorinso 12:11), n’embeera ze (Abafeso 4:30).
2) Nashuruura (2Petero 1:21), nayegyesa (Yohana 14:26), nayeshengyereza (Abarooma 8:26), kandi naijurira (Yohna 15:26).
3) Aine enkoragana n’abantu: nawe nahutaara (Abefeso 4:30), nawe nabeihwa (Byakozirwe 5:3), nawe najumwa (Matayo 12:31-32).
4) Omwoyo Orikwera aine obwa Ruhanga:
- Tarikuhwaho (Abaheburayo 9:14) ari buri hamwe (Zaaburi 139:7-10)
- N’owobwengye (Luka 1:35)
- Nowamaani (1Bakorinso 2:10-11).

5) Nakira kwetwa Omwoyo wa Ruhanga,
- Omwoyo wa Kristo
- Omuhumuza
- Omwoyo Orikwera
- Omwoyo Orikwera owaraganisibwe
- Omwoyo wamaziima
- Omwoyo omuhi wamagara
- Omwoyo w’embabazi
- Omwoyo wabahindukire abaana
- Omwoyo w’oburikwera.

6) Nayeyorekyera omu byokureberaho nkomuriro nomuyaga (Byakozirwe 2:1-2)
- Amaizi (Yoha 7:37-39),
- Nakamanyiso (Abafeso 1:13),
- Namajuta (Byakozirwe 10:38),
- Nkekombe (Yohana 1:32).

7) Haruho abantu bemiringo etaano abarikutunga okwijuzibwa nari okubatizibwa omu mwoyo Orikwera nibashangwa omu kitabo kyebakozirwe entumwa (Byakozirwe 2:4, 8:14-25, 9:17-20, 10:44-48, 19:1-7).

Ebi byoona nibyoreka obukuru bw’Omwoyo Orikwera arikukorera omu ndagano enkuru n’ensya; kandi arikukorera n’omukanisa. Omwoyo Orikwera omukanisa nayemaririra omu kukora kwe akahebwa ekanisa kureeba ngu obuhereza bwa Yesu Kristo owazookire bwaburiirwa kandi bwahamibwa nk’amazima ga Ruhanga.


Buri omwe natunga ekiconco kuruga owa Ruhanga, tiheine orikutsigarayo. Abamwe nibatunga ebiconco bikuhingura ahari kimwe. Ebirikukwata aha biconco by’Omwoyo: (1Bakorinso 12:1-7)
12:1 Nitureeba ngu ebiconco nibitaana ( Matayo 25:15, 1Bakorinso 4:7).

12:2 Abakorinso batakajunirwe bakaba baramya ba Ruhanga abandi, bari nomukuramya ebishushani (Abefeso 2:11-22). Kutuba bamwe na Kristo tuba tutakita masiko geitu ahari ba Ruhanga abandi nebishushani obwo Omwoyo Orikwera atwebembera nebiconco byeija nawe.

12:3 Omwoyo Orikwera natuhabura kandi atwimusya. Omwoyo Orikwera ari omuri itwe atwikiriza okwatura Yesu Kristo nka Mukama, kandi omujuni, kandi omushomesa (Matayo 16:13-19).

12:4-6 Ebiconco n’emirimo nibitaana bibaase kuheereza omubiri (Abarooma 12:6) omu nyiriri ezi twareeba ngu ebiconco nibitaana bibaase kureeta obumwe omu kanisa (Abefeso 4:1-6) nitureeba nobushatu V4 – Omwoyo Orikwera, V5 Yesu Kristo ni Mukama, V6 nitureba Ruhanga arikuha amaani (Abefeso 1:18-23).

12:7 Omwoyo Orikwera ari omuri itwe kubaasa kutwimusya, kutumanyisa nokwegyesa ekanisa (Abefeso 4:12-13).


1) Ebiiconco by’okutugaruramu amaani (Abarooma 12:3-9) Ruhanga nata okugarurwamu amaani okwomunda abase kworeka rukundo yayine ahabaana be.
2) Ebiconco by’okuhereza (1Abakorinso 12:27-31, Abefeso 4:11-16) Ebiconco by’obuhereza nibihwera amaani agari omu muhereza kukora.
3) Ebiconco by’okworekwa (1Bakorinso 12:7-11) okweyoreka kw’Omwoyo Orikwera n’obujurizi oburikumara kuhwera abo abarikuhebwa obuhereza.

Ebiconco by’Omwoyo Orikwera tibirikugasira ogwo obyine wenka; beitu nibikozesibwa ahabw’omubiri gwa Kristo, kandi n’ahabwa buri omwe omu muburi gwa Kristo. Amakuru ngu nitukozesa ebiconco byeitu kuhwera abandi.


Abarooma 12:3-9 Ebiconco ebi nibiruga owa Ruhanga ishaitwe. Embeera z’omuntu nizo zirikworeka emitwarize ye. Ebiconco byeitu nibitaana (Abefeso 2:10).

Bituheebwa kutubasisa kuhereza. Abantu nibakye abarikumanyirwa ahari kimwe omuri ebi biconco. Obundi nibyegeita; obwo buri kiconco kirikweihayo reeru ekindi kishusha nkekirikukiza ekindi amaani.

12:3 Nituhebwa ebiconco by’Omwoyo ahabwembabazi za Ruhanga (Abarooma 1:1-5, 1Bakorinso 3:10). Titurikwetaaga kwemanya ninga okwetunguura aheiguru yabandi, kureka tube abanyabwengye omu kukozesa ebiconco byeitu (Abafilipi 4:7-8).

Nitutekwa kukozesa ebiconco byeitu nobucureezi (Abafilipi 2:5-11) ebiconco byeitu tubikozeseze n’obwengye (Abefeso 4:7. okwikiriza oku tikurikujuna; kureka nikutuhwera kutunga nokukozesa ebiconco ebi Ruhanga arikutuhereza.

12:4, 5- Okubaasa kwitu nebiconco byeitu bitureetere okukunda nokuhwerana, kitureetere okuba bamwe omu mubiri gwa Kristo (1Bakorinso 12:12-14).


1) Obunabi ninga Okumanya:
Emiringo eshatu egyo ahiguru negamba aha kiconco ky’obunabi. Hanu ekiconco kyobunabi ni kiranda, haruho obunbi obu buri arikwikiriza aine – “ebiine omubiri byoona” (Yoweri 2:28, 29) ekiconco nobaasa kutari kwabantu okurikutuhebwa Ruhanga nkomubiri gwa Kristo kubaasa kutunga obutumwa kuruga ahari Ruhanga nokubutwarira abantu be omu majuta gwobwa Ruhanga. Ruhanga nuwe agambira omu muhereza we, abase kwimutsya ekanisa . obunabi buriijo bwihayo okuteekateka kwa Ruhanga.

2) Okwetwa okwo buhereza:
Ruhanga akatuha ekiconco eki nkekyomuhendo kutubasisa kuhwera abandi omu byetago byabo. Omuntu weena nabaasa kuhereza kandi ashemereire kuhereza; kwonka abo abiine ekiconco eki nikibarahukira kumanya ebyetago byabandi. Eki nikikorera omu office yomudiikoni (Matayo 20:25-28, 22:24-27).

3) Abeegyesa ninga okwegyesa:
Okushoborora nokukozesa amaziima agarikuruga owa Ruhanga ahabwekanisa. Okubaasa oku tikwabantu nikuruga ahari Ruhanga. omwegyesa aine ekiconco kyokushoborora amaziima gobwa Ruhanga aha Bantu ba Ruhanga. abegyesa aba nibeimusaya, bakwasa kandi batekateka abarikwera (2Timoseo 2:2, 3:16-4:2)

4) Okugaruramu Amaani:
Ekiconco eki Ruhanga nakihereza abantu bamwe omu biri kwa Kristo kubaasa kuhumuriza, kugaruramu amaani, nokuha obwengye kugira ngu babaase kutunga okuhwerwa nokukira. (Abaheburayo 10:24-25, 2Abakorinso 1:3-7, bayakozirwe 11:22-26 Barunabba)

5) Okuhereza:
Nokubaasa kutari kwobuntu oku Ruhanga arikuhereza bamwe omu mubiri gwa Kristo, babaase kuhereza bekundiire – bitari bimwe by ikumi nebiconco ebindi, kureka ebi barahereze byongyere okwombeka ebigyendererwa by’obukama. Nikimayisa okuhereza n’omutima gugaba (Mako 12:41-44, 2Bakorinso 9:6-15 – okurabura)

6) Obwebembezi:
Omwebembezi nogwo obyemerire omumaisho (Byakozirwe 20:28). Nekyokureberaho kukuza omubiri gwa Kristo. Nomweziriki omu buhereza (Abaheburayo 6:10-12, 2Petero 3:14).

7) Okusasibwa:
Nikimanyisa okushaasha nabari omu naku, abeishemwe nabatari bo. Ebikorwa byeitu nibyoreka rukundo ya Kristo kurabira omuri itwe. Embabazi nokushemererwa nibyetaagwa okubaasa kukoresagye ekiconco eki kutari kugyemwa (Luka 10:29-37).

Abefeso 4:11-16
Ebiconco ebi nibiruga ahari Yesu Kristo, omwana wa Ruhanga. Nibikira kwetwa “ebiconco bya office”. Nibiheebwa abebembezi bamakanisa bibahwera okukuza abarikwera n’okubasisa kukora omurimo gwa Ruhanga.

Abebembezi nibahwera omubiri gwa Kristo kutunga amani g’Omwoyo Orikwera kibabasise buri omwe kukorera omu kiconco kye. Ekanisa hamwe nokuburira omu nsi. Ebiconco ebi nibishangwa omu (1Bakorinso 12:28).

Abefeso 4:11 Entumwa, Banabi, Ababurizi, Abariisa na Bashomesa:

Ogu aine okubaasa kwoba Ruhanga obwo Ruhanga nuwe arikubuha bamwe omu kanisa ngu kibasise kwebembera amakanisa gatati gamwe. Beine obushoborozi butari bwa buriijo omu nshonga z’Omwoyo. Entumwa nikimanyisa “owatumirwe” nentumwa ninga kagambirizi wa Ruhanga. nareberera ekicweka kihangao kyomubiri gwa Kristo. Natandika amakanisa.

Ebirikwetagisa by’entumwa:
Abarooma 1:1
1) Akehayo kuhereza Kristo
2) Aketwa yayahurwa Ruhanga
3) Akahurwa aha bwengiri ya Ruhanga
4) Entumwa nizihereza okworekwa, omuhanda, entekateka, beine obushoborozi bwokutegyeka, kandi nibagaruramu amaani.
5) Aketwa Ruhanga (Bakolosai 1:23)

Bamwe aha mubiri gwa Kristo nibaheebwa ekiconco eki barikukihebwa Ruhanga babaase kutunga nokugamba obutumwa obwaruga ahari Ruhagna babuhe abantu be obwo baruho amajuta gobwa Ruhanga. Nabi naaba akuzire omu mwoyo, kandi ari kagambirizi wa Ruhanga obwo aine obutumwa aha kanisa ninga ensi yoona. Obutumwa obu nibuba burugire ahari Ruhanga.

Ekigyenderwa kya Nabi nenki?

1) Okuhamiza abantu omu kigambo kya Ruhanga (Byakozirwe 15:32-35)
2) Kuhwera omu kwombeka omusingi gw’ekanisa (Abefeso 2:19-22).
3) Okureeta ebibashururirwa (Abefeso 3:1-6).

Ababurizi b’Engiri:
Nikimanyisa ogwo owaheirwe ekiconco kyomutaano kuburira abantu engiri babaase kujunwa. Okukira munonga, ekiconco kyokuburira nikikozesibwa kubaasa kureeta abajunirwe bakaza omu mubiri gwa Kristo.
Nibaburira engiri nokubaasa kwobwa Ruhanga kubasisa abo abatarikwikiriza bagindukye abakurasi ba Yesu kandi abanyamyoga omu mubiri gwa Kristo.

Timoseo akaragiirwa Paulo kukora omurimo gwokuburira (2Timeseo 4:5) Yesu Kristo nuwe muburizi wengiri orikukirayo (Matayo 4:23-25), Yohana4).

Abariisa nabeegyesa:
Ekigambo “omuriisa” nikiruga omu kigambo “okurinda” aharikuruga ekigambo “omuriisa”. Omurimo gw’omuriisa ninga omwebembezi nokukuza, okwegyesa, nokufuba aha byetengo ny’Omwoyo byomubiri gwa Kristo.

Omurimo gw’omuriisa:
1) okuriisa
2) okuhereza
3) orikufayo
4) omurinzi
5) omwebemezi
6) ekyokureeberaho

Abariisa nabegyesa bahikire kuba:
1) barikubaasa kwegyesa enyikiriza yamazima
2) barikuha ebyokugyenderaho
3) barikutendeka
4) barikushoborora
5) barikukuza
6) barikwegyesa ebitebekeine
7) barikumanya Baibuli

omu bigufu, omuriisa/omwegyesa: Paulo arikugira Timoseo (2Timoseo 3:10, 4:5)

1Bakorinso 12:28
ekiconco kyokutegyeka nikihebwa Ruhanga kibabasise kwetegyereza gye ebigyendererwa by’omubiri gwa Kristo ogumwe ebya juba nebyebiro birikwija kandi nokutaho enkora kureeba ebigyendererwa ebyo byahikirira. Ebiconco omu buhereza ebi byoona nibishangwa omu befeso 4:12-16.

Omu Miishonare:
(Omuri ogwo, abamwe nibareeba “Entumwa” nari Omuburizi”).

1) Nayihayo ekigyendererwa kyokureeba ngu Engiri yaburirwa omu nsi yoona (Abaroma 1:16).
2) Nateekwa kuba omucureezi kugira ngu yayetwa okuza omu byaro obundi nomumbeera zatarikumanya (Isaaya 6:1-13).
3) Ogu aine okugyemwa kwomunda kubaasa kureetera ensi kumanya Yesu Kristo (2Bakorinso 5:14-20).

Nibumanyisa okukunda, okukora namashemererwa. Obufura nibukorera omu kufayo aha beikiriza hamwe nabakozi abatayayire kuramya, kukora nokwegeita aha mubiri gwa Kristo. (1Petero 4:10, 11).

Obutashwera (rwa):
Eki nikimanyisa ekiconco kyomutaano, ekirikureka omuntu ari wenka ateshangye omu buvunanyizibwa bwamaka. Ogu omutima gwe gwona niguba guri aha kuhereza Ruhanga.

Ebiconco by’okureeberaho:
1Bakorinso 12:7-1)

Ebi nebiconco mwenda ebirukuruga aha mwoyo Orikwera omurimo gwabyo nokutungisa omubiri gwa ekanisa.

Ebiconco ebi niberetera omubiri gwa Kristo kuba hamwe batungye amaani. Nibyoreka amazima g’omurimo gwa Ruhanga kandi nebyebiro ebi (Abaroma 11:29).

Omwoyo Orikwera nabiha buri arikwikiriza nkoku arikureeba (1Bakorinso 12:11). Ebiconco ebi tibyokumara gatungwa kyonka kureka byeine kukozesibwa buri arikubitunga (Bakorinso 14:1).

1Bakorinso 12:8-10
Ebiconco by’okureeberaho byoona neby’bwa Ruhanga.

Ekigambo eki nakyo nekyobwa Ruhanga. nokugamba okwebembeirwe Ruhanga arikukorera omu muntu omwe. Obwengye nibworeka kikye aha bwengye bwa Ruhanga. obwengye “nibureeba” eki Ruhanga arikureeba omu mbeera yoona kandi “bukigamba”.

Nokukozesa obwengye bwa Ruhanga omu mbeera yoona. Nokwetegyereza ekigambo kya Ruhanga nekyarikwenda nokubukozesa omu mbeera za buriijo. Nokworeka entekateka ya Ruhanga nekyarikwenda (1Bakorinso 2:6-16, 2Timoseo 3:15).

Ekigambo kyokumanya nikiruga ahari Ruhanga. okumanya nikuhwera okuranzya omu bi Ruhanga arikuba atuhereire busha. Okumanya nikubasisa okushoborokyerwa nokwihayo amaziima ga Ruhanga; nokuranzya omu bihama by’ekigambo kye, ekitakabaasa kumanywa hatariho kukishururirwa Ruhanga (Abakolosai 2:1-5). Okumanya nikumanyisa ebi Omwoyo Orikwera arikwenda bimanywe.

Ebigambo ebi nibibaho obwiire bumwe na bumwe obu Ruhanga arikweihayo rukundo ye.Okumanya nikuhwera okukwata nokwetwgyereza amaziima nekigakumanyisa, nokumanya ebyOmwoyo (Abaroma 15:14-19)

Buriijo, ekigambo kyokumanya nikikorera hamwe nekigambo kyobwengye. Obwengye nokumanya kukozesiibwe gye.

Ekiconco kyokwikiriza nikitaana nokwikiriza okurikujuna nari okwikiriza okurikuguma. Ebi byombi abakwikiriza babyiine. Ekiconco eki nikikorera omu kushaba obutaruha n’okweshengyereza okurikugumisiriza, obwo haruho okwesiga Ruhanga omu bwiire bugumire, okwikiriza nikureeta okwikiriza Ruhanga hataruho kubanganisa. (Yakobo 1:6)

Okwikiriza nikumaraho okubanganisa (Matayo 17:17-21, Abaheburayo 11:1, 6) shoma Abaheburayo 11.

Abeine ekiconco eki nibakora nkabarikweshengyere’za abantu, haza Ruhanga asiima kubakozesa kukiza endwaara nokugarura amagara hateine kukozesa emiringo endiijo. Okukiza nikukora omu mwoyo, omubiri, n’omu (Abatesalonika 5:23, Yakobo 5:13-16).

Okukiza Omwoyo nikimanyisa okugarura busya, nokugaruraho amagara gaawe ag’Omwoyo nomukago na Ruhanga. okukiza omutima nikimanyisa okukiza ebitekateko, okusharaho nentwaza. Okukiza omubiri nikimanyisa okukiza ebicweka byeitu ebirikurebwa. Okukiza kutari kwa Kristo: (Byakozirwe 3:7, 5:16, 9:34, 14:10, 16:18, 19:12, 28:8)

Ebikorwa byamaani ga Ruhanga nibireebekyera omu kiconco eki. Tibishushana n’eby’abantu, tiharuho owakushoborora, kwihaho kugira ngu namaani ga Ruhanga. namaani gakurenga ag’obuntu agatomera gakarwanisa amaani mabi gensi nemyoyo emibi.
Ebyokutangaaza nibikorera hamwe nokwikiriza, nokukiza bibaase kugira obushoborozi aha kibi, sitane, endwaara, n’emyoyo mibi yebiro ebi.

Ekikuru kyebyokutangaaza kukorwa nokugira ngu abantu bamanye amaani ga Mukama okujunwa: ekyokutangaaza ekirikukira byoona (Abarooma 1:16).

Shoma Abaroma 12:6.
Nikimanyisa okwebemberwa kutari kwobuntu, kugira ngu endimi nokuzibunura nibigyenda hamwe, nokukora kwobunabi. (1Bakorinso 14:5). Obunabi nibuhakanisa endimi z’ebishuba. Obunabi nibwombek omu mazima, buhwera omu kworoba, nokuhumuriza omu bwiine bubi nk’oku Mukama yayendeize ekanisa ye (1Bakorinso 14:1-5).
Okwahura omu myoyo:
Ekiconco eki nikihwera abantu kumanya oba entwaaza erikushusha nk’eya Ruhanga eri omu mazima n’eyobwa Ruhanga, eyobuntu ninga eya sitane. Nikimanyisa okushoborokyerwa omu kwahura.

Nikimanyisa okwetegyereza okurikuhika omu nsi y’Omwoyo nokumanya oburugo bwekikorwa by’Omwoyo. Ebeishemwe abeine ekiconco kyokwahura beine okubaasa okubaheirwe Ruhanga kumanya emyoyo y’ebishuba kandi n’okwiihayo enyikiriza yebishuba (Byakozirwe 5:1-11, 16:16-18, 17:11, 1Yohana 4:1-6).

Endimi :
Nikimanyisa okutunga obutumwa bwahonaho kuruga ahari Ruhanga, nokubugambira abantu namajuta g’obwa Ruhanga agu birikugambirwamu obwo barikugamba ebirikuhurirwa omu rurimi rwabantu ninga ba malaika oru batakega ga (Byakozirwe 2:1-12).

Endimi nokugamba okwebembeirwe Omwoyo Orikwera. Endimi nizikozesibwa omu miringo ebiri:
1) Omu rwatu
2) Omuntu ari wenka

Omu miringo yombi, Omwoyo Orikwera nuwe arikwebembera ebitekateko byeitu tibyeineho murimo (shoma 1Bakorinso 14:1-39).

Okuvunura Endimi:
Namaani g’obwa Ruhanga okushuruura endimi ekizirikumanyisa. Okuvunura edimi tinkora yebitekateko by’omuntu, beitu nebitekateko by’Omwoyo. Nokuvunura ti kuhindura. Okuhindura nokwiiha omu rurimi rumwe okuta omu rundi ekigambo aha kindi, ninga okumanyisa aha kundi. Okuvunura nikurangirira endimi ezagambwa ekizirikumanyisa (1Bakorinso 14:1-40).

Endimi nokuzivunura bihikire kukorwa omu buteeka. Ebiconco byoona ebyokugaruramu amaani, obuhereza nebiconco byokureeberaho nibimanyisa embaganisa y’ekanisa, birikworeka amaani ga Ruhanga garikukorera omu baana be (1Bakorinso 12:12-31).

Katushome Abagalatia 5:16-26:
Abagalatiya 5:16 - Mugyendere omu mubiri –
Abeikiriza boona beine omuri bo Omwoyo Orikwera orikubasisa kutuura barikushemeza Mukama (Abarooma 8:9, 1Bakorinso 6:9-20).

Omwoyo Orikwera natuhwera kutegyeka okwetenga kwomubiri ekikuru ni twaguma turikworobera amaani ge nobutegyeki bwe. Kuturikucureera ahansi yokutegyeka kw’Omwoyo Orikwera, nikimanyisa ngu nitworobera ebiragiro by’ebyahandiikirwe haza amagara geitu g’Omwoyo gakura (Abefeso 5:18)

Tikirikukiikirira omubiri ogu tujweire, beitu nikitwarira hamwe ebitekateko, okusharaho, n’okwehurira byoona ebirikworobera ekibi. Nikimanyisa omuntu weitu otakajunwa/otakacungurwaga (Abarooma 7:5-6). Ebikorwa byomubiri bihandikirwe omu ba Galatiya 5:19-21,
Abagalatiya 5:17 – omu magara ga buri muntu omubiri gutuura nigurwana n’Omwoyo, omubiri gwetenga ebi Omwoyo atenda. Ebi byombi bituura nibihakanisana. Omwoyo (ekicweka kyeitu ekyagariirwe busya) nahakanisa omubiri, nahabwekyo titukakora ebintu ebi turikwenda. Omubiri niguhakanisa emirimo y’Omwoyo haza kireetera oweishemwe kukorera ebintu omu kibi, haza obundi tikyakubeire kityo kuri naaba nagyendera omu mwoyo. (Abarooma 7:14-25).

Ekibi omu byahandiikirwe ebi nikikikirira omubiri. Ruhanga akaba nabaasa kwihaho embeera z’omubiri aha beishemwe obu bajunwa, kwonka nasharamu obutakikora.
Ahabwenki ?
Burijo Ruhanga ayenda kutweijutsya kuturi aberemwa tubaase kwegamira Yesu Kristo otuha amaani (2Bakorinso 12:7-10).

Omu mwanya gwokwihaho omuntu owiira, Ruhanga akatuha Omwoyo we, Orikwera kutuura omuritwe (Yohana 14:15-31).
Oweishemwe owu Ruhanga agarwire butsya, akamugaruramu amaani, akamujuna, omuntu nafuba rwagati y’omuntu oweira n’omuntu omutsya amagara ge goona okurwaana oku tikurugaho kandi kiri kityo kuhitsya Yesu Kristo agarukire. Niyo nshonga ahabwenki twine ekiragiro eki kimwe: mugyendere omu mwoyo.

Abagalatiya 5:18: kuturikwebemberwa Omwoyo, ebiragiro biba bitakitutegyeka. Nituba turi ahansi yembabazi za Yesu Kristo (Abarooma 6:14, 7:4, 8:1-2). Nahabyekyo nitubaho omu busingye bw’Omwoyo, haza tugira obusingye omuri Kristo (Abagalatiya 5:1-6, 13-15). Kuturikwebemberwa Omwoyo natwimutsya aheiguru y’omubiri kandi tweshanga omu bya Mukama.

Omwoyo Orikwera tarikwebembera Bantu ngu bareebe aha biragiro babone kuhikirira. Nahobwe, Omwoyo Orikwera natworeka Yesu Kristo nkorikuma twayikirizibwa ahari Ruhanga. okwikirizibwa oku nikureetwa okwikiriza Yesu Kristo wenka (Abarooma 5:1-5, Abafilipi 3:9).

Ebiragiro nibireeta okutwaza kubi haza harugamu okushiisha, nkoku turareebe omu Bagalatiya 5:19-21,

Ebikorwa (emirimo) y’omubiri – Bagalatiya 5:19-21

5:19 Ebikorwa bibi ebi nibimanywa nibyo ebi:

1) Obushambani ninga obutesigwa omu bushwere.
2) Obushambani, obubi nikimanyisa ebikorwa byoona by’obushambani aheeru y’obushwere. Omurugriika nikyetwa porneia, ahu turikwiiha ekigambo pornography – ebishushani byabantu bajweire busha.Obutashemera ekirikumanyisa obubi. Okutanyagurika ekirikumanyisa okushambana okurengire hataruho okwekomya. Ebi byoona n’ebibi by’obushambani.

5:20 Ebishushani – nikimanyisa okuramya ebishushani nobukaba oburikurga omukuramya emizimu, okuroga nikimanyisa obufumu n’emandwa.

Nitutunga ekigambo kyeitu pharmacy okuruga omu rugriika pharmakeia; kikumanyisa okushambana ahabwemibazi obwo omuntu arikushambana n’emizimu. Ebi nibikorerwa omu madiini g’ekikafiire.

Okwangana nari emparana nikimanyisa eitima ryamaani (obutagaba) obwo kirikukorwa abantu bamwe.

Empaka nari obutikirizana nikimanyisa akavuyo (obuteikirizana nemparana) hamwe nenyombo.

Amahari nobutesigana obushariizi oburikukorerwa omu kiniga kyamaani ebyarenga obushoborozi bwomuntu. Okweyendeza bwo omuntu arikwenda abe niwe yaaba namba yokubanza – abe niiwe yareebwa buri hamwe. Obwo aine owuyashutamira, okwebaganisamu nikureetwa obuteikirizana. Okwecwamu obucwekacweka nikiretwa abantu abeine ebitekateko byokweyendeza.

5:21 Eitima – nobutashmerererwa, okurabamu/okuba gye kwabaine okwita tikurikwikirizibwa biragiro. Ebi byoona nebibi biruga omu kiniga.

Obusinzi – niburetwa ebyokunywa byamaani. Okwegeita omu bikorwa bibi, nobubi bwoona nibiruga omu nterane zebyokweshemeza nobusinzi butabuzireho. Abarikukora nkebi tibarihungura bukama bwa Ruhanga (1Bakorinso 6:9-11).

Abantu abarikukora ebintu ebi hatari kweteisa tibaribaasa kutaaha omu bukama bwa Ruhanga.


Ebyaana by’Omwoyo:
Bagalatiya 5:22-23)
Omu byahandikirwe ebi, nitwija kureeba entaniso eruho rwagati “yemirimo yomubiri” (V19-21) hamwe n”nebyana eby’Omwoyo”.
N’obu kiraabe kri ngu ebikorwa by’omubiri nibiruga omu kufuba kwomuntu, ebayaana by’Omwoyo nibibyarwa nkeitagi eriri aha muzabibu (Yohana 15:1-8) Omwoyo Orikwera nazaara ebyaaba byomuringo gumwe haza nibishushana na Yesu. Ebitwaza kureeba ahifo nibyoreka amagara g’omwaana wa Ruhanga. bari nka Ruhanga nentwaza ye.

Ebintu ebi nikwo Ruhanga ari, haza Omwoyo Orikwera wenka nuwe arikubireeta. Omwoyo kwarikuba nategyeka amagara g’omweishemwe, namuha ebi byoona.

5:22 Ebyaana by’Omwoyo buzima nibireeta ebyaana ebi ahari ogwo orikwikiriza. Nibihingwa omwitaka rirungi (Matayo 13:3-8).

Ni Ruhanga n’okwari kandi neitwe okutushemereire kuba. Okukunda nikushobororwa gye omu 1Bakorinso 13, kandi ekahikirizibwa aha musharaba Calvario.

Rukundo terikureetwa nkoku omuntu arikuhurira omuriwe ninga endebeka y’omuntu, beitu rukundo neruga omu kuha ekinisa, okwehayo, kandi na ekirikureeta okukunda oku, ni byoona ebi oriya yakora ayekundiire (1Yohana 3:16-18) Ruhanga ni rukundo (1Yohana 4:7-21).

Nokuhumurira omuri Ruhanga, hamwe nokumarwa. Oriya nahurira ebye byoona biri birungi obwo yaaba namanya ngu ahagati ye na Ruhanga birigye (1Petero 1:8).

Okushemererwa tikuri kutungwa ahakuba embeera ni nungi, beitu nahu bitari gye okushemererwa nikubaho. (Yohana 16:20-22) okushemererwa nekiconco ekirikugabwa Ruhanga (Abarooma 14:17, Abafilipi 4:4).

Nobuhumure burikuruga omu kuhamya, okujuna n’omukago gwitu na Yesu Kristo. Obusingye nk’okushemererwa, tibukwatiriine n’embeera zeitu (Abafilipi 4:6, 7, 9) nitutuura omu busingye bwa Yesu Kristo (Yohana 14:27) Ebyaana ebi ebishatu eby’Omwoyo nibikwaata oku turikutwaasa Ruhanga.

Nikimanyisa oku abeishemwe barikutwaaza bayeshanga omu mbeera zi bateineho bushoborozi. Nikugaruka kumanyisa oku Ruhanga agumisiriza omuntu omugomi kandi omusiisi. (1Timeso 1:16, 2Petero 3:9. Okugumisiriza nokubaasa kwemera okugyezibwa okurikusaasa, nembabazi (Abakolosai 3:12-15)

Nizimanyisa okukwatwaho ahabw’abandi. Nizimanyisa okufayo ahabandi (Abakolosai 3:12) Embabazi nizitwariza gye abandi nkoku Mukama atwaariza abeishemwe boona (Matayo 11:28-29, 19;13-14).

Nembabazi ezorekwa abandi. Yesu Kristo niwe kyokureberaho kyeitu (Abarooma 5:6-8) Nokuhayo okurikuruga omu mutima gw’omwikiriza. Oburungi nembabazi aha murimo (Abagalatiya 6:10, Abarooma 15:14). Ekyokureeberaho kirungi (luka 10;30-35) ebyaana bishatu ebi eb’Omwoyo nibikora aha mikago eya burijo.


Nikimanyisa okwesigwa. Obwesigwa bweitu niburuga ahari Ruhanga. buriijo aba omwesigwa obundi itwe nobuturemwa. (Okutonzya 3:22-23, 1Bateselonika 5:24, Zaaburi 36:5. nitwesiga Ruhanga kandi tugira obwesigye omu beishemwe bagyenzi beitu.

5:23 Obucureezi;
nikimanyisa obuhuumure.
Embeera egi etuura ecuriire nobuyakukorwa kubi. Obucureezi tibwenda kuhoora nzigu. Nembeera eyorobera okukunda kwa Mukama, bubanza kutekateka aha bandi.

Omu ndagaano ensya , obucureezi nibukozesibwa kumanyisa ebintu bishatu:
1) okworobera okukunda kwa Ruhanga (Abakolosai 3:12)
2) okwegyesibwa (Yakobo 1:21)
3) hamwe nokutekateka aha bandi (Abefeso 4:2)

Nokutegyeka ebyetengo by’omubiri. N’omuntu kwezibira. Tufube okuringaniiza (2Petero 1:5-6). Ekyakashatu eki nikiihayo ebintu ebirikwebembera entwaaza y’oweishemwe.

“Ahatari ebi tiharuho biragiro” Oweishemwe kwarikwebemberwa Omwoyo omu rugyendo rwe kandi yayana ebyaana by’Omwoyo, naaba atakitegyekwa biragiro. Ogu naaba natuura omu mbabazi za Ruhanga. tiharuho kiragiro aha mitwarize egi yabeishemwe. Emitwarize egi neshemeza Mukama. Nibigasira abandi kandi nibirungi neitwe tutwaze turyo. Kuturikuba nitwiisya kimwe na Mukama, nitwaana ebyaana by’Omwoyo. Kuturikukunda Mukama kandi twamworobera omu rugyendo rweitu rwobutosha Omwoyo Orikwera nakora omurimo gw’okutangaaza omuritwe. Nitutura tuta omumagara guturikweiha omu mwoyo Orikwera? (Abarooma 8:1-17).

5:24 Abeishemwe aba Kristo bakahayo omubiri nemirimo yaagwo (Abagalatiya 5:19-21). Ekigambo “Okuhayo” tikikumanyisa oweishemwe okwebamba (Abagalatiya 2:20, 6:14) Paulo hanu nagira ngu omubiri akagwita, ati beitu orutaro rw’Omwoyo nirukihinda (Abarooma 7:14-25).

Okufa ninga okwiita omubiri kukabaho obu twahinduka tukafa omu kibi, turi abahuriire omuri Kristo (Abarooma 6:1-14).

Kutwayeteisize, hakabaho embeera y’okubamba embeera zeitu ezeira ezabeire zisisikaire nebizabeire zishemerererwa (2Bakorinso 5:16-21).
Tukaahirangu titurigaruka kworobera embeera zeitu ezeira tizakitutegyeka.

Omubiri nitutekwa kugurindira omu mwanya gwa rufu. Nituteekwa kugwehakana (Abakolosia 3:1-11).

5:25 “ku” hanu nikimanyisa kuruga/kwiiha/nk’oku.
Nkoku twine amagara gatahwaho aha bwokukora kw’Omwoyo Orikwera atuura omuri itwe, reka amagara geitu amasya gagyendere omu maani g’Omwoyo Orikwera (Abarooma 8:4-5).

Ebiragiro (V23) bikaba bitakabaasa kutuha amagara, kandi tibyo byabeire biri ebyokutegyeka orugyendo rweitu. Nahabwekyo ka tubeho kandi tugyendere omu mwoyo (Abarooma 8:12-17).

5:26 Haruho ebintu bishatu byokureka:
1) Turekye kwemanya, obwo biri nituba nitwebeiha. Ruhanga tashemererwa abemanya ninga abegambah. Tibikukwatagana nomusisi owajunirwe aha bwembabazi (Abefeso 2:8-10). Nituteekwa kuba abacureezi (Abafilipi 2:3-11).
2) Ahakuba nitwetekatekaho kuba aheiguru yekyo eki turi nikituretera okuhakanisa na (Luka 22:24-27). Nituteeka obutakora kubi abandi obwo turikubareebera aha ntekateka yeitu. Titurikumanya ebizibu nokwohibwa ebiri omu mutima gw’ondiijo. Titukumanya ebi barikurabamu.
3) Tituhikire kugirirana eitima. Eitima nirimanyisa okwenda ekintu kyondiijo kandi obwo tutaheirwe bushoborozi bwokukitwaara. Eitima niryanga okurabamu kwondiijo, ebiconco ninga ebyayine. Abantu abeine ebiconco bikye ninga entwaaza enafu nibakwatirwa eitima bariya abakwasire gye ebiragiro. Eki tikiine nikibugana embabazi za Ruhanga. oweishemwe owamazima ahikire kureeba abandi nkabakumukira (Abarooma 12:3).

Obukuru bwonyini nokuhereza hateine nowakimanya, okufuba kureka eitima nirireeta ebizibu nobubi. (Yakobo 3:14, 16)



Akatabo kokwebembera
Ahu omwegi arikuteekatekyerwa
Emiringo 7 y’orugyendo rw’oweishemwe.

Ekicweka kyokubanza:

Orugyendo rw’oweishemwe (2Timoseo 2:2)
“Kandi ebi wahuriire ningamba omu meisho gab a kareebi beingi, bikwatse abantu abetsigwa abarabaase kubyegyesa abandi”
1) Ekigambo D.E.P.T.H.S nikimanyisaki?
Kya Kristo.
2) Ebintu mushanju ebi oweishemwe agyenderamu ni biiha?


3) Ahabwenki orugyendo rw’oweishemwe ruri rukuru?

4) Beitushi bwe orugyendo rw’oweishemwe niki?

5) Ebintu bitaano ebi tutashemereire kugyenderamu nibyo biiha?


- Ebyokugyenderaho
- Ebyokuteekateka omwegi
- Ebyokugyenderaho 7 byamagara g’oweishemwe

Ekicweka kya kabiri:
Gyendera omuri Kristo-
“Nk’oku mwayakiire Kristo Yesu Mukama, nahabwekyo mugyendere omuri we” (Bakolosai 2:6)

1) Ruhanga natuha ata ebihembo?

2) Okucungurwa nikimanyisa ki?

3) Shoborora ekigambo “Obukuru”

4) Nemiringo engahi ei obukuru bwa Kristo burikworekwa omu kitabo kya Bakolosai?
5) Amagara gaawe ogasherekire nkahi?

D.E.P.T.H.S – Ebyokugyenderaho
Ahu omwegi arikuteekatekyerwa
Emiringo 7 yorugyendo rwamagara g’oweishemwe

Ekicweka kya Kashatu:
Mugyendere omu kwikiriza “Ahakuba tugyenda ahabwokwikiriza ti habwokureeba” (2Bakorinso 5:7)

“Yesigye mukama n’omutima gwaawe gwoona, kandi otegamira okwetegyereza kwaawe. Omwemere omu mitwarize yaawe yoona, nawe neija kutebekanisa emihanda- yaawe” (Enfumu 3:5-6)

1) N’enki ekihakanisa okwikiriza?

2) Omutima gutuhwera ki twaagira okubanganisa ninga okwikiriza?

3) Okwikiriza kimanyisa ki?

4) Z a “P” omu kitabo kya 2 Bakorinso 5:1 nizo ziiha?

5) Nikimanyisa ki okugyendera omu kwikiriza?


D.E.P.T.H.S – Ebyokugyenderaho
Ahu omwegi arikutekatekyerwa
Emiringo 7 yorugyendo rwamagara g’oweishemwe

Ekicweka kya Kana:
Mugyendere omu mwoyo
“Nahabwekyo nikyo ndikubagambirira nti mugyendere omu mwoyo, mubaase obutahikiriza ebyeteengo by’omubiri” Abagalatiya 5:16

1) Amagara g’omwoyo nigatungwa gata?

2) Omwoyo orikwera n’oha?

3) Embeera mushanju ez’omwoyo orikwera nizo ziiha?

4) Nitumanya ki aha biconco by’omwoyo?

Obigaba aba oha?

5) Emiringo eshatu y’ebiconco by’omwoyo orikwera niyo eha?



-6) Omugasho gw’ebiconco by’obuhereza nigwo guuha?

7) Ebiconco ebikweyoreka nibyo biiha?
Bihandiikye ahaifo:


-8) Ku turikworebera okutegyeka kw’omwoyo kimanyisa ki?

9) Ebiconco by’omwoyo nibyo biiha?
Bihandiikye ahaifo:


D.E.P.T.H.S – Ebyokugyenderaho
Ahu omwegi arikutekatekyerwa
Emiringo 7 yorugyendo rwamagara g’oweishemwe

Ekicweka kya kataano:
Mugyendere omuri Rukundo
“Kandi mugyendere omuri rukundo nk’oku Kristo yatukunzire akehayo ahabweitu nkempongano kandi ekitambo ahari Ruhanga akahooho akarikutamirana” (Abaefeso 5:2)

1) Ebigambo bibiri by’orugriika ebirikugamba ahari rukundo y’oweishemwe ni biiha?



2) Ebintu mukaaga ebirikwetengwa rukundo kubaho ni biiha?



3) Bimwe aha birikushangwa omuri rukundo ya Kristo ni biiha?



4) Nkakozesa kyokureeberaho ki kworeka ngu ninkunda Kristo?

5) Enshonga itaano ezirikworeka ngu abeishemwe nibabaasa kukunda ni ziiha?






6) Rukundo y’omwoyo eruga hi?

7) Eibanja ryeitu buri omwe aha bwondiijo ni riiha?

8) Omuringo gumwe gwonka ogu turikubaasa kukunda abandi ni guuha?

D.E.P.T.H.S – Ebyokugyenderaho
Ahu omwegi arikutekatekyerwa
Emiringo 7 yorugyendo rwamagara g’oweishemwe

Ekicweka kya mukaaga:

Gyendera omuburyo obushemereire
“Nahabyekyo nyowe embohe ya Mukama, nimbeshengyereza mugyendere omu buryo obushemereire okwetwa kwaanyu” (Abefeso 4:1)

1) Beitu kimanyisa ki okugyendera omu buryo?

2) Okujunwa kweine kakwate ki nokwetwa kweitu?

3) Tukagyenda tuta orugyendo orushemereire okwetwa kweitu?

4) Ebintu mukaaga ebirikushangwa omu by’okurwanisa by Ruhanga ni biiha?

5) Okugyenda tushemereire nitwetaaga ebintu bina:






D.E.P.T.H.S – Ebyokugyenderaho
Ahu omwegi arikutekatekyerwa
Emiringo 7 yorugyendo rwamagara g’oweishemwe

Ekicweka kya mushanju:
Gyendera omu mushana
“Ahakuba ira mukaba muri omu mwirima, kwonka hati muri omushana omuri Mukama. Mugyende nkabaana b’omushana” (Abaefeso 5:8)

“Ku turaabe nitugira ngu nitukwatanisa nawe, haza kunu nitugyendera omu mwirima, biri nitubeiha kandi titurikukora by’amaziima. Beitu kutugyendera omu mushana nka we oku ari omushana, tukwatanisa hamwe, kandi eshagama ya Yesu Kristo omwaana we eguma netwozyaho ebibi byoona” (1Yohana 1:6-7).

1)Ebigambo bikuru ebikushangwa omu nyiriri zombi aha ruguru ni biiha?

2) Okugyendera omu mwirima nikimanyisa ki?

3)Omushana n’enki?

4) Kandi shi okugyendera omu mushana nikimanyisa ki?


D.E.P.T.H.S – Ebyobwebembezi
Ahu omwegi arikutekatekyerwa
Emiringo 7 yorugyendo rwamagara g’oweishemwe

Ekicweka kya munaana:

Mugyendere omu Bwengye
“Mwerinde mumanye oku murikugyenda, mutagyenda nkabataine bwengye, kureka nka banyabwengye, mutafiisa busha omwanya, ahakuba ebiro ebi ni bibi” (Abaefeso 5:15, 16)

1) Entaaniso nkuru eri ahagati y’obwengye bw’omuntu n’obwa Ruhanga neha?

2) Bwengye kandi maani ga Ruhanga noha?

3) Tukaatunga tuta obwengye bwa Ruhanga?

4) Beitushi bwo kimanyisa ki okugyenda nkabanyabwengye?

5) Ebyokureeberaho bitaano byomushema ni biiha?